Ryan Gosling Is Totally Overrated (PS: Happy Birthday)

I’ve seen The Notebook. I’ve experienced the charms of Ryan Gosling in a soaked-through shirt. I’ve witnessed this iconic moment at the MTV Movie Awards 100 times. I know he’s pro-women and pro-dogs who look like muppets and pro-whatever other cause is trendy this week. Sure, his face ain’t that bad and he seems like he’d totally be down for some post-sex spooning. But, hey girl, guess what? I’m just not that into it.

Let’s face facts and admit that Ryan Gosling is overrated. Whatever you think you know about him, however you believe him to be in real life…you’re probably wrong.

Who started the myth of RyGos anyway? I’m not trying to blatantly hate on the guy, for all I know he could be a pleasant individual. I’m saying there’s no way he’s as perfect as the female population has painted him to be. One day he was the gay kid from Remember the Titans and the next he was the skinny jeans-clad manifestation of everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. How did we get from Point A to Point B? Any why Ryan Gosling?

Part of me wishes he’d somehow hookup with Taylor Swift, then we’d get the real story. How great would it be to know he’s a sh*tty tipper or that once, when he was in third grade, he got really mad kicked his mom or that he doesn’t always text back right away? Taylor, girl, get in there and do some recon for us! If anyone can turn the perfect man into a ball of dickish behavior and commitment issues, it’s you!

If you think I’m completely off base here, please — please — leave me some evidence that Ryan Gosling is truly worthy of the pedestal he’s been placed on. It’s his birthday, so I’d kinda like to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s just really hard to believe the hype.

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    1. Meredith says:

      He was not the gay kid from Remember the Titans. He was in the movie but he did not play the gay kid. Get your facts straight please…

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Corrected, Meredith.

      2. Jess says:

        Sheesh, people get defensive over this guy!

        So yes, I WOULD need restraints if I saw him walk down the street from attacking his face with my tongue. But I also accept criticism, especially when it's this honest and nonjudgmental!
        All in all, Ms. Alex, RyGos is Canadian. Debonair. and looks like he smells of manliness. Or as I like to call them; the Trinity of Hunkiness. He is also hilarious in interviews, treats women with southern-like hospitality, and picks all the right roles. Finally, his mysterious aura gives him a 'james dean' quality.

        Also, did i mention I want to lick his face?

    2. Katie says:


      Enough said.

      He also went home for his mother's graduation from Brock University this past June and took girlfriend Eva Mendes with him

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        He's got nothing on Cory Booker. Just sayin'. Also, since when does going to your mother's graduation make you a saint? I'd think that would be standard practice, assuming you grew up moderately close to your mom.

    3. Kayla says:

      He just has the it factor. Have you ever seen "Crazy, Stupid Love" Was in a theater full of women to see the movie and the minute he first made his appearance (which was a slow-mo of his foot coming into the shot as he walked) the whole audience literally moaned out loud. MOANED. Amazing.

    4. annquirk says:

      Agreed! I don’t feel he’s nearly as attractive as all the hype makes it seem……enough already.

    5. annquirk says:

      Agreed! Finally, someone said what I’ve been thinking as well….:-)

    6. mickey says:

      I can't offer any evidence to the contrary because I agree with you. He may be a nice guy and all but he ain't all that. I don't even think he is cute. He also has the same smug, self-satisfied smirking demeanor in every movie he does. When I hear all these people say "He's SO gorgeous" or "He is an AMAZING actor–the best EVER" they lose me. I'm totally puzzled by his appeal. He is average at best. He also has a lisp that is the opposite of sexy.

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