The 10 Most Annoying Things Guys Do In Bed

Sometimes you can be with someone and all the stars align and you have mind blowing Samantha Jones-like sex. It’s incredible. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes sex is so awful you’re like, “Bro. WHAT are you doing!?” Sometimes guys are so annoying in bed you wish it were appropriate to text your girlfriends during the act to tell them exactly what he is doing. As a blogger, I live for those times. Not because I love bad sex (I don’t), but because they make a great story.

Over here at CollegeCandy we got to thinking about the annoying things boys ALWAYS seem to do in bed. So here they are:

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    1. HeidiFaith says:

      #11: Asking obnoxious, random, personal questions while inside of you. For example, "did your ex ever do you like this?" Not only am I instantly turned off from thinking about my ex, I'm now all emotional and ready to eat my feelings immediately after we're done.

      This was hilarious and super accurate though, Molly. Loved it!

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        I can't believe someone asked that! That's incredible! I don't know what I'd do! Thanks for reading!:)

      2. your true love says:

        you get the Dutch oven and you think that's weird? Young Molly you need to stop taking advantage of drunk guys when you're sober and then remembering everything that you actually did because I really want to help you here but I love TV and if you don't mind I would just prefer watch the WWF for whatever the heck its named now

      3. djnemec says:

        "So… Chinese for dinner?"

    2. AndyPants says:

      While I agree with most of these, not all of us dislike rough spanking and anal. i think the bigger pet peeve is not KNOWING what your partner likes before trying it.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        I meant just spanking loud when people are home and trying to slip in anal before discussing it, not necessarily those acts alone. I agree!

    3. […] • The ten most annoying things guys do in bed. Followed next week by the eleven most annoying thing my dog does when he jumps on to my bed when I’m trying to sleep and subsequently gives me 9 heart attacks. (CollegeCandy) […]

    4. […] • The ten most annoying things guys do in bed. Followed next week by the eleven most annoying thing my dog does when he jumps on to my bed when I’m trying to sleep and subsequently gives me 9 heart attacks. (CollegeCandy) […]

    5. Rate My Exs says:

      Check out to rate your Ex-boyfriend or girlfriend!

    6. formuna says:

      Reblogged this on My Blog.

    7. […] •If you’ve ever had an “OUCH! not there!” experience or 5, you’ll appreciate this list of the most annoying things men do in bed. I hope it’s as good for you as it was for me. (CollegeCandy) […]

    8. laffman says:

      Some of these things are a given (farting, tv), but some of them can be ok if both parties have agreed before hand this is going to happen (anal, no warning blast of cum). And the rest is taken care of by getting used to your partner so these nervous habits can be done away with (or like licking, finessed to a enjoyable time). Good post. I wonder if i will get good comments like you have. I have just started and hope to have some more confrontational (even out and out arguments) bouts with and between my readers.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        I agree, if you're ready for anal it's great! When it's a surprise that's when I'm like "WOAH BUDDY." Thanks for reading!!

    9. the dominator says:

      ok, this author needs to stop being such a whiny you know what. her attitude towards anal is stuck in the 19th century. guess what molly? your vadge is an exit too!!
      some chicks like it there. i know because i have gotten them there so stop being so judgmental!

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        I don’t dislike anal in general, it SURPRISE anal that I’m not a fan of. I’m not judging, I’m saying it hurts.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        Anal is perfectly okay and I'm sure wonderful if both people have discussed that is what's going on. Anal without enough is painful. I'm not hating on all anal sex, in fact I say, "so don't try and slip it in there. It hurts." It's the surprise anal that I dislike, not anal in general. But thanks for reading!

    10. Brenda says:

      Spanking and sex is better than peanut butter and chocolate! Annoying? Never. Hot? OMG.

    11. Delilah says:

      Wow. No spanking- no anal- no talking and nothing but missionary. Repressed much? Geez.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        Actually I said spanking so my roommates can hear, and surprise anal. It’s quite an interesting experience when you’re expecting a P in your V and then boom it’s in your butt sans lube. Ow.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        I actually didn't mention any sexual positions in my article. I love other positions besides missionary. As far as talking, I meant asking questions during sex like, "How was your day?" This is the quote on talking: "If you stop sexing me up to ask me how my day at work was, I will be irritated." As far as spanking, I said it's okay as long as it doesn't cause my entire house to hear us having sex, and anal is great but if you're slipping it in sans lube it's pretty painful, so yeah surprise anal is pretty annoying to me. My sex life is pretty healthy and not at all repressed and I appreciate your concern. But thanks for reading!

