We’re Live Tweeting The Election @CollegeCandy!

Get your red, white and blue iPhone cases out because we’re live tweeting the Election.

Follow us on Twitter at @CollegeCandy (you should be anyway!) and holler at our girl Garnet¬†with the #CCVotes hash tag as she dishes and disses our two presidential homeboys-to-be. The live tweeting starts at 9PM EST so don’t be tardy.

Garnet will Tweet out which network she is watching so you can follow her quips in real time. Election coverage can be confusing, sort of weird and even dull. So why not grab a bowl of popcorn (and maybe some jello shots, pizza and chocolate cake) and watch with your sassy BFF CollegeCandy? This is sure to be an epic election night that you won’t want to miss. (Mercury is in retrograde, y’all. Things are gonna get cray!)

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