“Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape” Flyer Found at Miami University

Just when you thought maybe our generation was moving away from such disgusting things, a flyer entitled “The Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape” was found in the men’s bathroom of a Miami University dorm. The flyer is incredibly comprehensive, offering a guide for the modern man on how to slit throats, drug women and — as it says — get away with rape.

I would like to offer a fresh point of view on this story, but I really have to fall in step with everyone else bashing the complete moron who devised this list. It’s ignorant, repulsive and not even slightly funny! That’s the thing — when they figure out who’s behind the Top 10, you know the student will claim it was written in jest, that he does not actually endorse rape, yadda yadda. Get real, bro. I think the funniest thing here is that even he realizes he’s such a loser that no woman would voluntarily sleep with him.

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While the university is currently working toward identifying this Prince Charming, student group Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault (WAVE) is spreading the word to students. I wish we all didn’t need to be reminded but, no matter where you go to school, be careful and smart when you’re alone on campus or attending parties. Travel with friends, watch your drink and look out for one another.

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    1. Molly - UNL says:

      The person that made this should be hit in the head really hard.

      1. Laura says:

        or kicked "down under"

    2. Zyanya says:

      This is disgusting.

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    4. Rosie says:

      Looks to me like someone was mocking rape culture. Generally, frat boy "rapists" don't do it for the sake of RAPE they do it for the sake of getting some. There are individuals who have serious rage issues, and rape because they enjoy the dominance and violence.

      But especially the last line, and the phrasing, make it seem a lot more like a group of men (or women) circulated this flyer for the shock effect. It gets people talking about the callous nature that most students have towards the whole concept of sexual violence.

      But you know what, I really do think getting in a huff over it is productive. Please, tell me that its stupid. That informs my day.

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    7. sellianes mariyet says:

      I am attending Miami University and need to decide a LLC to live in freshman year. I'd rather not be in an all freshman dorm such as the RedHawk Traditions community.

    8. kofybean says:

      Most likely some radical feminist slept with some guy, regretted it, and wrote that , stuck it in the men's bathroom to cause publicity for her feelings.

    9. Ellijah says:

      What is wrong about what the pamphlet says? I mean in the real world all those people-men or women-saying the things written are disgusting,etc really think what is written is good advice. While the term rape doesn't have the nice sound of making love it is what women really want. They just won't say it. They are afraid of not being Politically Correct enough. All women want to be forced and degraded in the area of sex and relationships; they just won't say it out loud, but they really do want it. And if they think a guy will not meet their "expectations" they will not bother being polite about letting him know he isn't worth squat! So come on men and women-especially women-tell the truth about what you really want from a man regarding sex and relationships. You will get what you really want and the world will be less PC.

    10. Tommy Lee says:

      This is absolutely sickening… Why would someone write something like this.

      1. James says:

        Some people are just horrible human beings…

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