Snagging Sandy’s Style [8 Under $20]

Sandy is not a new name to us. In fact, she has been spoken about more than any other woman has this past week. Sandy has been recently known as the destructive hurricane that tackled the east coast (I hope you all made it through safe and sound!). But before this week, one of the most popular Sandys was Sandy Olsen, the iconic lead actress in Grease.

We’ve all seen it, memorized it, and sang along to the songs with confidence. Grease was a part of our childhoods and has continued to be a classic. What is most classic about the film, is the fashions displayed. Sandy’s transition throughout Grease was sudden and stylish. I took 7 of Sandy’s most well known looks and found similar pieces. They’re wearable, affordable, and perfect for your wardrobe.



    1. Anony says:

      These were all hella reaching. Ooh, same collar, must be an inspiration…uh, no. Just because something has a similar collar doesn't make it ~inspired~. And I don't even know where you were going with some of these.

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