What’s Your Spirit Animal [SpiritHoods Giveaway]

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A few weeks ago we asked if you’re into SpiritHoods or not, and a lot of you said yes! I’ve always been a fan but it seems the biggest complain is that SpiritHoods are only wearable for certain occasions like festivals or parties. It can be difficult to incorporate something with ears on it into your everyday fashion routine, which is why I was so excited to see SpiritHoods expanding their lines. I absolutely adore the regular hoods, but I fell in love with their new shawls.

The shawls are super fashion-forward and extremely warm. I’ve been wearing the Nighthawk Shawl, which makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Game Of Thrones (winter is coming!). I’m obsessed. I’ve been wearing it to work, around town in New York, and just while I’m being a yoloface in my apartment. The Nighthawk Hood is awesome too and a little more subtle if you’re looking to wear it on a more regular basis.

Check out the wild awesomeness below!

AND we’re doing a SpiritHoods giveaway! In true SpiritHood fashion, I want to know what your spirit animal is. Although I have the Nighthawk, my spirit animal is a snow leopard or some other jungle cat since they’re feisty and do what they want. We’re going to have two lucky winners-one will win the Nighthawk Hood and one will win the Nighthawk shawl! So tell me what your spirit animal is in the comments below by Friday, November 16th at 12:00 pm EST! 

Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Alabama who has an obsession with cupcakes, coffee, and Harry Potter. She always has random fun facts and is now working for an awesome company in New York City. Follow her fabulous life @caitlincorsetti. You’re welcome!



    1. Molly - UNL says:

      First – you're gorgeous.
      Second – yes.
      Third – my spirit animal is an English bulldog because they YOLO so hard they just want to eat and sleep.

    2. Monica says:

      I would say that my spirit animal is a timid wolf. I'm a bit slow-to-warm- up, but I'm also intense and observant!

    3. @MerDiann says:

      My spirit animal is a puma – I'm independent and feisty like a feline and pumas are the loudest of the jungle cats!

    4. Allison says:

      My spirit animal is a robin because I always thought that saying “the early bird catches the worm” referred to a robin. I like to think this saying applies to me. I’m also pretty sure the only reason I think it refers to a robin is because the robin beanie baby’s name was Early.

    5. @Im_Unclean says:

      My spirit animal's wolf cause it's a "wild" animal but could still be a doggie😉 Have a nice day xx

    6. Carly Palmour says:

      My spirit animal is Ryan Gosling, because he makes me feel like a savage beast.

    7. Emma says:

      My spirit animal is a Husky.
      They love cold weather and snow, and like working as a team, like me:)

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    9. Rachel says:

      My spirit animal would definitely be a river otter. They are so silly, playful, and adorable, plus they look like they're always down to cuddle:)

    10. Molly says:

      My spirit animal is probably a penguin. Super playful, water loving, and just so darn cute.

    11. Raine says:

      My spirit animal would definately be a Lion-I am 100% Leo, the lion is one of the most social cats-like me, and I look out for friends, family, & pets and I would 'fight to the death' to help and protect them! This is an amazing giveaway-THANK YOU!!! (buzzyngabe(at)

    12. durstslovepens says:

      My spirit animal is a Wolf

    13. Bri says:

      My spirit animal is definitely the wolf. Family comes before anything and I'm super protective of the ones I love.

    14. My Spirit animal is definitely a Wolf. Teacher, Pathfinder, Moon – hound within my soul.

    15. Angie says:

      My spirit animal is the wolf because I'm very loyal and protective and they are just such beautiful animals!

    16. My spirit animal would either be the polar bear or the wolf:)

    17. @_Herzdame says:

      Can't decide whether I am a Grizzly Bear or a (Red) Fox.. I'm both "large, fierce, strong" and "cunning, attentive and masters of disguise" . I'm also a bit of an owl though…" highly aware beings awake to protect that which is sacred when most of the world sleeps." Hum, who am I?😀

    18. Daniel G says:

      My spirit animal is a fox! I'm cunning and mischievous, and a fox always crosses my path when I'm experiencing hard times and things are about to get better!

    19. Zachary Hladik says:

      My spirit animal would be a leopard because it seems like a savage beast but in all reality it’s gorgeous !

    20. @annfrommars says:

      Hi, you're awesome human being
      My Spirit animal would be the Polar bear definitely because it's a protector and so am I. I always care about everyone who means a lot to me.
      Have a fantastic week/month/year and thanks for doing this!

    21. Sarah says:

      My spirit animal is a raven because they have the freedom to fly and the strength to support themselves. They are intelligent and charismatic. I yearn for the day I can travel at my leisure, and I would love to be able to fly.