      3. guest says:

        you say "irritated" a lot. Perhaps you should have a conversation.

        I really think people understand your just 22, but this is really super negative. men are tired of getting beat down by blogs. It really does seam like all women do is complain online. I know it isnt aways true, but you did write this stuff. Perhaps you should try to do a little reading also. Best wishes and enjoy college. But stop complaining about guys..We are SO tired of that

    12. Dominator?ReallyGuy?? says:

      I just read macho anal dudes post.

      And then started laughing really hard as his name is “The Dominator”.

      Im sure hes the type of guy who uses

      “HEY I KNOW YOU! SAME GYM!!! YOUR PRETTY HOT! You have 3 seconds start running!”

      As a pick up line he thinks works

      1. Edward says:

        you have actually been Dutch ovened?

    13. SitKane says:

      Wow, I feel sorry for the author’s boyfriend. Most of these on the list is more like nit-picking and whining. Having sex is better than no sex. Be grateful.

    14. Collegcandy says:

      This list sucks I want 10 seconds of my life back…you should consider a new career.

      1. Edward Cullen says:

        agreed keep getting Dutch ovened by guys is a sure sign you're the problem trust me if you wanted your love he would not alluded to it with the smell of his bowels you honestly should probably join a convent

    15. Jas says:

      What a prude!

    16. Jason Ward says:

      I'd like to start off with a quote from the article that everyone seems to be blasting this poor girl for. "Over here at CollegeCandy we got to thinking about the annoying things boys ALWAYS seem to do in bed." So I'll start off by saying there is the word "we" in there, meaning the opinion of several people on this one. I'm not immediately stating that this give credibility for these ten things to be "FACT" for everyone ever, because as many of us know, it's not. Not everyone is upset by anal sex, and not everyone gets upset when they get a load shot in their mouth without warning. I could probably come up with a list of 100 annoying things that both sexes do in bed, that not everyone is annoyed by. But in the end we have to ask, "Why are we arguing over the opinions of just a few people?" There's no need to call someone prude, just because they have a differing opinion than you.

      One of my favorite comments on this article comes from the aptly named "THE DOMINATOR". Stuck in the 19th century, huh? Yeah, well some things were a little better back in that time, like actual chivalry when courting your lady friend. I bet you're the dude that rolls up to "da club" with his pimp-taculous affliction gear on from head to toe and doesn't know the meaning of "chivalry" in the first place. Our author here states a case against "surprise anal", but do not define an opinion on a mutual decision, thus making your argument again here being judgmental completely invalid. Next time, let's not roid-rage all over our keyboards.

      The rest of this small little rant is targeted at the rest of the non-helpful comments on this article. Who exactly are you to say this article is terrible, or in fact any article on here is terrible. Don't like these articles? Then stop reading them. I know for a fact that these people spend a significant amount of time coming up for you things to mindlessly read at home or work. Every try reading a book? Every try actual self-improvement. Probably not. You're probably as obsessed with your social self-image and your gym membership as your buddy "THE DOMINATOR" up there.

      Just remind yourself, at the end of the day, this is just an opinion piece. They're in every newspaper in America every single day. Not everyone agrees with every opinion piece, that's the basic principle of an opinion. Very well thought-out, put together arguments against one's opinion is always a socially (and very politically correct) thing in America, but just putting a comment like "Ur a prude!" on a forum somewhere has little meaning to the whole. Next time, readers, get your act together and come up with some logical argument that supports your own opinion before posting your worthless comments.

      Great article Molly, and College Candy team. Keep them coming!

      1. John says:

        Your references to quoter's "roid rage" and "gym membership" kind of makes you sound like someone who was quite the jock target in high school. No doubt, those who think like women… ARE women.

    17. (____)____) butt says:


    18. karine says:

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    19. karine says:

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    20. karine says:

      mentira eu so tenho um namorado o alexandre ai ele e tao lindo ele tem 18 anos e eu tenho 17 anos beijos e um abraso bem grande para o alexandre meu amor.

