“White History Month” Flyer Found at Mercer University

Earlier this week, the story broke that a “Top 10 Ways to Get Away with Rape” flyer had been found at Miami University. This flyer was published and put around campus anonymously. It seemed like an isolated incident but it seems that copycat students at Mercer University thought it would be good to publish another offensive poster, “White History Month.”

The “White History Month” flyer stated that white students did not have their own cultural groups on campus, since others would think that such clubs would be racist. The flyer also demanded that whites get two history months, since there is so much white history to cover — that statement alone shows the inherent problem with the flyer. Clearly, the authors of the flyer knew that the history taught in US schools already has a Euro-centric/Western bias to it. Our government put these months like Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Hispanic American Heritage Month in place so that we could learn more about these minority groups. When students like these poke fun at attempts at multiculturalism, they belittle the efforts of inclusivity and diversity that most campuses set out to foster on campus.

We are all strengthened by learning things through a different viewpoint and historical lens. We have these other history months to strengthen our shared experiences as Americans by including other groups but its not at the expense of the majority group. In many universities in the US, whites are still in the majority, and the majority rarely has to fight to get their voice heard. College campuses have these cultural and gender-based groups, so that all minority students can make sure their voices are heard as well.

The bright side of the article was that 40 students got together to protest the insensitivity on their campus. Whoever these anonymous flyer makers were, I hope they get the message their classmates and the media were sending them. Their humor was grossly misplaced and no one found their prank funny. One good thing is their flyer did is spark conversation on cultural sensitivity. I hope this is the end of these type of flyers propping up on campuses.

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    1. jazmynand says:

      wow that is really crazy but like you said, I'm glad that it became a topic of conversation and didn't go unnoticed.

    2. Ashley says:

      Are we sure this isn't satire? The reason I ask is because I really don't want to lose all faith in humanity.

      1. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

        Can't really say since the people responsible remained anonymous. And since no one took it as a joke, it's not getting treated as a joke.

    3. Guest says:

      Whites are a minority at Mercer, I found it hilarious.

    4. guest says:

      Ever wonder why U.S. history is so "biased"? It's because most of the major figures and events were were white or propagated by traditionally anglo countries. Yes figures like Equiano, Crispus Attucks, and Sengbe Pieh were important, but early U.S. history is dominated by whites (facilitated by racist culture). The way western civ is taught is not slanted, it's just culture. Again, most western countries were white. In the U.S., blacks could not begin to participate in government until their emancipation during the civil war, and the Tejanos of Texas made up a very small % of the total population.

    5. Milaunisexcel says:

      Well Americans get July 4th. As for the rest white people have a long history taught in schools and that are written in history books.

    6. anonymous says:

      While the poster was poorly done, it isn't fair to say that there can't be a white history month just because whites are the majority. If you want to preach that all races are equal and deserve an equal place on campus, then treat ALL races as equal. History that is taught in the USA is mostly white-centric, but that's an issue with the courses being taught, a separate issue.

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