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Get Your Ugly Holiday Accessories Here! [WTF Friday]

One of my fondest memories from grade school was waiting to see what ugly sweater my teachers would wear for the holidays. You know what I’m talking about, those awful, gaudy knit sweaters with Santa’s face or a turkey on them. Once you’ve become a teacher, reached menopause, or are under the age to ten, wearing those sweaters are fair game. For anyone in-between they seem to be a strict fashion no-no.

That’s why I think it’s hilarious, that I stumbled upon this turkey knit cap. It seems like the website is trying to advertise it as a cool, hipster hat that a twenty something would love to wear. Riggght. I would love to walk around with a turkey on my head to advertise the holiday. In honor of this hat and teacher sweaters everywhere, I put together this gallery of some of my favorite tacky holiday looks. Will you rock a tacky Christmas sweater? How about Easter?

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