The 9 Coolest Real Classes Being Offered On Campuses

I just registered for my last semester of my college career, and in the process I tried to find some fun filler classes for my last semester. Just for fun, I got to Googling fun classes offered at other schools and I found some that blew my school’s course offerings’ out of the water! Here are 9 of the most awesome classes I found!

Does your school offer any classes like these? Which ones would you take?

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    1. CJ Jones says:

      Nice waste of time and money, not to mention pure liberal bias indoctrination. Why not something equally practical, like Tattoo 101: How to ink em like a baller. Maybe a class on Men's vs. Women's Orgasms, and how they affect society?

    2. Jen says:

      This honestly is NOT cool…
      As much as I think we should look towards America to see the future, this is some of the things that scares me.
      To have any college education should be more than just a piece of paper.
      This, honestly, is why people laugh at America, but what are we to do, when even the higher education institutes won't take them self serious.
      I am not minoring the ability of crafting leather it's just not supposed to be an college education. Discussing modern culture and rasism is important but Harry Potter, Gaga and Barbie for an entire class just too specific (taking one product is not possible, it could be used for a thesis but not a class) .
      Discussing the O.C. is just stupid, but I actually get the class about rap music.

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    4. […] Want to check out the rest of the list? Finish reading at CollegeCandy. […]

    5. […] Want to check out the rest of the list? Finish reading at CollegeCandy. […]

    6. aimee says:

      I disagree with the other comments. in fact, many of the most interesting classes on my campus are the most rigorous because they try so hard to include the academic component. i'm taking a module on reality television and let me tell you the readings are no joke. writing a paper about the hunger games has never seemed so tedious

      1. Jen says:

        I don't have a problem with a class on reality genre in general… It's when it takes out a specific show, I think it must lack of seing the whole picture.
        HP, Gaga and the O.C. should not be a class, but choosing one of them as a project for a class on modern culture is completely legit.
        I think it is important that Colleges evolve, I just think it should be done with caution.

    7. Lea says:

      They don't have a class on it yet but it seems like all my friends want to learn How To Grow A Pet TickleMe Plant!.
      The one is my dorm is getting alot of attention as people come by to Tickle the plant that closes its leaves like crazy when you Tickle It!

      See video

    8. Lanika says:

      While looking through the list of Science for Arts Students courses I came across two that I almost enrolled in purely because of their names: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Mathematics, and Logarithm and Blues.

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    10. C says:

      Columbia College has been offering HP and Lord of the Rings as lit for years. They also have a class called ‘Zombies in Popular Media.’

    11. Kathleen M. says:

      I've learned that an interesting topic can be ruined by an underwhelming professor and a bland topic can be brought to life by a professor who actually gives a damn and knows how to show it. I would never opt to take a course based on how interesting it sounded; I'd much rather take a course based on the reputation of the professor.

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