    21. Aline says:

      Aline wants Felipe i love you! beijos.

    22. Eddie says:

      What about if you are riding me reverse cowgirl and its intense and I slowly insert my index finger (which I have made wet already) in to your bum, but I don’t shove it in I leave it where you can ride it also. Do you find that annoying?

      I still have the problem of asking how was it luckily my fiancé is patient with me as for the spanking we don’t have roommates and our upstairs neighbors are constantly doing the do so its like a competition lmao, I don’t ask question during that don’t pertain to what we are doing (like what position she wants next), shot in her mouth couple times last one she didn’t like, like the other ones tho, now dutch oven is just plain ride I could never do that, I have bad gas as it is but o warn her and try trip get away

    23. Sean Broyles says:

      Rule number 4 means find a dirtier girl.

    24. Brandon says:

      Hmmm, I am a married student and I can honestly say that I have never dutch ovened my wife, or tried for anal (gross). I can mostly agree with this list, but am left wondering… how dumb are these kids, I was never that dumb.

    25. by_me says:

      this is a horrible list….um…speak for your self ladys…

    26. Latanya says:

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    27. […] station, are fans of CollegeCandy because the two morning show hosts talked about her recent hit, 10 Most Annoying Things Guys Do In Bed, this past […]

    28. Iris says:

      Anal sex shouldn't hurt, if it does, you're doing it wrong.

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    30. GaneaDaniel says:

      Not quite accurate … these depends from girl to girl and few can be found on lets say … 2-3 girls.

    31. GaneaDaniel says:

      Something that turns off a girl might as well turn on a different girl.

    32. Hannah says:

      I disagree with about half of these…

    33. Pimpainthard says:

      Ok if the tv is on then maybe you should have turned it off, or maybe you ever thought about the fact he's trying to get his mind off cumming? The oral thing I'll give you, but there signs pay attention. Dutch oven, find a new boyfriend. Anal, some girls like and if you don't tell the person before they tried. That one is partly your fault. The asking if it was good, that could go either way. But for the most part your man or men are lame and you should look for a better crowd.

      1. Danielle says:

        Seriously? You think it's a person's obligation to say "I don't want to have anal" before a guy even tries? No it's essentially rape if he puts it in there without asking you or any warning.

      2. guest says:

        Seriously???? Rape?? for trying anal? oh just say no and try to pease each other. Stay away from this type (danielle) and 99.99%+ of the guys will ask first

      3. Molly - UNL says:

        Well there's that .1% that doesn't ask, and it's quite surprising to have to stop and say "Woah buddy! RED LIGHT!"

      4. guest says:

        I agree and no does mean no, but a womans butt is soo sexy especially during sex.
        I may not agree withyour writing but if YOU can learn from some of our responses so much the better. I actually read your article in hopes of finding better ways to please or how to do things differently to please her, but it wasnt helpfull at all. I guess it was meant to be a joke. As a man I would love a article on jsut the oppsite of your writing. So, if my girl reads this, write a big positive list, I will definately try them all.

      5. Molly - UNL says:

        I already gotchu boy, I wrote this a few weeks ago.

      6. Matt says:

        Go learn the meaning of rape you spastic.

      7. unclepaul says:

        Alright guys I think we've all learned do not ever touch Danielle or shel scream rape the word she should have used when she was 12 with her uncle….

    34. gyr633 says:

      Most of these things aren't even really annoying. Ok, like anal for example–Honestly, I'm a girl, and I like anal, how is anal 'annoying'? Spanking is also awesome, unless you aren't into that. And farting? If you think that is super annoying and can't laugh at it, then I hope everytime you quief your man gets pissed at you, like you wouldif he farted. Seriously, if you can't laugh with your partner in the bedroom, then you need a new partner, or a reality check. As for the TV thing, unless he's watching it, who the hell cares? For the oral thing, wy does he have to tell you regardless? Unless you have NEVER gone down on your man before, you hould be able to tell. These are all totally rediculous, and speak for a VERY VERY small percentage of women.

