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How To Dress Like A ’90s Gangsta [Saturday Flashback]

Get That Salt N Pepa Swag

You don’t want your fashionable friends jacking you swag? Do you? Do you?! Of course not. That would be so sad. Instead of getting your swag jacked by some spicy chickenheads you need to preemptively jack the swag of your favorite ’90s gangsta rappers. No one would dare go as hood as they did – until now. You want to instillĀ fearĀ in your fellow fashionistas in order to preserve that H.A.M., unique hood-rat style. Here’s how to dress like a ’90s gangsta – in a culturally sensitive way, maybe – and still look (as the kids say) “mad fash.”

Get Foxy Brown Fierce

Get Tupac Shakur Chic

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