Responding to Lena Dunham’s Video About Her First Time…Voting

A new campaign video endorsing Barack Obama has recently released, featuring celebrity Lena Dunham talking about her ‘first time’ voting for Obama in the last election.

This video (below) has already received its share of criticism from conservative voters, some questioning its appropriateness, clearly drawn from the metaphor of losing virginity with regards to your first time voting. As a comfortable third-party, I can safely say that I found the video humorous and a unique way to think about the importance of casting your vote. However, I am turned off by some of the endorsement’s arguments, which rattles off a couple reasons you should vote for Obama, mentioning specifics such as his plans for health insurance, making birth control available and reflecting to when he brought troops out of Iraq. The video honestly was a better argument for why Obama is a great human being… less about why he would make the best presidential candidate. While topics such as health care, reproductive rights, and gay marriage are important to many voters, the short clip failed to address many major issues such as the economy and employment.

With Lena Dunham’s support, Obama’s campaign may be stronger, but I think this video better targeted already left-leaning voters just by inspiring them to show up at the polls. The clip was a little awkward, and lacked the professionalism that typically goes hand-in-hand with presidential campaigns. Due to that, I doubt the video is a game-changer for moderate to conservative voters, and even could turn those middle-ideology voters off. While Lena makes a great point–that the candidate you vote for should not be something taken lightly–at the same time, this video tended to parody the seriousness of electing the president.

What do you think about Lena Dunham’s video? Does it reflect Obama in a positive or negative light?

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    1. Velcro Not Strings says:

      I would vote for a Republican but now it's impossible to find one sense they have taken over the internet we can’t know the truth about anyone anymore.

      The Republican party is now run by people who are not Republicans…they are Terrorists! The kind that says we don’t care that YOU PAY US to represent you we have our own agenda. We don’t care if you have a job. We don’t care if you can feed your family. We don’t care about anyone who doesn’t already have money. Dishonesty doesn’t matter, Fairness doesn’t matter. YOU DON’T Matter!


      My vote is my way of saying that I don't like that way of doing business.

    2. […] time wasn’t so bad. Maybe it takes a few times to get comfortable. (Do you see how I went all Lena Dunham on you there?) Or maybe it takes a few times and you want to throw yourself in front of a bus and […]

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    11. Sheer Luck says:

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