10 TV Shows That Deserve a Comeback

Some of the biggest TV news ever is that Disney is officially making a Boys Meets World spin-off, Girl Meets World, to air in the new year. As an original Boy Meets World fan, I was first outraged but after my initial shock passed, I realized this could be a good thing. Accepting a new Boys Meets World got me thinking about what other shows I would like to see make a comeback in either its original form or a complete re-vamp. Here’s a list of some programs I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

Which shows would you like to see make a comeback?

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    1. leah says:

      Freaks and Geeks?

    2. heather says:

      wow i was going to say Freaks a Geeks too! Best show ever!
      Great list though!

      1. Fantomex says:

        Freeks & Geeks wouldn't be possible as a revival, due to the fact that most of the cast (including the actresss that played the main female character) are now in their 30's.

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    4. Elyse says:

      A lot of these shows had decent, many-season runs…I would rather see shows that didn't really get a chance brought back again! For example if Joss Whedon brings any of his old shows back, it better be Firefly!

      1. WHEDONITE says:

        EXACTLY !!! damn the people who cancelled firefly

    5. Sharon says:

      Look, The Wire was good PRECISELY because it didn't stick around for too many seasons. It was fresh, well-written… and they quit while they were ahead.

    6. Kate says:

      United States of Tara!

    7. Lindsay says:

      VERONICA MARS! There's a movement for the movie! http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-will-go-see-Veron

    8. Vieve says:

      FREAKS AND GEEKS! common now, you can't have this list exist, and not have Freaks & Geeks be on it!

    9. Vieve says:

      Also, I agree with Dead Like Me & Pushing Daisies! Both wicked shows that I miss!!

    10. alexa says:

      my so called life only had one season

    11. norma says:

      I think Ugly Betty should return and also Desperate Housewives. Luv’d luv’d luv’d those to shows.

    12. gEORGIA says:

      Thumbs up for FRIENDS!!!!!

      1. Right. Six people in their twenties who don't back stab, don't get angry and have super high rent apartments with no on really having a good job.
        Makes sense.
        Insipid twits.
        People who like "Friends" are the same people who use Twitter.

    13. kevron says:


    14. Anamika says:

      I also think Smallville needs a comeback the last episode was epic but was so bland, Secret Circle left me hanging with all kinds of plots and problems with the dark side. The Nine Lives of Chole King is another one too, it was a great book why wasn't considered a great series. Bummer.

      1. I believe they should bring back "Leave It To Beaver" and do it in black and white. Have it be very 1950-ish, in black & white, but with all the things going on today.
        Have Mr. Cleaver be exactly like he was back then, just change the writing. He was straight forward, non emotional and quit right all of the time. Bring back the genders in their full form, but give Mrs. Cleaver a job. It'd just be an all white family living in suburbia with todays problems.
        Only the problems wouldn't be "okay" as they are in so many sitcoms today. They'd actually be dealt with as they were back in the 50's.
        I think it'd be cool.

    15. Here's an idea; Stop watching television and read books. You'll find yourself getting smarter, having more to talk about and strengthening your vocabulary. You'll also be more likely to eat better, work out and have more friends that actually like you. And yes, those are statistical facts.

      1. really you thought you come on and strike us with your book smarts. I can point out you provided no statistical facts but at best something you read in a tabloid newspaper. Any way more to talk about well I read a lot, watch tv and play computer games that three subjects that I can talk about. I will agree on better vocabulary but this is my sticking point getting smarter. Some people are learn from audio or visual simulation then again if it knowledge you want you can get it from the internet (providing you can correctly identify a correct source and it is not BULLL). what was my point again oh yeah I did not like what you said.

      2. I read books all the time-yet I eat junk food and sweets all the time, hate working out and try to avoid it like the plague, and I'm kind of a friendless loner because of my super amazing ability to be awkward as hell. *sarcasm*

    16. ash says:

      i'm a huge gilmore girls, pushing daisies, daria, and veronica mars fan so now i know i have to check out some of these other "dead" shows. thank you:)

    17. some of these shows are weak thats why they didnt last.
      GOD the devil and BOB, was great but was pulled after 6 episodes, do to some church out cry.

    18. step by step was great, CODY ruled

    19. i think people are tired of reality, and some nice sitcoms would really hit the spot.

    20. Meg says:

      Loved Pushing Daisies, was very disappointed when it was cancelled. Don't watch reality shows because they're not really "reality" just plain stupid.

