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The Most Ridiculous “Slutty” Halloween Costumes [The Weekly Ten]

Slutty costumes get a bad rap on Halloween. A lot of people make fun of girls who wear slutty costumes, but my thoughts have always been, “When else do you get to dress skanky and nobody will care?” I obviously feel the same way about Halloween as Regina George and the gang. I think some “slutty” costumes are cute (like a cat), but then some costumes are just random things that were made slutty by the costume companies.

I really don’t have much room to ridicule these costumes because last year I dressed up as a slutty ladybug. Can ladybugs look slutty? I guess so. But here are some other “slutty” costumes that are so ridiculous I can’t stop laughing at them. Please don’t wear any of these to a Halloween party, unless you’re trying to be funny of course.

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