Chris Brown Concert Posters in Stockholm Show a Beaten Rihanna

If you’re one of those people who says, “Ugh, I want to hate Chris Brown, and I mostly do, but his music is just soooo gooood,” then here’s something for you. Chris Brown was set to play a show in Stockholm, when one person wanted to remind Breezy fans of the artist’s questionable past. The posters are incredibly hard to look at, and will hopefully deter ticket sales.

Would you support a woman beater? Do you think Chris Brown has paid his debt to society?

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    1. jazmynand says:

      I don't support his actions but at the end of the day he has a career, and he is going to move forward with his life like we all should; heck even rihanna moved on with her life. It isn't something that is easy to forget or hard to remember but at this point I think he has done what he can and still has a huge fanbase so at this point thats all we can focus on.

      1. helen says:

        !!! what has he done to make any of it better?? was it throwing a chair through a glass window at an interview? or the fact that he never once publicly apologised? I think we should all focus on the fact that he beat the shit out of a woman and came pretty close to killing her : http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1606481/chris-br

    2. sinead says:

      I love love love that this is here! Finallllyyy some clear, public recognition and condemnation of his horrific and unforgivable actions. Thank you Sweden and College Candy for bringing attention to this

    3. Mizit286 says:

      A woman who was beat so bad yet she comes between Chris and his new girlfriend because she wants him backL? A woman who is not ashame to be seen with him now….kissing and all that? Chris is stupid for putting his hands on a woman unless she put her hands on him…and twice as stupid for being in her life again.

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