U.S. Only 80th In The World In Women’s Political Representation [Sugar Binge]

God, we suck. Rwanda is ranked one, Mexico is ten, the United Kingdom is fifty-eight. It seems the Western world has some backwards ideas about what progress means? The list, which ranks 190 countries by how well women are represented in politics (presumably in proportion to each country’s population) is very interesting considering how much the West likes to dismiss developing nations as overwhelmingly oppressive to women. Although it would seem that a great deal of those places are winning! With the recent election that established 20 women in Congress, the U.S. is set to move up to – a whopping – 79th! There is still much to do in the realm of equal representation and we are thankfully moving in the right direction, but let’s get real, we should have gotten here a lot faster

LGBT’ers and allies, check out this sweet looking documentary series on the transgendered experience.

 Watch Kristen Stewart get trolled by an interviewer when the reporter was supposed to choose questions out of a fish bowl at random and they all turned out to be about the infidelity scandal.

In other important lady news, the United Nation has declared that access to contraception is a HUMAN RIGHT in a UNFPA press release today stating:

“Making voluntary family planning available to everyone in developing countries would reduce costs for maternal and newborn health care by $11.3 billion annually, according to The State of World Population 2012, published today by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.”

Family planning is hardly available everywhere in the U.S.. It’s amazing that the U.N. has made this declaration at a time when there seems to be so much tension (in the U.S.) about reproductive rights and women’s bodies. Again, there is work to be done!

Madonna and PSY performed “Gangnam Style” together – yeah, it’s as weird as you think.

• Rob Kardashian‘s “luxury” sock line is more hideous than a post-Taco Bell poop.  At $30 a pair of  camo, horse shoe, and ballerina printed socks (exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus) I can only expect that this was a genius plot to switch the price tag on dollar store socks to see if rich people are just really shallow.

Bon Jovi’s daughter was arrested after an alleged heroin overdose. Did you know Bon J. had, like, 800 kids? 

Ugh, stupid Facebook is auto-generating “relationship pages” nobody asked for because you and the guy you just became official with need the pressure and creepiness of social media.

This anti-domestic violence campaign is shocking and powerful.

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