The Ten Best Presidents To Sleep With [The Weekly 10]

Hopefully you all know that tomorrow is Election Day here in America. It’s the day in which we all go to the polls and choose who we want as president for the next four years (or if you’ve already sent in your absentee ballot like me, it’s when you just wait around for the results to be announced). Needless to say, November 6th is a serious deal this year. Another serious deal? Which presidents would be the best guys to sleep with, obviously.

Cnce you get home from voting for who you think would do best running the country, you should vote for which president you think would be the best for a one-night stand. To make it easier for you to decide – it’s a hard choice! – I’ve compiled a list of which 10 presidents I think would be the best in bed. Take a look and tell me who you would pick.

Do your research! Get informed! Buy some condoms!

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