Vivienne Westwood Is Not A Feminist [Candy Dish]

In the UK Telegraph’s profile of Vivienne Westwood, the designer claims she is too privileged to be a feminist,”Another reason is because I live in the privileged world I would never accept the idea that somehow I am a victim of society. Just by being born a woman!’ But she definitely feels that ‘women in – other cultures, let’s call it – should be supported. And in our culture if they are somehow in the position of victims. But I think men are victims just as much really and I think in our society it would be really scary to be a man.”

This is so annoying. People really don’t understand what feminism is. Feminism is not a claim to victimhood, it’s an acknowledgement of the oppressions that exists for women and men because of gender norms. It is the struggle to resolve these issues so that we live in a more equal society. It doesn’t matter how privileged you are – though it is helpful to be aware of that – if you want to create a better world for our mothers, daughters, and sisters to live in – you’re probably a feminist. 

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    1. thecollegenovelista says:

      I am appalled by women who claim not to support the idea of feminism. As modern women in a privileged nation, we have an obligation to improve the lives of women not only in this nation, but in other nations of the world as well. Women like Vivienne Westwood cannot comprehend the degree to which other women are oppressed. They are so self-centered that they see the world through rose-colored glasses. Feminism is about equality for everyone, and we won't stop until that dream is realized.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I agree! It's especially frustrating when many women uphold and live by feminist views, but diss feminism or don't give it the credit for them having more privileged lives and attitudes.

    2. thecollegenovelista says:


    3. ahoytherekatie says:

      I find it so interesting how just the word "feminism" has become a term strong women are uncomfortable with. Looking back to where women stood half a decade ago, I think you could say all of us are feminists now.

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