16 Surprising Things All Girls Do When They’re Alone

So a few days ago I saw this wonderful little article on The Frisky via Reddit about the surprising things that all guys do. One of my favorites was boys disclosing how they un-stick their balls from the side of their legs. It’s actually kind of disgusting and disturbing. And a wonderful reminder how unhygienic we all REALLY are. Like, I’m really gross guys. I hate to break the news to the boys, but I am a disgusting human.

Right now the leggings-as-pants I’m wearing are going on their third day of use. But I totally doused them with perfume before I put them on, so it’s not even gross, okay? Okay, so I’m going to lay it all on the line here. These are things I do more often than I’m willing to admit, and don’t play with my emotions. You totes do them too.

[Lead image via Podvysotskiy Roman/Shutterstock]

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    1. Katie says:

      This is so funny and true😀
      except maybe for the face stuffing…if I did that it wouldn't stay a secret for very long😛.

    2. Ash says:

      Wow, really?! I am so surprises by the things on this list!!! Oh, wait, no– a 12 year old wouldn’t be surprised by this list….

      What a dumb fucking “article”.

      1. bhubhhuy says:


      2. mad bitch says:

        amen to that

    3. Eli says:

      Peeing in the shower is very gross, it's (anatomically) easier for boys, but hell, it's pretty disgusting if you're a girl.

      1. girl says:

        lol what? how is it anatomically easier for boys to pee in the shower than it is for girls? You do realize girls don't, like, squat over the shower drain to pee, right? lmfao dumbass…

    4. skeptis says:

      wow, you mean girls are like real human beings?

    5. Mike says:

      So girls don't poop alone?

    6. Cass says:

      As a girl, I disagree with a few of these. Mor importantly, it's "dawdling," not "doddling."

      1. Hehe says:

        More importantly, it's spelled MORE, not "mor". Learn to spell,

      2. Hehe=idiot says:

        More importantly, sentences end in periods, not commas. Learn punctuation.

    7. Hales says:

      I disagree with quite a few of those. Soem of them I read them and thought "Wow, I don't do this and no girl I know does half of these things because we're not all striving to be 15 year-old boys". I'm sorry, but just because you do this doesn't mean every other girl does.ah Don't put a label on the rest of us.

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        I actually asked around to quite a few different girls to put this list together, but thanks for reading!

      2. miranda says:

        I do ALL of those. and the majority of girls I know, DO ALL OF THESE things, not just half. people are gross get over it, and stop lying to yourself😀

      3. Crystaline says:


    8. dyn says:

      What? Men do a lot of these things..

    9. rebellerie says:

      OMG yes to pregnancy scares

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    11. Mel says:

      Lol, love these! 99.7%– hells yeah! Lol, pooping is the best time to play Words with Friends (yes, there are still some of us who play this!)

      Obviously not everyone does all of these, but it's a funny reminder that the cutest hottest chick/model/celebrity has partaken in at least half of these. Behind closed doors we're all nose picking, masturbating, legging-reusing humans!

    12. Lily says:

      Haha this was such a funny article!

    13. Dallas says:

      Man, screw what everyone else is saying. I feel you. I totally pee in the shower, and I'm a grown-ass woman.

    14. I totally pee in the shower. And honestly i do more than half of these things myself, lol.

    15. sarsmassi says:

      To funny I was laughing hahah! Thanx for the laugh!:)

    16. Katherine says:

      A couple of these weren't true for me, but the rest was spot on. I think its hilarious when guys think girls don't masturbate. It feels just as good for us as it does for you. Hell, it probably feels BETTER because we can have multiple orgasms😉

    17. noman says:

      very intresting article for girl this is amazing site for all girls

    18. sonia says:

      very cool and useful information kindly share celebrity alone at home

    19. Guest says:

      omg this is pretty much my life. Thank you for preaching it❤

    20. Hani says:

      Thank you for this article! It made my day.

    21. Shanr says:

      Total crap. I haven't done even 4 of those things. this chick is just a disgusting pig!

    22. Kayls says:

      Omg so true seriously, everyone is gross. Don’t forget the farting and burping. I swear I could power a car. Anyone who says they don’t release those natural gases or who don’t randomly pick their nose or whatever else, are lying. We are all disgusting human brings but who cares! I’d rather feel comfortable and relaxed. There are times when you should be polite and not bring these up but don’t deny it. Every girl has done at least one of these:) awesome article:)

    23. Tianna says:

      Some of these are true for me, like I wear my jeans three days in a row and I stuff my face ALL the time since it's impossible for me to gain weight I'm a complete pig, but that sh*t about yawning to sniff yourself, primping, analyzing texts, pregnancy scares and selfies etc is utter bull. Just because you do it, doesn't mean all girls do. Way to make us all look bad, thanks. -_-

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        If you read through the comments, I'm definitely not the only girl who does these things. It's great that no matter what the article, it's obviously going to be different per person but there is always going to be some things someone can relate to. That's what we strive for here at CollegeCandy. While you might think that some of the things like pregnancy scares are bull, someone else might be able to relate and get a laugh out of it. We're just here to provide entertainment and hopefully a laugh to break up your day. I also don't think that yawning to check my smell or analyzing text messages is anything to be embarrassed about and therefore I don't think it makes anyone look bad. It's just a thing that happens. I'm comfortable enough with myself that I can write about it on a website, and joke about it with my friends.