      1. MKB says:

        Going for surprise anal with someone who doesn't like or hasn't expressed a liking for it is attempted rape. Full stop. "Some women like it" or "I personally like it" are completely irrelevant.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        Thanks MKB. I totally agree, which is why it made the list. I also expressed an annoyance in spanking whilst my roommates were home. I don't mind it otherwise. Most generally my list can be chalked up to a matter of a person not discussing with their partner what they want before hand and the boy assuming too much. I'm not hard to please (despite what many of the commentators seem to think). I also think that if a guy farts, thats okay but to be in the middle of a moment and be dutch ovened is annoying to me. It's also not about the TV being on but having him be distracted by it. Most of the things I talked about are explained more in detail in the captions to the slides. The titles don't give the full meaning of what I meant to say. But I appreciate you reading.

      3. kev says:

        There really wouldn't be so much negative responses if the title was "10 most annoying things men do in bed TO ME", as the list is really more of a description of what you like/dislike in bed, and based on a small percentage of men that you've slept with. And honestly, if you're going down on a guy and can't tell when he's about to come, you're doing it wrong.

      4. Molly Mahannah says:

        Well, actually, usually when putting these types of posts together it comes from a brainstorming session so it’s not just me. But I appreciate your input!

      5. Mimi says:

        That's what I thought too. I absolutely can tell when he's about to, and when he has done so. Maybe the author needs to pay more attention to the cues?

      6. guest says:

        If you would pay attention to your lover and not yourself so much perhaps they wouldnt
        1) watch tv
        2) have to tell you when they are cumming
        3) teach him/her while the sex is happening in order to make it good
        4) being willing to talk about anything sexual. dont let your parner hide things from yo because you wont talk or get the kind of replies this person wrote.
        5) I would not like being your man. too negative
        6) As a Man, women trust me we want to be your hero. We will try the moves that worked in the past but we realise every women is different. Have fun and say things like "right there" dont stop, I like when you do that, We wont forget
        7) Whatever you do, dont be like this writer. Do everything the opposite. Just have fun, Stop demanding. Peace, love and multiples.

      7. Molly - UNL says:

        I never said I wasn't willing to talk about things. You, as well as quite a few of the other commenters, are really keen on twisting my words. These are all incidents that happened a few times to MULTIPLE people, not just me.

        I could provide a list from all ex boyfriends, and FWB, and guys I was seeing and they will tell you whatever you want to know about myself in bed. And I can promise you it will be good things. I'm not demanding anything, and I know how to laugh in bed, in fact go read my article "12 amazing things guys do in bed." and maybe retract some of the rude and thoughtless things you said.

      8. kev says:

        Couldn't have said it better myself!

    35. Gmork Fenrir says:

      Was it my profanity?

      Bab's, you're article is what we'd expect out of someone whose not committed to the deed. I agree with the spanking and "other parts" where the "contact" appears to be violent, or confusing to some degree, but how about some follow through? Men don't like to be rejected in the throes of their passion; and when a woman rejects him, or rejects herself due to insecurity, that is the reason why men start to get dishonest in the bedroom.

    36. YadaYadaYada says:

      Really, who comes up with this list. Talk to much? Dutch oven? No spanking? Too much tongue? Who wrote this nonsense…

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        Actually, I said “spanking too loudly.” That was in the caption, not just the header of the picture. Most of the items are explained in the captions.

    37. katie says:

      Who wrote this crap!? Are you even old enough to buy alcohol? I’m sure you’re not… maybe tobacco, but probably not.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        You're wrong. I'm actually almost 22. So that's weird.

      2. Billie Jean says:

        It's only must be weird for you. Many here seem to think you are sixteen! I think your 'blog' needs some growing up.

      3. Molly - UNL says:

        This is the only commenter that said anything about my age. That isn't "many" and it's not just my 'blog'. It's a website for college girls, written by college girls. It's called COLLEGE candy, so obviously that should be enough to know that I'm in college.

        Also, on your rant about casual sex? Who said I didn't experience all of these things with one guy, and then work it out later as we were in a relationship. I never once claimed all of these to be random casual encounters and for you to assume that is wrong.

      4. guest says:

        it figures. At 21 you know enough to write with experience. I dislike Male bashing. we try really hard. I am breaking up with you

      5. Molly - UNL says:

        Sigh. Our romance was quick but I will never forget you anonymous guest commenter. I don't know if I'll ever love again.:)

    38. char says:

      anal thing hells yes, you can't just go and stick it in there mid thrust. Ouch!

