Jean Flip Flops, Would You Wear This Sh*t? [Candy Dish]

I’m not sure I could pull off wearing pants on my feet. My feet are already pretty stubby and too small for my thunder thighs, I don’t think I need to accentuate them with these strange ass flip flops. Be sure, these things will attract a wider audience than your normal attire. They’re sort of a good idea, sort of crafty. As Nina Garcia on Project Runway, “They don’t look ex-PEN-sive.” I am not a fashion snob, I have been known to shop at my resident “ghetto store.” I am sure the right girl can pull these off, she is just not me. Would you wear this shit?

In Other News

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Mark Wahlberg is going to star in the next Transformers movie. I don’t know how I feel about this.

David Beckham in his undergarments. Um, yes.

The many roles of acting chameleon Daniel Day Lewis.

Could your favorite store be running sweatshops?

Sleeping with the pool boy, anyone? These celeb have hooked up with the help?

Damn, Zayn Malik. One Direction graces the cover of Teen Vogue. 

Is your skin inflamed? This could be the reason.

[Image Via. The Berry]



    1. ahoytherekatie says:

      The flip-flops are so bizarre! I feel like I would just confuse myself by walking in those things.

    2. they are fuckn ugly stop wasting money on stupid shit.

    3. Jennifer says:

      Now, I’ve seen DENIM boots which look nice, but these are a f-ing different story! They look like you took the bottoms of a pair of cutoffs that you just cut off and wrapped them around your ankles while wearing a pair of flipflops. No, I would never wear these God-awful things!

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