Hollywood’s 11 Best Makeover Moments

Happy 30th to Anne Hathaway! Even though this actress has had plenty of successful roles since Princess Diaries, and become a huge name in the world of film, she’ll always still be Mia Thermopolis to me. Remember her big, frizzy hairdo, Doc Martens and nervousness over public speaking? Her big transformation from awkward teen to Princess of Genovia was the highlight of my movie-watching experiences. It seemed like anyone could go from village charity case to campus hottie simply by removing their glasses and buying a hair straightener. If only it were that simple…

Here’s the big compilation of movie makeovers, before and after!

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    1. Anony says:

      Allison was so much cooler before…

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        I really preferred Allison's whole look in the beginning of the movie, too. She was one of my favorite characters in that movie!

    2. Upset Homo says:

      Her name is Andy on the Devil Wears Prada, Miranda is Meryl Streep. Duh.

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        Oops, good eye!

      2. suzycreamcheese says:

        thanks for being so gracious. are you in jr high?

      3. Kathy says:

        Duh..yourself b#$%h …….. Not eveybody spends 24 hours a day watching movies. Get a life.

    3. DMC says:

      Don't forget Sabrina (Julia Ormond) before/after she goes to Paris.

    4. IamLegion says:

      Most of these are fairly ridiculous because there is next to no difference in the before & after photos. A light wardrobe change for half of them – and for a few, slapping on way too much make up. Sad, really, &explains a lot about why men think they're entitled to incredibly good-looking women.

    5. fatal says:

      which are the befores??? and the shots you showed of Britney Murphy are why she killed herself slowly on the Hollywood diet of Zoloft, Adderal, Ambien and Oxy trying to be the perfect fake Hollywood blonde

    6. Eliza Do-Lotta says:

      Where's My Fair Lady? The Pygmalion transformation of Eliza Doolittle is the epitome of the fascination of transforming an ugly duckling into a swan.

    7. swirl3d says:

      With the exception of Pretty Woman and Never Been Kissed, I think most of these looked better 'before'. I prefer a lot of the before characters too.

    8. These are the types of movies I'd like to watch. Most especially when you're having a date with someone and you just want to stay home and have a comfortable get-together.

    9. Anon says:

      I think the entire cast of The House Bunny should be mentioned. Maybe not Katherine McPhee, she was always gorg.

    10. Svest says:

      How are you NOT including Eliza Dolittle? Screw Princess Diaries…

    11. Lily says:

      By "best" you mean worst, right? Basically it's either:
      A) – take already attractive actress
      – put sunglasses on her face
      – mess up her hair
      – dress her in rags from a homeless shelter
      – then take everything off, put her in decent clothes and voila! Magic happened
      B) – take absolutely ordinary actress (Bullock, I'm looking at you but not just you)
      – don't use any of her ordinary artifices (makeup, fake eyelashes etc)
      – then cover her in make up and designer clothes and voila! Magic happened… well not really but let's pretend she's now stunning.

    12. Alex says:

      Have to agree Swirl. Lindsey Lohan looks so much better in the beginning of Mean Girls than she ever did, anywhere else, ever…

    13. Kltoombs says:

      Olivia Newton John, as Sandy, steals the show from all these chicks! She looks very pretty and decent before the hot, bad-girl transformation! Wow! Better shape up….it’s electrifying!

    14. Limited Views says:

      What about Ami Dolenz in "She's out of Control" or the 1995 "Sabrina" with Julia Ormond? (Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful the whole time in the original Sabrina).

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