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Lisa Frank for Urban Outfitters: You Can’t Afford It With Your Allowance

Is this real life? Lisa Frank has whored vintage leftovers of her products out to Urban Outfitters and has thus given us all the gift of reliving our childhood. You have the chance to purchase your favorite tri-fold binders (aka Trapper Keepers, what up), sticker sets and greetings cards all over again!

Gone are the days of begging your mom to take you to the store to fuel up on fresh notepads. No longer will you find yourself elbowing your way through the line of your school’s student store. No need to even change out of your Laura Ashley pajamas! Simply shop the Urban website from the convenience of your American Girl sleeping bag! Make sure you’ve got your grown-up allowance with you, though, because apparently Lisa Frank’s beautiful art has the inflation rate of a Picasso. Can’t snag some of her precious mini erasers for 25 cents, those babies are $10 for a pack of six now. Probably most shocking in the LF lineup is the Casey cookie jar — a whopping $70.

If you’re a dedicated fan of Lisa or a devoted UO hipster, you better hurry. These colorful, over-priced vintage pieces are running in extremely limited quantities!

[Lead image via. All gallery photos via]

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