The Truth About Magnum Condoms, Plus 9 Ego-Boosting Lies We Tell Men

You know how guys sometimes “complain” that they don’t like condoms. “They’re so constricting,” they say. And then us ladies offer up some sort of compromise, “Well, you probably need Magnums, they’re bigger.” Well, guess what? They’re not really significantly bigger.

I KNOW. I was blown away too. After “seeing” them work firsthand, I thought for sure they had to be bigger. According to Psychology Today, however, that’s not the case. And those Magnum XL’s for the supposedly “extra big” guy? They are no different than regular Magnums. It’s all marketing. Trojan doesn’t even have to advertize for Magnums, they just…sell.

The actual difference between a regular condom and a Magnum is only .32 inches in length. NOT EVEN A FULL INCH LONGER. They’re also only about half an inch wider, which is reasonable, but still. Pretty much any regular sized guy could fit into a Magnum if he fits into a regular condom. It’s all just to boost the male ego.

I am basically just amused at how guys use whatever necessary means to boost their egos and earn bragging rights. Us ladies do our fair share to feed into their fantasy lives, too, though. Those little white lies we giggle about later to our girlfriends…you know what I’m talking about. We’re all guilty of it.

See if you’ve ever caught yourself laying it on a little thicker with any of these 9 common male ego-boosters (aka “Big, Fat Lies”)…

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    1. Joni says:

      #9 How about you get a job and provide for yourself !!

    2. dametra07 says:

      Totally true…the list & the condom fact really surprised me, but those .32 inches do matter..;)

    3. teaglemonster says:

      We all love a good ego stroke now and again!

    4. afa says:

      The plus 9 are things men already know,

    5. Dan says:

      It is true that any man can fit into a normal size condom due to its elasticity, However, men who have larger girth will find that Magnum condoms will feel less restricting and have a smaller chance to break. Safety first!

    6. Tom says:

      Molly have you ever worn a condom by chance? Sure you can take a regular sized condom and stretch it down your whole arm, that doesn’t mean it’ll fit on a guy’s member. There are no bones to brace it. That half inch of extra girth is the difference between a great night and being unable to perform. There’s only an extra 6mm between Magnums and Magnum XL’s and it makes a huge difference. Try getting some first hand information before you look strictly at numbers.

      1. I’m not saying it doesn’t feel different, I’m just reporting the results of the study.

    7. Pete says:

      That is certainly not the case. I break regular standard condoms . You women are clueless. No offense but, you’re wrong!

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        But the Psychology Today piece was the one that said that the magnum condoms aren't statistically significantly bigger…not me. I reiterated their point, I didn't create it.

    8. Alex says:

      If you had an elastic contraption gripping your shaft like no tomorrow, please tell me you would agree that an extra half inch of width would ease the pain a bit?

      Most men already know Magnums aren't all theyre hyped up to be, but every little bit helps when youre bigger (read: wider) than average.

      Clearly you don't have a penis and have never worn a male condom… how you came to your conclusion is beyond me.

    9. Rayna says:

      I’m a female and magnum condoms are way better than regular condoms they don’t sell just to sell. The product is good take a regular condom and feel the texture its thin magnums are thick and more durable safety is always key and you don’t want a condom that is thin and can easily break where magnums are more trust worthy they may be ego boosters but there a good product that’s why they sell

    10. J P says:

      .32 inches is 7% of average, but that said the point of Magnum is for girth. I am at 5.8" circumference, and standard condoms are so tight that I risk breaks (happened a couple times, and scary when it does) and suffer diminished sensation which has caused me to lose at least 1 lover because she felt inadequate having to always finish me off orally. It was too late for that relationship when I discovered magnum, and too bad because she was freaky­čśŽ

    11. @AjWasHere says:

      Lol. I'm sorry, but this article is a bunch of BS. Many of my friends averaged sized friends have tried using magnums and they and their partners say that they are uncomfortable because the slip off and feel like a trash bag. I have had issues with the dreaded "ring" left over after using a regular condom (trojans mainly, durex is even smaller). It's like i'm being choked down there and it really affects the blood flow. When I finally decided to use the magnum I knew right away that there was a HUGE difference. I'm never doing the dirty again without my golden ticket. Sorry Molly, but you don't have a damn clue what you're talking about.

      1. Except that it was a science article that said the difference in size of condoms wasn’t statistically significant. It doesn’t mean that it’s not there, just not as much of an outlier as Magnum would have you believe. I’m not saying it doesn’t feel different but the average guy can fit into a Magnum. I’m not saying there is zero difference….I was just pointing out what the article said….

      2. Molly - UNL says:

        I don't know if this posted or what, but if you read the article I said I was surprised too because I had seen the difference first hand. It was the Psychology Today article that stated that the difference in length and girth wasn't enough for them to be statistically significant and that the average man could fit into a Magnum condom.

    12. ddd says:

      GF and I tried for 20 minutes to fit me into a magnum and gave up because it was way to tight and unusable… bought a pack of XL the next day and they fit perfect. This article is BS and written by a women who is mad that her BF has a small penis.

      1. Actually my boyfriend and I use magnums, and I didn’t say it wasn’t true, I directed readers to a Psychology
        Today article claiming the difference between a Magnum condom and a regular condom are not “statistically significant” which basically means in the science/math world they are not different enough for it to mean something.

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