5 Reasons Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Broke Up

Today news broke that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy broke up. The pair reportedly parted ways because of the distance between them since she’s started the promotional tour for her CD, Red. Amicable splits are no fun, so we thought we’d try to guess theĀ realĀ reason why the pair broke up!

Which set of circumstances would you believe?

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    1. joelib92 says:

      I wonder if Taylor sung her "We are never getting back together"song to him?

    2. danimode says:

      definitely #1, too much homework

    3. Larry Fyne says:

      The fact this guy's a Kennedy SHOULD be reason enough to break with him. Shoulda been reason enough not to even start a relationship with him. After all…the Kennedy's are probably one of the most corrupt families in America. Their family history sure says that. You certainly don't think the 2 brothers that were assassinated were killed because of politics, do you?

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