Trolling You: 10 Reasons Why Women Are Better

Last night women on Facebook were beating dudes. Statistically, women were voting more than men 2 to 1. OK, so here’s the thing, we don’t know if more women were voting more than men or if more women were talking about voting than men. We just know that more women, twice as many as men, declared that they had voted on the social media website. However, when we think about this in a much broader context we do have to wonder, not are women better than men, but are we starting to beat them? Recent statistical data about us gals shows us performing better in college, scoring higher on I.Q. test and kicking ass politically. This doesn’t make us more intelligent, better equipped or superior to our male counterparts, but it does present an interesting scenario. For centuries we were seriously oppressed. It was perfectly legal for men to rape us, to impose illiteracy upon us, prevent us from working, getting abortions and just to generally be poo-poo pants to us.

After hundreds of years and some huge strides in women’s rights we have more agency than ever. This doesn’t mean we’re treated equally, we still make less than men, are taught to measure our self-worth by our appearance, and are routinely slut-shamed by both men and women. There is work to be done. The War On Women is here with a vengeance – oppressing us with the agenda to control our bodies through legislation that is thinly veiled in religiousness. (Which I find pretty insulting to religious people.) Nevertheless, I wonder, does the War On Women exist because women are performing better? Is there this epic fear that if we succeed we’ll have the 50% of the power we deserve? And if there is a shift in power than does that mean some people will have theirs taken away? Only time will tell.

More than anything I believe women have used oppression as fuel. Some of you may call yourselves feminist, some of you may not. That doesn’t matter. I believe we have realized that doors don’t open for us quite as easily as they do for men. That when we walk into a room full of male co-workers or peers we aren’t as easily granted the privilege of being a credible source. So we try harder. We are willing to earn respect from both men and women because respecting women hasn’t been the status quo for so long.  The glass ceiling is slowly chipping away and we can see the limitless possibilities behind it waiting for us to take. Women try harder because they have to. No, I don’t think women are born better than men, but I think we have a lot to lose and more to gain if we don’t try to be. (At least right now.)

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    1. mlmvc says:

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    2. WorldWary says:

      I'm not even sure where to start with the plain stupidity of this.

      3-4 of your points don't even make women better than men yet its an article about that.

      Of the rest of them all you seem to have done is
      1) picked a point you may think is true
      2) found a study that backs it up (often from some pretty obscure sources)
      3) drawn the conclusion based on that?
      Hardly any of that is rigorous research. Its certainly not comprehensive and its definately not conclusive.

      Quite apart from the lack of research it seems utterly bewildering to me that you can't see a wider argument of additional reasons for some of these changes over time.
      For instance the fact that the education system has skewed itself to girls (a good thing) and their ways of learning but this has been at the expense of boys, whose particular learning needs (especially considering the different drivers, influences and more importantly stages of emotional development) are not being as well catered for now.
      Add in the fact that the vast majority of teachers are female and here are just 2 of probably a thousand different reasons boys register differently.
      If nothing else surely you should be arguing for equality here rather than thinking the fact is OK for humanity.

      You also make statements such as women are better because more are enrolled in college….even if I put aside the fact that college isn't the be all and end all of success (there's plenty of rich and happy people of both sexes who never went to college), your argument is still stupid. For instance how is it broken up? What courses are they doing? What are their employment rates or contributions to society like upon graduation?
      If 5x as many women go to college as men and they all do English majors or similar degrees the world has little use for (certainly not in those numbers) and all the men do accounting or MBAs or law or particle physics or thesis research on cancer treatments then who's really doing better? This argument works both ways, I'm not taking a dig a women here I'm simply stating that basing it on attendance has absolutely no relevance to your argument. All it tells us is women are going to uniin greater numbers than men currently…for unknown results and purposes.

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