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12 Vibrators Shaped Like Something Else [Photos]

Vibrators are fun. Flickin’ the good ole bean shouldn’t be a source of shame, still having your roommate or parent find your “special drawer” can be kind of embarrassing. Lucky for us the sex toy industry is ripe with discrete¬†vibrators.

The idea is great, but some of these look a little scary. Not sure if I would want anything that resembles a scorpion around my nether regions. I have no idea who these goth inspired vibrators are for, but I’d like to meet them. Although even the “cutesy” vibrators can be a little creepy. Why would I want a worm near my vag? When I think of vagina worms I think of STDs which are so not sexy. I’m not entirely sure any of these will get you in the mood, but they may trick a few people into thinking you collect really goofy tchotchkes.

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