3 Rules for Sex When You’re Single or Dating

Many of us can agree that sex is much different when you’re in a steady relationship than when you’re single or dating. In a relationship, there’s often an open and honest communication between partners, whereas single sex can come with some mixed signals or varying expectations. Luckily, YourTango is here to help with a few rules to keep in mind when having sex when single or dating.

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    1. Tahmid says:

      My girlfriend asked me do you want to make love (Sex) i didn’t know what to say please tell mw what to do this is the 3rd time she asked me to make love (Sex)

    2. SEEWELL says:

      I really love her so much but the problem has always been her excessive demand of money how do i handle this situation? Should i let go or continue with her?

    3. Jake says:

      Crazy sluts.

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