The Evolution Of Undies In 10 Photos

I hate wearing bras. Ugh. My full C cup ta-tas require the utmost support. Whenever I start complaining about how girls have to wear uncomfortable underwear I just remember my foremothers who had to wear all that full-bodied corset BS that I am pretty sure was damn close to torture. In order to quell my undergarment woes I decided to do a bit of research into how women’s underwear has evolved throughout the past century. From corsets to the Wonder Bra, it’ll never be any surprise to me that when feminist decided to rebel against gender norms they burned their bras.

[Image Via. Free Republic]



    1. Ariana Romero says:

      Loved this article! Great idea, and really good research.

    2. Jess B says:

      indeed it's a wonderful article. I never new history of female undergarments.
      Not to forget to mention that all pics are very nice.

      1. Jess B says:

        oopssssss i missed alphabet 'K' in Knew. how can i edit it??? 😦

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