Ke$ha Looks Almost Great, But What’s Up With Her Foot?

Everyone’s favorite party girl, Ke$ha, is back! Her recently released single, “Die Young” is climbing the charts, which is a good sign that her new album, Warrior, will do well when it drops in December. Like any artist, Ke$ha’s already working on promoting the album even though it’s not out yet. Recently she posed for photographer Yu Tsai in a bohemian bondage photo shoot.

In the photos, Ke$ha isn’t make-up free, but she has definitely stepped away from her glitter obsession. The photos actually look kind of cool since she’s posed outside and bathed in sunlight.

The one weird thing in the photos is the position of her foot in the second and third photos. The way her foot is bent doesn’t really look natural, so I hope that’s a Photoshop fail. If not, she’s got some seriously hump-tastic feet. The last photo is a little WTF but only like Ke$ha could pull off wearing a black harness as clothes. What do you think of the photos?

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    1. seriously? i dont see nthn wrong with her foot, prolly coz ur just too insecure

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Her foot clearly looks like the back of a camel. Photoshop fail!

    2. anon says:

      Your articles get worse and worse, Tiffany…

      1. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

        Well that was harsh anonymous Internet person. A least when you read my awful articles, you get my views up. So thanks for that!

    3. Brittany says:

      Yeah, I'm failing to see the issue :-

    4. Raven says:

      They sure can complain about your articles, Tiffany, but I don't see them having the balls to publish their work for everyone to see. Probably because they can't spell or use proper grammar.

    5. Lai-Lai says:

      Her right foot is missing entirely.

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