Nail Polish Netflix: Rent-a-Polish

There’s a new nail polish service called Lacquerous. Much like Netflix, for a flat monthly fee of $18.00 you can rent – yes, rent – three luxury nail polishes. The brands include Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Butter, Mac, Nars, Tom Ford and Deborrah Lipmann. Most of the polishes from these brands generally range from around $18.00 to $30.00 so it appears (like a mirage) to be a deal. You get three at a time, but is anyone really going to use three nail polishes in a month? How much does a manicure cost? $7.00 – $10.00? If you get two a month it’s about the same price and way less hassle. I can never remember to return my DVDs, now I have to worry about nail polish too?  Also, isn’t it kind of weird when three crusty, used nail polish bottles show up in your mail box?

Oh and here’s the kicker, the disclaimer says that you can only use each bottle for three applications. The FAQ states, “How many times can I use the nail polish? You can use it on yourself for up to 3 applications throughout the month. Lacquerous monitors the amount of nail lacquer in each bottle and we trust our members to abide by our policies because they appreciate luxury lacquer like us!” They’re watching yous. 

The idea seems cute, but mostly it seems gross and impractical. Would you ever subscribe to Lacquerous?

[Image Via. Lacquerous]

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    1. Wow, I never knew something like this existed.

    2. Astrid Verdugo says:

      Reblogged this on Juvenescence.

    3. Izzy says:

      Why do that when I could just go to Sephora and "try" they're nail polishes for free? No? Just me? Alright…

    4. embelladorn says:

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      Huh.. Well, that’s an interesting concept.

    5. This sounds like the worst idea ever.

    6. ReeseUKanna says:

      If they make the monthly fee cheaper, maybe. But I could buy two Essies a month for that much money and not have to return them!

    7. Kelly Sewell says:

      No, doesn't sound good to me.

    8. Amy Murphy says:

      NO WAY. You don't know who rented it, where they kept it (constant sunlight? frig? People keep polish weird places) or what might have been mixed with it (how glitter can transfer when layering, etc). And that's just the first few reasons off the top of my head. I can think of tons more!

    9. Brandi says:

      Well, if there were some REALLY awesome HTF polishes I would be all for it. I know/have seen people try the polishes at the store (not testers) so I'm already buying polishes that have been swatched on who knows what…it doesn't bother me all that much as it lays atop a base coat and under a top coat.
      I agree that perhaps the price could be lower, especially if the polishes are not rare or very expensive.

    10. saucyabby says:

      Is this a joke? That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. How do you know someone didn't have a fungal infection or pour acetone in the bottle to thin it? Buy mini polishes or become a maven.

    11. Well will quote Shultz from Hogan's Heroes,,, very interesting but ? …well anyways. We have a pre-launch party sign-up going on. And we promise you won't be sending back our polishes😉

    12. Assinine ^_^ says:

      This is the most assinine thing ive ever heard of or seen. IDK anyone who'd actually use this service. For $18 go pick out a "luxury brand" ….or hell ANY brand for that matter nail polish and KEEP IT! And their service agreement is as whacked out as the idea! A credit check? Ser,iously? Cmon…. Any problem with S+H? Ur responsible. Tell me how much to use? Right… This just sounds like a huge scam to me, since they reserve the right to use their judgement to charge you and additional charges at any time. SCAM, n if anyone buys into this crap, u need help. ITS NAIL POLISH! Where's the clause about obtaining your first born if u use 4 coats?😄

      1. Haha says:

        BTW: does a name on the bottle make it any better then one you'd get from the local drug store or the beauty supply or whatever? Its chemicals. Some colors r prettier then others, but seems like ur buying into a brand name on the label n has nothing to do with nail polish at all.

    13. Riri says:

      It's not for the person who buys Essie… I want to try Chanel. I will clean the brush when I get it and I always use a base coat! I'm going to try it.

    14. Justsayin says:

      I read somewhere we eat from street vendors but won't share nail polish? hahha women r crazyyyy!

    15. Hi, totally new ideas. Thanks a lot.

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