Sheryl Crow’s ‘Woman In The White House’ [Music News]

Sheryl Crow has a new single called “Woman in the White House” about how we need – you guessed it – more women in the White House. The sentiment isn’t incorrect, but the lyrics are borderline sexist because they reinforce problematic stereotypes about women. You know, the ones that imply that us gals are sweet, nurturing and less aggressive. Personally, I would sooner flush a toddler down the toilet than feed and clothe it. So, as you can see I have a problem with such gender roles being reinforced. Women deserve to be in the White House because I am sure plenty who have earned it have been wrongfully denied, not because girls are nicer. Folk that shift. I was on the debate team in high school – I ain’t nice when it comes to politics and I’ve got plenty of ovaries (just two.).

Here some of the lyrics:

“Well we like to spend money/ But not money we ain’t got/ And we can balance a checkbook / It’s time to clean up Capitol Hil / with a shovel and a pair of high heels / There’d be a lot less fussing/ And fighting and carrying on/ There’d be a lot more loving/ And listening and getting along.”

At the end of the day, though it would be nice sometimes, we shouldn’t be looking to popular culture for nuanced critiques of the political spectrum.

The new Crystal Castles album “III” is out and it is freaking amazing. (You can stream it on Spotify.) Essentially Alice Glass is a vigilante/guardian angel type character protecting children from much of the world’s evil and bleakness. It’s a haunting album and way more conceptual than their previous efforts.  My favorite tracks include “Kerosene,” “Pale Flesh” and “Violent Youth.” Check out the “Plague” video below.

Music from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack has been popping up online, including tracks from: Ellie Goulding, Passion Pit, and Feist. If you’re into that sort of thing – ’cause I am so not.

Rihanna Is A Wax Figure At Madame TussaudsThese are pretty spot on in the thigh/booty department. Good on you, Madame T.

Bjork has a new video for  the single “Mutual Creation” and it is trippy as balls.

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