Justin Bieber Proposed…Guess How Selena Gomez Responded

By now you’re all probably just getting your lives back on track since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially announced their split last weekend. The couple has been citing “scheduling differences” as the reason behind their split, but we all knew better than that. Shortly after their breakup rumors that jealousy actually caused the break up were flying. But maybe it was more of a case of rejection? Yeah. Allegedly Justin popped the question to Selena, as in ASKED HER TO MARRY HIM, and she said, “No thanks.” And that’s why they really broke up.

According to Blindgossip.com, the whole ordeal was a PR arrangement gone bad. So basically, Bieber’s PR people were like, “Yo Justin. Great idea, let’s have you ‘propose’ to Selena to promote whatever it is we’re trying to promote. Maybe your lifelike sex toy doll or something.” and then Justin was like, “Yo dawg, great idea, but let’s not have it be fake. Like. I wanna marry her fo’ rizzle.” Yes, in my mind Justin talks like an early 00s rapper, whatever. Selena being the smart cookie she is told Justin to wait a few months and if he really wanted to marry her to ask again. Well, he did, and she still said no.

Embarrassed, Justin’s PR people coordinated with Selena’s PR people to come up with the “scheduling difficulties” BS so that Justin wouldn’t look like a pathetic loser whose less-famous girlfriend turned him down. JUSTIN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? Bro, you’re like, still a kid with a great career ahead of you. Sure some of your songs are not my favorite but, we all know you can SING and dance. You’re like the next Justin Timberlake. He started off young and has blossomed into a having a really awesome career, he’s engaged to high profile Jessica Biel and everything is kosher. You’ve still got time!!!!

I’m giving all the snaps to Selena for being smart enough to know that a marriage at 20 was probably a terrible idea, even though her career would probably benefit from the engagement, she’d rather “do her” and get Biel like status all on her own. Four for you Selena Gomez, you go Selena Gomez.

To top all of this off, Justin Bieber actually sang an acoustic version of Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” at a concert in Boston this weekend. Then he got pulled over last night for making an unsafe left turn. Boy, you crazy.

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    1. twitterbullshitter says:

      Timberlake got married recently. what the hell kind of gossip monger are you?

      1. desteni says:

        First thought here, also.

    2. Why is everyone saying Justin is the bigger star. Selena has been around longer and has done more with her fame than Justin has. Look at her Wiki page. Not to mention she was just voted Glamor's Woman of the Year. If anything her intelligence at recognizing that she is too young to get so serious or that she can't find another man who would treat her better down the road only adds to the fact Selena is the bigger star of the two in more ways than one.

    3. clawdeen says:

      omg thay are broken up time for me to ask him out and have a babby LOL

    4. ASHLEY says:

      I find they should try again selena did say she want a family the day befor her birthday 21st of july she told E TV THAT but she dont know with ho i know with JUSTIN TRYYYYY ANGIN it might work out

    5. amanda gary says:

      who said justin is a big star , he just a proud little brat. selena u did very well.

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