Why Being a 20-Year-Old Virgin Isn’t A Bad Thing

Are you worried you’re way behind in the relationship department because it seems like everyone’s had more experience and you’re still a virgin?

You’ll be surprised to know that statistically, girls who wait until after age 19 to engage in sexual activity are happier in their marriages and long-term relationships, and it’s possible the time you choose to have sex may impact the stability of your future relationships.

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    1. lexibrunk says:

      That's really not surprising at all. It makes sense that people who wait to have sex have different things on their minds' going into a relationship, than someone who does have sex would.

    2. Absolutely agree with this!!! The first sex should be reserved for our husband!! And this is a such romantic thing….

    3. Apz says:

      I waited until I was 20 years old to "lose" my virginity. Quotes because I'm still with the guy I "lost" it to (I think of more like gave it to him) and we are engaged hoping to get married mid-2013. I guess I'm the proof of the pudding!

    4. ar says:

      hi i am a 18 year old senior in highschooll i am a virgin its been on my mind alot everyone around me is having sex and its putting alot of pressure on me is it bad that im a virgin at 18 ? i can get with alot of girls but when i think about it i feell guiltyy

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