    39. zodmyster says:

      What is annoying is guessing what your partner likes/dislikes…a lot of women are not comfortable with theit sexuality. A little conversation goes a long way. Sex is something that should be discussed…if can’t talk about probably shouldn’t be doing horizontal tango in the first place. If partners respect each other and themselves there would be less annoyances…just my opinion:-)

      1. mochamadness says:

        I have this problem too. Except, with men that are uncomfortable talking about it.

    40. greg says:

      These things sound like isolated incidents that can and will happen if you're with new sexual partners on even a semi-regular basis. They are not things that guys ALWAYS do in the bedroom. Maybe some guys, but not all. And the too much tongue stuff, the spanking stuff, please. Tell him if it's too much. Some women may like a lot of tongue, others, not so much. We can't be expected to know exactly what a woman wants all the time. And seriously, how do you not know if a guy finishes? It's pretty clear when he does.

    41. Howie Felterack says:

      Wow you sound like a slut

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        No slut shaming, please. If you can't handle an honest, open discussion about sex then you've got some work to do on yourself.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        I love you.

      3. Billie Jean says:

        you sound like a slut too

      4. Molly - UNL says:

        If you can't handle an open forum about sex, then maybe you shouldn't be having it.

      5. Billie Jean says:

        This isn't an open forum, it was nothing but your whining about bad sex. Maybe you shouldn't be having it until you learn that you can tell when a guy OR girl is about to cum during oral and you do more than just lay there like a log. Idk for sure but a lot of these things you listed come from guys not caring about the sex and just getting bored and trying to get off and get out.

      6. Molly - UNL says:

        Well, I believe the option to comment and discuss makes it an open forum. I do more than just lay there like a log, but you wouldn't know because I haven't actually slept with you. I also can tell when a person is about to "cum" however, I'd like to be told it's coming (no pun intended) because it is different with each person. You're right, you don't know for sure, and making assumptions and calling people sluts is nothing but just plain rude. For all you know I've only slept with one guy, and I would say that hardly makes me a slut.

    42. j.m. says:

      Your "reward" is making him cum? Seriously, that's just sad. Your "reward" should be enjoyable sex and probably some orgasms of your own. But, then again, if all the guys you sleep with are always doing these things that you don't like, it kind of makes sense that you're not having much fun.

    43. AgirlinMI says:

      Speaking as a 30+ woman, ladies-grow up

    44. Offended says:

      Who the hell wrote this?

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        There’s a little picture where you can click on the author, actually.

    45. jillacapela says:

      9/10 I agree! Some of us girls are mad picky and we demand a lot but only us who have standards and expectations! Dont be mad you guys she's right lol just read and learn its not about u its about us. U are just fine hand pleasing yourself……. so like sure u know anything about enjoyable sex

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Thanks! I agree. A lot of it has to do with discussing before hand and being with someone more than once, as well. A lot of these "annoying" things happened on first encounters.

      2. Billie Jean says:

        Do you even speak English? How is that last sentence comprehensible at all?

        How about you be picky about the guy before you sleep with him? Then you can avoid whining about what you don't like afterwards.

      3. Molly - UNL says:

        How the hell are you supposed to know what a guy is like in bed before you sleep with them? It's not like you can look at someone and say, "Oh, he's really into all the same stuff as me so clearly the sex will be good." Doesn't really work that way. There is actually no way to deduce someone's sexual prowess by looking at them. If it's not working than you talk with your partner and discuss but I can still find certain behavior annoying.

      4. guest says:

        Jill. "its not about u its about us" Avoid this female

        " U are just fine hand pleasing yourself" if you think that YOU know nothing about enjoyable sex
        We wont be "hand pleasing" for too long.

        There are much better thoughtfull women than you. The best enjoyable sex is when each loves pleasing each other. Get out of the entitled woman age and into the loving couple mind set.


    46. aardvark says:

      Sex became so casual, random partners every now and then… sex used to be some value, dividing first better met person from someone really special, that we really want to create something with. Now it doesn't seem to mean much, when I see the way it's being described, talked, commented…. Ech, world – wake up!