        Thanks so much for reading!

      2. ugh says:

        i understand what you're doing but you didn't make me laugh by saying some of those things.

      3. upset says:

        exactly! I'm not primping myself 24/7

    24. amber says:

      this is so awesome! I don't do all of these, and the ones I do I wouldn't admit to, but most of this is so true, and not at all disgusting. everyone does something that someone will think is weird or nasty, that's why we just be weird for the most part behind closed doors:)

    25. Bunches O' Fun says:

      Too funny! There's people on here that "claim" they don't do a few or any of what you've listed but I'm sure they do at least one – everyone has their own little secret quirk, even if it's not posted in this article!

    26. rando says:

      all of these are just perfect.

    27. mcsniffles says:

      Wait. Women are people too?? They do this shit? What the fuck have I been taught my WHOLE life!?

      Dumbest article ever.

    28. ashes4beuty says:

      this was sooo hilarious! i loved it

    29. Emily says:

      Otis funny because they're all true, I mean I maybe don't do like two of the things, but everyone has done them at least once, ha made my day, (thought I was the only one who did the pregnant thing(; )

    30. Emily says:

      This makes me feel so much better about myself.

    31. Dave says:

      I am a dude all the way. Just like reading articles like these BC I am always learning about how to love,admire,understand and devote myself to my lady. I do know for a fact after being married for over 18 years that EVERY one of these are true. And for all u haters that deny(aka lie) that u don’t do these things, it is like peeing in the shower, you probably haven’t saw your pee pee parts in years n just let it run down your legs. You evil haters should shut the ©®#@ up.

      1. an offended girl says:

        Not all of these things apply to every girl. I'm not saying i don't pee in the shower, cuz i do. So don't say these things are true based on your experiences with your lady. I'm not a hater, really, i have nothing against you except for that remark about saying that EVERY one of these re true. I'm not fucking lying. You don't know me or every girl in the world.

      2. Cap'n Blue says:

        "EVERY" one of these might be true for your wife, but everyone is different and I personally haven't pee'd anywhere that wasn't the toilet since I was very young. Sweeping generalisations are just that. Generalisations which aren't necessarily true. Just like saying that every guy named Dave is an ass hat just because you are.

    32. nigger lover says:

      Women poop? thanks i didnt know that

    33. girl says:

      your strange. I didn't even analyze my YOUR!!! yawning to smell our stink-NO, Primping-NO,selfies- NO,girls absolutely love their boobs-NO,NOT ME!!!

      1. Cece says:

        lol I just want to say your boobs must be small because I love mines… hehe u wanna guess my size. jk!!!

    34. Natalie says:

      I'm a girl, I really don't do much of this stuff. This article is a waste of time.

    35. Morgan says:

      I started to read, and then I say the words "YOLO" and "cray" and decided AT&T credibility was shot.

    36. Morgan says:


    37. Claire says:

      I dont read when i poo or pop zits because that will just make them scar, but hey pretty accurate!

    38. some girl says:

      not all of this applies to every girl.

    39. amy says:

      i don't understand how people find this funny . I hated this article. I'm not saying i don't do thos ethings, i do, but not all of those. Way to label ALL the girls, pffft this is shit

      1. Molly Mahannah says:

        Well no one does ALL of them, but we all do some of them. That’s the point….

    40. Lola says:

      Ladies, come on… let's get honest here. You know you do all of these things, even if you aren't aware of them while doing them. We all primp… we're girls; it's instinctive! And there is no shame in wanting to feel and look our best. It doesn't mean we are bad people, it doesn't mean we don't have brains… it just means that we are doing what nature/God intended us to do… mate! It is in our genes. We mate, we prolong our species. And to find a mate, in order to procreate, we primp. Nothing wrong with that!

