What Makes the Obamas’ Marriage Work?

There are many things to be admired about President Barack Obama, and his relationship with Michelle is one of them. During the 2008 campaign, they made it clear that they consider their relationship a partnership, and that they are best friends. It’s been great to see their love grow over the past four years despite being under the strain of the public eye. But what makes their relationship¬†really¬†work?

We found an article on YourTango where an expert gives his opinion on what makes their relationship special.

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    1. deta20 says:

      It's what I've been wanted to build with my beloved one. Our love become strengthen because we're perfect match partner.:) Nice share!

    2. only1danielled says:

      They are a power couple forsure! I am envious! That people is the look of love!

    3. ahoytherekatie says:

      I've never been one to really pay attention to celeb couples, but this whole family is very well put-together. Very classy, and you can see the genuine love and friendship between them. I think Barack is fortunate to have such a powerful marriage under the stress of his presidency.

    4. dametra07 says:

      I enjoyed this article. i think because of their friendship with one another makes them even more of a beautiful couple. There relationship and marriage just seems natural. They complement each other very well

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