    47. Billie Jean says:

      over time you got heaps of bad sex***

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        1. Asking if it was good – I've had boyfriends ask this because they want to do a good job. That seems respectful.
        2. Saying Oops when the condom breaks – My boyfriend of 2 years did this the first time we had sex when the condom broke instead of being helpful.
        3. Spanking so loud my roommates heard – same boyfriend and I asked him not to be so loud the next time.

        That's thee off of the list all by the same guy as we were just figuring out what we liked sexually together. Secondly, all list like posts are brainstormed with friends, CC editors, and other people that I ask to get an extensive list of things that aren't just specific to me. So no, I haven't had all of these experiences.

      2. Billie Jean says:

        So 3/10 came from 1 guy and others were just brainstormed.
        1. If he has to ask, it was bad. Honestly though, you're right. I've had girls ask this and it is annoying, especially since if they have to ask, it wasn't all that good.

        2. You guys were together for 2 years and then had a condom break and he didnt know what to do. PLEASE tell me he didn't just say oops and shrug it off and go to sleep or something. I'm sure you discussed something along the lines of the morning after pill or where you were in your cycle, if not… what a deadbeat.

        3. Sounds like you like spanking but were only concerned when roomates were around. The real problem is noise. If it's your place, it's up to you to tell your partner how thin the walls are and if you're concerned about being heard, so there could be some agreement on how freaky things could get.

        Either way, you should rename this. 10 Things that a few men who annoyed me or those in my social circle did. Not the "top 10". Unless you get a me a statistically significant # of women reporting for a majority of men.

      3. Molly - UNL says:

        I'm not saying 3/10 came from one guy and the rest were brainstormed but after speaking to multiple people, and actually having guys talk about this article on a national radio syndication and agreeing with the things, yeah I'd say that most people can take this article as something funny – like it was intended- and laugh about the times they remember having bad sex. Even sex with a consistent partner is sometimes lack luster. We weren't together for 2 years when the condom broke, but for 2 years total, and he said oops and tried to make it a joke before I got mad and wanted to discuss options. Then he agreed, but that was his personality, and that might have been an isolated incident, but the other ones I know other girls have experienced because they have told me they can relate and we laugh about it together.

        On top of that, it's meant to be joking so an all encompassing title seemed fitting. It's really not my problem if those who are offended in some part by this article could not see the lighthearted manner in which it was meant.

      4. Billie Jean says:

        I've got some joking generalizations:

        Top 10 things women do that are annoying:

        1. Go crazy when PMSing
        2. Have sex with random men to aid their weak self-esteem
        3. Endure abusive relationships
        4. Complain about bad situations when it is all their fault anyway.
        5. Rationalize why being irrational is okay
        6. Queef during sex.
        7. Think being on top is a special event
        8. Get tired from squirting and multiple orgasms before their partner can orgasm.
        9. Complain about unrealistic sexual goals for women created by hollywood then fawn over equally made up, photoshopped male celebrities.
        10. Leave the kitchen

      5. Billie Jean says:

        I should publish this and get a job as a blogger! American Education money hard at work!

      6. Molly - UNL says:


    48. […] you may or may not know, I wrote an article a little while back called “10 Annoying Things Guys Do in Bed” and for some reason people freaking hated it. I’m not here to defend the whole article […]

    49. djnemec says:

      Newsflash, casual sex isn't a one-way street. Not every woman wants to form a delicate bond with the girl or guy she's sexing up at the bar. Sometimes it's just about trying something new.

      There shouldn't need to be any compromise between putting time and effort into a committed relationship and having fun in bed.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        You are smart and I like what you have to say about things.:)

    50. Michael says:

      Who wrote this garbage? Is the "author" twelve or twenty? If she has been dutch ovened by guy that she has slept with, then she is sleeping with immature teens…not men. If someone has to ask "was it good" then he obviously cannot tell from her reactions and body language. I am not going to waste any more time here…she is clearly sleeping with frat boys or teens and should try finding someone over the age of 21. Grow up you slut and stop whinning.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        When I was “dutch oven-ed” I was 18, so yeah he was a little immature. Also, I’m 21…so do you propose I start sleeping with 40 year old men? I’d like to stick to my age bracket. I’m also not a slut, and you should also probably stop whining. Which has only one “n” by the way. Thanks for reading!

