18 WTF?! Political Gag Gifts

Obama won last night. Four more years! Four more years! Some of you are totally stoked on the re-election, some of you may even be bummed. Where ever you stand on the political spectrum right now doesn’t quite matter when there are so many ridiculous political gag gifts out there for all you red and blue girls.

Seriously though, the fact that these things exist means people buy them. The Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker, I eat a lot of nuts (and have been know to trample on a few myself) so I’d totally buy one of those, but I am just not sure who the ObamaBop Punching Bag is for? Welp, girls, get ready to have your political sensibilities shaken with these 18 super crass political gifts.

[Lead Image Via. Stupid.com]



    1. Susie says:

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    2. Lea says:

      Is this pet like plant real or a gag? It close its leaves if you Tickle it or blow it a kiss!

    3. patita1990 says:

      Reblogged this on Mexican TCK and commented:
      HAHAHA love it

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