15 Of The Worst Romance Novels in Existence [Photos]

Now, they always say not to judge a book by its cover…but in this case, we couldn’t help it. Here’s a collection of some of the cheesiest romance novels, from the most cliche titles to awkward cover art. While I’m a sucker for a juicy romance novel, some of these I just will not be able to take seriously.

Which one do you girls think takes the cake?

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    1. Julia says:

      Wow… this seems like a terribly long set-up for a terribly boring joke… Also, the photoshop on some of these is hideous.

      1. Anna says:

        I think you mean…a hilarious set-up for a hilarious joke. I thought it was funny, and I lol'd at "Forgive my Fins".

      2. iamnotmad says:

        Me too. Some of them are just too cheesy!

      3. ahoytherekatie says:

        Glad you liked it! I just could not resist adding that one…

      4. Sandy says:

        nice try, twihard.

    2. Atalaya says:

      They forgot Pregnesia! She's pregnant and has amnesia!

      1. LOL! That was insanely true.

    3. Stef says:

      Is that the same guy in #2 and #3????

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        I think so! I have to wonder where guys apply for these modeling gigs.

    4. Thank you so much for including Twilight! It's time we aim for healthy relationships with real people, not sparkly douches.

      It was hillarious: tacky tittles+ photoshop disasters + worsts slogans EVER.

    5. Jells says:

      You forgot "Fifty Shades of Gray". Its quite literally Twilight mommy porn.

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    7. sania khan says:

      Nice wallpapers…keep it up

    8. anon says:

      Idk, I didn't see anything wrong with a few of them. #8 made me laugh so hard though…. holy carp.

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