15 Celebs Rally Voters On Twitter

Today is Election Day and who better to remind us to vote than the smartest people in the world? You know, famous celebrities!

All your favorite celebs are getting their Twitter on by encouraging followers to get out there and vote, heart their favorite candidates and be a good citizen for, like, one day. Let’s be honest, most days I’m about 28 percent a good citizen. You know, somewhere between not polluting and having the decency to stop when you see a homeless person. (I am the worst, ugh.) However today we all get to pretend like we’re super interested in politics and know what we’re talking about when we say, “But what about the economy?!” Much like everything else, anything we do, is much better when celebrities do it. Check out these 15 celebs who are flexing their patriot muscles on Twitter.

[Lead Image Via. Twitter]



    1. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

      Ahh I loved the Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, and Seth Rogen tweets!

    2. fred okeke says:

      United state of america has been known to do very comlex things in very simple manners unique way they spell some of the english words.But it is quite curious and intriguing to non students of political science to understand how they vote. I was thinking they would have adopted simple majority. I am a bit at a loss about this electoral college system of voting.

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