Lindsay Lohan Supports Mitt Romney…Is That So Bad?

Lindsay Lohan was quoted as saying, “I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney.” Surprise, surprise — internet is ripping the poor girl apart. While I totally expect people to discredit Lohan every chance they get (hey, even here at CC we’ve poked some fun at her), I am frankly disgusted that anyone would target her for participating in the democratic process. The Atlantic came out with an especially shocking piece that left me wondering to what lengths the media will go to turn a positive into a negative.

First, the writer slams Lohan for supporting Romney because she thinks he’s the better candidate to handle the unemployment crisis. Um, I’m sorry? Last I checked, that’s a legitimate reason to cast a vote for one party over another. It’s not like LiLo said, “I think Mitt Romney smells like grape-scented markers and sometimes I like to huff grape-scented markets behind the elementary school, so, ya know, I’ll vote for that dude.” It doesn’t matter if you think Romney will in fact fix unemployment, that’s the beauty of having an opinion. This one just happens to belong to Lohan.

The post goes on to criticize Lohan for coming out in strong support for Obama four years ago, only to switch sides come this election. Once again, I’m sorry? People switch parties all the time. If we’re getting technical here, isn’t it smarter to vote for an individual candidate you believe in rather than a party you’re simply used to supporting? The fact that Obama’s policies most aligned with her personal beliefs four years ago is why she supported him. If today that’s no longer the case for her, well then props to her

for having the balls to change her vote.

I can’t help but wonder, if Lohan came out in support of Obama again, would it be this huge controversial deal? The reason she’s being cast in such an unfavorable light is because of the candidate she’s endorsing.

It seriously disappoints me that anyone would shame someone for voting. I always believed the point of those “Vote or Die” and “Get Out the Vote” campaigns was to do just that — to get out the vote. I didn’t realize they only wanted some of us to vote.

Personally, I applaud Lindsay for making a point to support a candidate and exercise her constitutional rights. It’s something we all need to be doing, regardless of who you want to vote for. Vote for Big Bird for all I care. But do your research, form some opinions and vote for someone. If we don’t work to get our voices heard, our generation will be under-represented during a seriously crucial time in our nation’s history.

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    1. Shon says:

      I think the Atlantic Article you posted is more tongue in cheek about the fact that Lindsey has obviously NOT done her research or formed a valid opinion that suits her projected lifestyle. The Lindsey that was in a monogamous relationship with a woman, pro-choice, and drug reform advocate should not be voting for Romney because of his policies…unless all that was a crazy phase in which we have another problem.

      Personally, I feel like the hunt for conservative/liberal bashing is very unconstructive when discussing politics. I would've preferred a constructed argument using Romney or Obama's policies that would support her reasoning than just whining about the "media" lambasting free speech. Too many people in this country will vote because they think it's a battle between good and evil rather than of wits and approaches. Don't give into that narrative in your political writing.

    2. Cassie says:

      I think some celebrities get criticized for supporting Mitt Romney because they know nothing about Romney's policies. If they dug a little deeper, they'd realize that his policies would in fact make the situation worse.

    3. heathermarie1123 says:

      Hear hear! We don't need to rip apart a person's every decision, whether it makes sense to us or not just because they're famous. There are plenty of ignorant voters, let's work towards making them aware, not tearing them down. Good post, thank you!

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    5. HeidiFaith says:

      Good article, but let's get real: Lindsay was obviously not allowed into some Obama fundraiser dinner or something, so she decided to tweet a pro-Romney thing to cause a scene.

      In terms of unemployment, Romney can try as hard as he wants, but he won't be able to score her new movie roles.

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