      And for those of you who say you don't pee in the shower… I bet you do. I don't make a regular habit of it, but if I find that I need to, I would rather stay in the warmth of the warm water than get out in the cold air, pee and then get back in the shower. Who wants to do that?!? I don't! So, I put my leg up on the side of the tub and I pee into the drain. Plain and simple. And guess what I do next? I WASH/SCRUB the pee away. It's simple and efficient and I am CLEAN afterwards!!! Look, I'm not afraid to admit to all of what the author has written. My husband knows I do all of these things and he thinks it's sexy because I'm not trying to be perfect… I'm just being who I truly am. I'm living and enjoying my life and he finds these "gross" idiosyncrasies absolutely endearing, as I find his. Do I shout it out from the rooftop that I do these things? No! I keep them to myself… but guess what? I'm human. You're human. And no one should be ashamed of being human. No one is perfect and no one ever will be. So stop trying to be so perfect and embrace your human-ness. There is nothing wrong with it… frankly, it's quite beautiful!!!

    41. Marissa says:

      I love how so many girls are saying this article is stupid and not true, and that they never do any of this stuff.

      Bitch. Please.

      Just goes to show how many girls need to get a sense of humor.

    42. ajpenlady1952 says:

      Something I wrote as a teenager:

      Bored upon the afternoon?
      Bust your pimples and try to hit the moon!
      Ainsley Jo Phillips

      Oh yes! I'm 60 now and still into popping pimples, squeezing blackheads, etc. So much fun!!!

    43. ramzii says:

      haha i sing in the bathroom

    44. not telling says:

      I know we shouldn't pop zits, but I don't like to see zits on my face lol, and if I pop them they go away quicker. And its true, I do about half of what's on this artical haha

    45. This article is way too funny! Bathroom hang out is the best haha


    46. Dan says:

      You guys forgot about plotting against rival girlfriends or ex's. That is by far the most time consuming women do when they are alone.

      1. I actually never, ever do that. It's pointless, seriously. Live and let live and move on.

    47. Guest says:

      This is a very sexist article. And love how they put a MAN picking his nose in the photo.

      1. It's actually not that sexist, considering the majority of these are not stereotypical feminine behavior. Obviously not every single woman does every single one of these things, but the point is that these behaviors are not that uncommon in women, even if they are denied.

    48. Daniel says:

      I’m a dude and found this a very interesting and funny read. So gonna play with some of my girl-friends minds. This should be fun XP

    49. Serena says:

      The accuracy is spot on. I do all of these things all the time and so does EVERY other woman I know. Well except the pregnancy scares, that ones about 50/50. Any chick who claims she doesn’t do any or the majority of these is either in total denial or is living a life so boring and prim it could barely be considered living. Love it!

      1. I do basically all these except the pregnancy scares, taking extra time in the bathroom, and frequent primping. I say frequent because I will fix my hair a bit every now and then, especially if I've been out in the wind.

    50. Darah says:

      I do about half of these, if that.

    51. sarah says:

      I disagree with some of these like seriously guys pee in the shower not girls if they do then that’s really gross andh picking the nose is totally gross

      1. Yaya says:

        Girl please… know u pick ur nose even when u use fancy tissue, that's still picking ur nose…and you've peed in the shower….

      2. Okay seriously, girls pee in the shower. And pick their noses. It's a human thing, not a guy thing.

    52. Emma says:


    53. Shayne says:

      Lol girls shouldn't get all upset over this. If you don't do these things, you are probably just don't want to admit it. If you truly don't, okay, but lots of girls probably do. The point of this article is that girls aren't all clean and perfect all the time.

      I do pretty much all of these except for yawning to sniff myself and reading in the bathroom. If you forget to pee before a shower and you have to go, do you really wanna get out all wet and cold to pee and then get back in? No. Does blowing your nose always get everything out by itself? No. Even though it's gross, I want a clean nose. Yes, I wash my hands. Everyone does gross or embarrassing things in private that they wouldn't want anyone to see.

    54. The only one I can honestly say I've never, ever done and most likely never will is the pregnancy scare, because, well… I know for a fact that it's impossible lol. It's very rare for me to spend extra time in the bathroom, mainly because I have better things to do. It happens on occasion, usually when I'm tired and space out. Then I'm just moving a lot slower than usual. I also don't primp too much. I don't wear much makeup, so there's no need to fix that, and my hair is so short it take two seconds to fix if it's gotten really messy, which it hardly ever does.

    55. vivee says:

      hey!!! Dis is something u do and not every other girl out there does,like me i have never done any of dis things u mention……..

      1. katie says:

        so you're telling me that you shave every day? you've never worn the same clothes without washing them, you've never picked your nose, you've never read on the toilet? I think you're a liar.

    56. faultroy says:

      Some of these are so weird. Perhaps that is why statistically, more than 25% of all wo men are on some kind of psychotropic drug in order to deal with their various "abnormalities" and "issues." This means that if you are a single male, you have a one in four chance of meeting a psycho beech. –LOL!!! Good luck!!!

    57. Jalina says:

      She's dead on…the females who claim she's not are just butt hurt that they've been exposed.

    58. Zach says:

      So what I got from this artical is that girls are like guys but don’t admit lol

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