12 of the Most Ridiculous “Ghetto Fails” [Photos]

After discovering the likes of sites such as GhettoFail, I saw some hilarious photos of ridiculous situations I just had to share with my friends. If I saw some of this stuff in my daily life, I would be completely mind-blown. We all might experience our own little ghetto-fails (I may have used duct tape to re-attach the wiring to the wall in my dorm room last month…please don’t tell my RA!), but some of these are confusing to no end. I can’t be the only one who sees it, right?

Have you ever come across any ghetto fails? Which one of these is the worst? Or do you think there are much bigger fails out there?

Here are some ghetto fails from across the web…

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    1. JC Denton says:

      The thing sign for drive thru customers parking is common in places with limited space for when they tell you to pull up and wait for the order. For some reason this seems to elude half of the population.

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