How to Survive Life at A Party School…If You’re Not a Partier

While we’re all in college primarily to get an education, at times it can seem like everyone’s just in it for the partying. After my university was featured in several “Top Party School” surveys, I’m not going to deny that the party atmosphere is a huge impact on my college experience. However, by no means should getting drunk be the only option for fun out there.

There are plenty of reasons a college student might be turned off by partying. Some people don’t want to risk getting in trouble by drinking underage, and others have religious objections to alcohol. And some, believe it or not, just don’t like it! At this point for me, I am starting to get tired of being surrounded by over-served frat boys and hearing stories about the best ragers.

There’s so much more available to college students besides parties! If you don’t want to party, and feel like there’s nothing out there for you to do instead, here are a few options that will still show you a great time.

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    1. sammmbam says:

      Nice! I love this. I'm definitely NOT a partier–I am underage, have religious objections to partying (not necessarily alcohol), and I have a family history of alcoholism. I'd just rather not take the chance.

      Your first two tips are spot-on! I live in Tallahassee, and I must say, there are some BEAUTIFUL parks here. So that first tip, about exploring, that's a winner!:) We also have a fantastic College of Music here at FSU (which I am enrolled in, hooray), so there are concerts every night…if you're into classical or jazz music. There's also some neat jazz cafes that my husband and I like to go to…we are just on a tight budget so we don't always get to do that.

      I still find myself looking for ideas of what to do on Friday and Saturday nights though…looks like I'll be making a bucket list soon!:) Thanks for the tips!

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        Glad you enjoyed the post! There are plenty of entertainment options that are low-cost if you're just willing to take the time to search them out:)

    2. surrenderandlove says:

      I really like this! I love to have a great time, but when it comes to partying and binge drinking, I am like the last one to be hyped up about that. I someone choose to not drink just because of the oncoming hangover. I love to spend my days feeling well and living life, not being drug down by the past night. Being in the moment is so fun.
      When I visit my friends at other schools, I will usually give the party scene one change maybe on the first night, and experience what their school is like. You can control what you drink and leave whenever you want, you are the guest:). Anyways its always fun to go check out really cool cofffee shops or the town shops. and of course, girls night is always a must. From my experiance visiting people at party schools, they are always so grateful to stay and watch movies so they get abreak form the crazy party scene. Just speak up your mind and have a really fun time !

    3. Lindsay says:

      When I was in school my friends and I would often get together on a friday or saturday night and make a community dinner then play board games or watch movies….was a great amount of fun and great food to boot!

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        Love the dinner idea! I think I need to try this one soon.

    4. Phoebe says:

      Another fun thing to do is to check out the plays put on by your school's drama department. From my experiences, they're top notch and don't cost very much either:)

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        Totally! My school just recently performed their musical and other stage performances and it was so fun to go to (and especially to see other students on stage). Definitely a do.

    5. Anony says:

      What should you do if you have no friends to do some of these with?

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        Speed dating!

    6. Tess says:

      As a WVU student, you do NOT have to party to get along at a party school. I never drink or smoke, but I'm always with my friends at parties, and if they are your friends, they won't care, EVER. But if this isn't your scene, we have our party alternative on the weekend called Up All Night which is so fun and a big hit!

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    8. Emma says:

      I love this! I'm a college senior who goes to a party school and who spent 7 months in the beer capital of the world, Germany. I do not drink or use drugs, and I have two left feet, so I usually make my own fun. In my experience, the "non-partiers" stick together, so once you find them, your circle keeps widening! With my fellow non-partiers, I cook dinner, watch movies, play games, go on walks or runs or hikes, sign up for a fitness class or go to a free event (my school is small, and even still we have TONS of speakers, art shows, decorate-your-own cupcake events, and stuff like that), and other things that WE like to do. With my partying friends, I go along and have a coke. I just leave when stuff gets too crazy. As a final note, I spend most of my Friday nights in, watching a movie, going for a run, reading, or doing something else alone. I spend so much time during the week with friends and doing awesome stuff, that by Friday night I'm ready to catch up on me time. There's a horrible stereotype that everyone, everywhere, goes out on Friday and Saturday. You'd be amazed how many people -even at your school -actually don't. Do what makes you happy -that's what college is for.

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