Would You Go to the Strip Club With Your Boyfriend? [Candy Dish]

In a relationship, you always want to keep impressing your partner. Being a little unpredictable is one thing, but have you ever considered going to a strip club to be a “cool” girlfriend? I’m not sure if me or any of my friends would go that far but the Frisky created a guide for couples taking a trip to the club. It’s an interesting read to say the least!

In Other News:

Celebrities and Halloween costumes? Those are photos I want to see!

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite Real World stars?  Jamie Chung is clearly doing the best!

The fear of flying is one of the most popular phobias. So no wonder there’s so many movies about that fear! 

I love adding preppy elements into to my wardrobe and College Fashion put together 4 Great Outfits Inspired by Preppy Schoolwear

This is something of interest to the single ladies! Your Tango gives tips on dating behaviors to avoid. 

MEN IN SUITS. That is all.

Haha, this gave me a good laugh! Gurl gives tips on how to do your make-up in the dark.

It’s tour season on every campus, so Teen Vogue put together some tour appropriate outfits. I would love to wear these items to class too!

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    1. As long as he would be up for going to a male strip club too, I don't see why not. Give and take!

    2. Rae says:

      I went to a strip club with my BF in NY and he told me he fell more in love with me. Because it showed him I'm confident within myself and I trust him around other women and I also trust he won't cheat. If you keep your man interested in you, he will stay with you. =)

    3. dametra07 says:

      I have done this with a guy friend. It was an interesting experience. For me it wasn't about intimacy or making us closer, I usually enjoy the music that are in those clubs.

    4. bla says:

      Went with a guy i dated. I even got a lap dance:-)

    5. Go to the Strip Club With my Boyfriend amazing experience. I love it and enjoyed many of times.

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