How to Wear Your Summer Shorts During the Fall [Budget Stylista]

It may be disappointing as you pack away all of your summer tanks and dresses, but one the bright side, I have some good news for you: You can keep your shorts hanging in your closet! Why retire them when you can still wear them in 40 and 60 degree weather?

Practically any pair of shorts can be worn during the fall season– all you have to do is pair them with dark-colored stockings, preferably black, maroon, grey, brown, or navy blue. These darker colors will bring a fall vibe to your outfit, canceling out the fact that you may be wearing colorful shorts.

Oftentimes, I see celebs wearing jean shorts with black tights, and although this is a cute combination, it’s somewhat “old news” in the world of fashion. Why don’t you mix it up by wearing a brightly colored, metallic or floral (gasp!) pair of short shorts?

I’ve picked out a variety of shorts above, all of which have unique patterns or materials. All of them would look great with black stockings or leggings! Also, any of them would look great dressed up or dressed down. Simply wear a nice long-sleeved blouse to dress them up! Be sure to complete the look with either a pair of heels or cute booties, like the one the model is wearing in the picture above. All I can say is steer clear of pairing your shorts with any type of tennis shoes… That’s just asking for a fashion disaster…

Good luck trying out this latest trend!



Get the look:

Navy Polka-dot Shorts//Black Floral Shorts//Teal Shorts//Maroon Shorts//Gold Metallic Shorts//Black Short Shorts



    1. de moi pour toi says:

      Love this look! Thanks for the post =)

    2. Penny says:

      "Practically any pair of shorts can be worn during the summer season" Do you mean "the fall season"?

    3. dariais says:

      Reblogged this on Style Clicks and commented:
      Great idea for fall fashion! Wear your favourite summer shorts for a few months longer with leggings or tights. After all this was in fashion for a while already…so why not take advantage of this and wear some of your summer items in fall months?

    4. globalunison says:

      This post is cute and helpful! Thank you!

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