    22. rusjafoster says:

      I'm definitely a Bear…cute and cuddly but with a wild side…not to be messed with!

    23. Kelly D says:

      My spirit animal is a Lion, since I am loyal and have a lot of pride and I am a Leo.

    24. I've always had a connection to wolves, ever since I can remember. I believe my spirit animal/guide is definitely a wolf. It might sound strange, but when I'm at my lowest points, I always envision a very large white wolf. I've realized that is my spirit guide and protector. Wolves are beautiful, fierce, and wise. Although I may not see myself as any of those things, that's why I appreciate them so much and am so connected to them. They help me want to better myself, both emotionally and physically! :3

    25. Isra says:

      Probably a beaver😀
      1) proud canadian
      2) hard-worker
      3) buck-toothed😛

    26. mary says:

      my spirit animal is a horse! they are loyal and we understand each other

    27. Marina says:

      My spirit animal is a wolf; sharp, loyal, and I howl at the moon!

    28. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

      My spirit animal is an owl. I love to read and always up at night. People might not give too much importance to owls, but the birds are once associated with wisdom.

    29. Hunter Mitchell says:

      Wolf. I’m definitely a wolf. I’ve been known as a social butterfly all my life and someone that someone can count on to always be there. I love to help others around me and provide insights on whatever the question is at hand. I know I prefer to work and really do anything in groups. I love being around people and meeting new people. Other then that, I believe working as team is more efficient and effective then being a Lone Ranger. They’re beautiful and majestic creatures that deserve to be noticed more.:)

    30. @lifeonprint says:

      My Spirit Animal would be the Brown rabbit, because although it looks fun floppy and cuddly, it is fast and swift always on guard.

    31. @AliceCalder says:

      A Jack Russell Terrier, ever since having ours they have been my favourite ever and I miss him so much! They are loyal, independent yet extremely affectionate, incredibly sturdy and tenacious and if you hurt them or someone they love they won't forget it!

    32. Dana Rodriguez says:

      I agree ..I love these shawls too!I would have to say my spirit animal would have to be a fox.Wild ,small and cunning😉 Thanks for the chance!

    33. jules m. says:

      my spirit animal is a panther:-) i love these hoods!

    34. nicole kniff says:

      My spirit animal is definitely a red fox. Small but fierce and intelligent! Also a red head (:

    35. Joye Lynn says:

      My spirit animal is for sure a lion:3 They’re laid back and affectionate, but are willing to fight to the death for their pride. Oh, and they’re sexy;D

    36. My spirit animal is a cat!

      1. Andrew Sanchez says:

        Mine is a linx,.. Granted I made it myself with fabric (faux fur and fleece) I have plenty of pictures, ive made several

    37. hedgehogi says:

      My spirit animal is a Hedgehog, go figure. They are small, super cute, and are very aware of their surroundings. at gmail dot com

    38. Jenny says:

      My spirit animal is a cat: calm, quick, feisty, and independent.

    39. Topher says:

      My spirit animal is a bear. Big, strong, intelligent and protective. Hibernation and eating are also my specialties!

    40. heytheredelilah says:

      My spirit animal is the fox. Smart, witty, & clever, all features that I value about them:)

    41. Andrew O says:

      Oops I typed my email incorrectly! My spirit animal is the whale!

    42. Elizabeth Rose says:

      My spirit animal is definitely the Wolf. Not only am I in love with these animals, they are very spiritually connected creatures. & just like the wolf, I’m a pack person. I stand strong on my own, but in a group I am stronger! I’m loyal to those loyal to me & I won’t go down without a fight! Even if its for sticking up for someone I care about! Wolves are also very mysterious & even though they’re canines, they have a small fiery feline inside of them. & I am one fiery & mysterious girl! Hahahaha! But, I think I could incorporate the night hawk into my Hooters uniform! Sadly, people wouldn’t know the difference! Lol!

    43. Illian says:

      My Spirit animal is the Tiger, intelligent, independent and strong.

    44. Mine is the Bear! Very protective, just like my husband. I'd love to win one of these. I've wanted one for over a year now and just can't seem to afford it.

    45. Def spirit animal would have to be a lion…

    46. Philine Gromotka says:

      My spirit animal is a dolphin because my mom got me a dolphin ring from greece when I was younger and it brings me luck! Dolphins love humans. Humans love dolphins.

    47. Greg McCaukey says:

      Tiger. Hands down, cards all out, none other than a Tiger! They're confident in their presence, they protect what's theirs, wise in every movement, every decision they make, and gentle loving nurture to those they care for. Me in one sentence. My spirit through an animal.

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