      2. CandyGirl says:

        Slut. What a charmer you are.

    51. fmaz says:

      "Asking If It Was Good" is an annoying thing, but then we also see in the list:

      "We like knowing that you had a good time, and if you finish and don't tell us we're just kind of confused."

      So apparently the author is pretty bad at letting people know if that was good, leave them confused, and then people ask her if it was good.

      Why not applying your own rules first ?

    52. rebecakasak says:

      Just sleeping off afterwards could be one of the most unpleasant things a man can do to a woman. She would appreciate it more, if you could spend at least half an hour cuddling and talking to her before you both sleep off and if you can stay awake till she sleeps off, she would never accuse you of always sleeping off soon after.

      1. Hope499 says:

        Really?? Cmon and grow up….your having fun too, go make us a sandwich before we fall alseep is more like it…

    53. Wendy says:

      Lighten up! She's trying to be helpful AND interesting AND casual as if we're involved in the conversation. Take the advice and let it go!

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        YEAH WENDY!

    54. DetroitBoy says:

      Pretty sure this was written by a pre-teen.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        I wish you all would stop commenting on my age. I’ve said it repeatedly, and I will say it one final time. I am 21, almost 22. This is a website called COLLEGE Candy, so it would be idiotic to infer that the writers are younger than college students. It’s “life love and style for the COLLEGE girl.” Obviously all the authors are recent college graduates or in college themselves. But thanks for reading.

    55. Hope499 says:

      Its not advice…its an opnion. thats the problem with the author. You may not like spanking or anal,,,but I know plenty of chicks that do, so grow up.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        For the 1,000th time. I like spanking, anal is probably great. It's the surprise anal without consent and spanking so loud everyone within a 10 block radius can hear. Please read the captions/explanations before assuming. I also, as I have explained, wrote this article in a light hearted joking manner. It's not me whining or being a bitch, it's me making a joke. So, I mean, maybe I need to grow up, but maybe you need to learn how to laugh at some stuff. Thanks for taking the time to read my article!

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        But…I said not all spanking or all anal. I don't like anal when it's a surprise because it's PAINFUL. I don't like spaking when my or his roommates are home because we're in college. That typically results in a conversation when I leave the room like "oh you guys had fun in there." It's just annoying. And inconsiderate to my roommates. I'm sure they don't want to listen to me have sex.

    56. eric says:

      So, like, I really like like to so say like too much, so whether you like the article or not, it's like, too bad! Like!

    57. edddd says:

      I agree with hope499 Plenty of chicks ask for spanking and like anal. And the fact that roommates can 'hear you having sex' some girls are noisy like there is no tomoro even with straight sex and dont give a shit abt being heard

    58. ryan says:

      I get tht sum stuff is annoyin but if u havea guy watchin tv an talkin ur ear off while havein sex thts just a lack of interest (so ur not doing sumthng right) not everybody disapproves but tryin new thngs ALWAYS sparks it up in bed (for tha most part) havein sex with sumone is a trial an error basis

      1. John says:

        is writing tha really faster than writing the? moron

    59. Kristina says:

      Ay, these beezys needa get more kinky and flexible😉

    60. Surething says:

      This bitch sucks

    61. Unimpressed says:

      This article was just awful. I don't think I'll visit collegecandy ever again.

    62. Miguel says:

      It's quite funny she wants to know if she pleased him. He has to always tell her that he finished and had a good time. Because it's so fucking confusing if she doesn't know. But he can't ever ask if she had a good time.
      Seriously o.0

    63. cass says:

      ""If you stop sexing me up to ask me how my day at work was, I will be irritated.""

      hes trying to get his mind off orgasm.. kinda like thinking of baseball..

      farting during oral earns the guy a BITE.
      no..most of us dont have roommates…and i didnt give a crap when i did have roommates and they heard me.

      this article is crap and seems like it was written by a 15 year old

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        Most of you don’t have roommates? I don’t know a single one of my college friends that don’t have a roommate. We can’t afford to live on our own right now. If they hear me it’s fine, but the least we could do is be respectful to them and try and keep it down. Loud sex noises is not that.

    64. Michael says:

      I seriously doubt that any man would intentionally fart while having sex, we are animals after all and sometimes people get gas. You act as if women don't fart. "Not telling us that they finished?" You think that might be because women make such a big deal out of guys not lasting long? And if you can't see that they've finished in their face/body you're doing something wrong.

    65. Jos says:

      Ladies if your man rather talk sex then do it with YOU then theirs either something physically unattractive about you or hedoesn't want to get in that same one position you've done thousands of times and would rather play with himself then you just like he's licking you to much just so you won't try to get on him later. If he's asking if its good he's saying that's as good as you deserve for what little pleasure you give me so either step up your game or be ready to be as disappointed as me in bed. It sounds like the reason you have such a horrible time with men is because they have a worse time with you

    66. Jos says:

      Wow wat little sex life this girl has is pathetic. If your boyfriend needs to watch tv while your on top of him you should know from common sense your horrible in bed. If he farts n throws you under blanket maybe its time you cleaned your puss out so he doesn't have to hide its stench with his farts. If you don't like being spanked obviously your into some boring one position missionary sex which is why he's probably trying to shove it up your ass and put your legs behind your head to make some part of that little sex life fun n interesting (guys need some sort of fun). Your right when a condom breaks we should flip saying omg btch the rubber broke were fukd for life…… n maybe just maybe he doesn't tell you he's about to go in your mouth so you don't raise your head and start talking and ruin the whole moment.

      1. Allie says:

        Either you're a virgin or a sex offender with that attitude, bud.

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        Oh my god! Someone finally coming to my aid! People need to learn how to take a joke. Jeez.

      3. annoyed says:

        Sane and take joke? just like how your man did a dutch oven on you hehe……. stinky American :p

      4. annoyed says:

        presently a virgin but you could be my first offence;)

      5. James says:

        Jos epic, Say it how it is, this chick is so boring her bf would have to finish himself off watching porn just to get some excitement, even my partner was like, This chick is a retard. She obviously has not been Fucked by a Man or she would like

      6. Molly - UNL says:

        I think my boyfriend would disagree and we have a very fulfilling sex life. It's not my fault you can't read. If you could you would know that all of these annoying habits are not annoying at face value. It's when they haven't been discussed or in certain circumstances that make them annoying. I actually explicitly say that not all spanking is awful, it's just I live in a house with 5 other girls. I'd like to not be hassled about my sex life if we're too loud when they're home. If they're not home, GERAT. Be as loud as you want. Anal can also be great if you have discussed it before hand. But if I'm not expecting it and there's not a warning it's painful.

        Also, you have the IQ of a monkey.

      7. john says:

        After writing this crap having these experiences and thinking you have a fulfilling sex life you say James has an IQ of a monkey?? Molly your IQ is the same as your age 12

      8. I’m 22. These are not just my thoughts but a compiled list. These are isolated incidents. There is a lot more description to the annoyances than “spanking” or “anal” in general that nobody seems to have bothered to read. It was mostly written in a joking manner for college women to laugh at. So…I assume you’re not a college woman with a name like John. Seems to me that’s the reason you don’t find it amusing.

    67. YoDaddy says:

      Clearly you are getting a lot of rotten dick and ur a prude.

    68. Leiah says:

      The comments here really are a great advert for lesbianism. The phrase "your fault" is the most hurtful thing you can ever say to a member of the opposite sex when they haven't enjoyed a sexual encounter. How about you so-called 'men' look at yourselves – you clicked on a link to see what us girls don't like in bed for a reason – you're insecure about your own techniques. Why not just stop your bitching and take this for what it is – someone's opinion.

      1. Molly - UNL says:


      2. yummy says:

        Your a dyke??? That's HOT!!!!!! Wait your not one of those fatties R U?

    69. Jhon says:

      This is a huge bunch of crap… how I got here?

      This kind of articles should be writen by experienced MILF’s, not boring teenagers.

      1. I’m 22. And plenty experienced, thanks.

    70. Nicole says:

      This article is delightfully written.

    71. akshay says:

      whoever has written this is a complete jack ass!!!

    72. wow says:

      Shouldn't this article be labelled 10 annoying things my teenage bf does in bed then? Or 10 reasons why my sex life sucks??

    73. Jolie Angie says:

      Most annoying and we ladies got fed up with all these:)

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