    21. Sam says:

      How is "Firefly" not on this list? I agree that Joss Whedon should always have something on TV but why not the excellent show he never got a chance to explore instead of a re-vamp Buffy, the show he already played out.

    22. Ben says:


      1. Kristy says:


    23. Kristen says:

      I want to see the Secret Circle come back. It’s like going to the movies

      when the film suddenly breaks and you don’t get to see the second half of the movie.

      So much was left hanging. Why was it cancelled? Anyone know? Even just a 2-episode conclusion or something would help…

      1. Daniel says:

        It didn't get the numbers and I'm the same bring it back

    24. DOZ says:

      I want Daria, Gilmore girls and Veronica mars back:)

    25. Krita says:

      Obviously, this person has NEVER seen Dead Like Me if all she can say about the show is "Since this show is about death…." Well no shit. How about actually doing a little research to give a more insightful response for christ sakes…big insult to the fans and the show itself.

      1. Poppies says:

        Have a bad day?

    26. Robyn says:

      Great List,
      but also add Wonderfalls,
      and (of course) Firefly.

      1. Alana says:

        Um yeah! How is Firefly not on this list!!

    27. boethius says:

      Lauren Graham is doing quite well on "Parenthood" and the idiosyncratic, witty, ultra-fast dialogue of "Gilmore Girls" while fun and entertaining does wear thin. And and not to mention Melissa McCarthy, whose career as the "fat actress" has taken off. The show was great but it ran its course.

    28. Sue Rosenorn says:

      Desperate Housewives and Roseanne were the best shows ever!

    29. Greg says:

      Legend of the Seeker! No other show has ever hooked me like LOTS!

    30. kim says:

      Firefly (naturally!) and The Tick (spooooon!)

    31. Angie says:

      Veronica Mars!

    32. funzo says:

      The Wire WAS one of the best written, most gripping shows to ever be on TV, and that's why it should never come back. The story is over. The final season was the weakest. The writers has expressed that they've done what they want with the series and anything else would be forced. Leave The Wire as is; don't fuck with it.

    33. No Freaks and Geeks? No Undeclared? Apatow creates short-lived, eventual cult classics.

    34. gigi says:

      Jane By Design. Bring back or make a TV movie to finish it up.

    35. Iefan says:

      What about Firefly? Twin Peaks? Both of those were awesome and DESPERATELY need to come back.

    36. mick says:

      How about Keen Eddie another Fox show that never got a chance

    37. rich says:

      I think they need to bring back the seeker and jericho.they ended both without finishing anything.id also like to see more of spaced.love the show.it needs more than 2 seasons.

    38. I wish they would bring back Twin Peaks…. And NOT as a reboot! That was a great story that was never finished. I wanna see Cooper escape from his possession by Bob

    39. wow says:

      half of these shows are still on like bffy,pushing daisies,and dead like me

    40. Jen Bieber says:

      What about as told by ginger??

    41. Kristy says:

      I totally agree with Daria, Dead Like Me, and Pushing Dasies. All three still air with re-runs but I want new story lines. I think you left one show out though, Farscape!!! This was the best and it ended so abruptly.

    42. Heckler says:

      they should bring back Firefly

      1. Jen Gossel says:

        dam right they do need to bring back Firefly i miss it so much

    43. Me! says:

      I agree with Gilmore Girls!:)

    44. jdc says:

      they found the Money to make a Veronica Mars Movie so Yeaahh !

    45. lunaluv192 says:

      Why isn't Firefly on the list?

    46. zee says:

      Jane by design, Jericho, the event, v,lipstick jungle

    47. Holopony636 says:

      I agree with Daria and Dead Like Me. The others I don't care about. I also agree with the others that said Firefly and Farscape.

    48. Someone says:

      My So-Called Life only had one season, not two.

    49. allison says:

      i thnk i would love to see jane by design , hellcats ,10 things i hate about you (only to see how everything turns out )

    50. Scookies says:

      Where is Joey, did Mike and Pheboe have a bunch of kids to make a baseball team? Did Ross and Rachel have anymore children and did Rachel finally say “I do”? How bout Chandler and Monica, did they survive raising twins.

      Friends viewers would like to know, bring back FRIENDs!!

    51. None of these shows should come back. They are all horrible. Why get totally mind-numbed with Bevis and Butthead. Or other stupid shows that lack any integrity? We are going backwards instead of forwards.

      1. quiffymac says:

        bad day vinny?

    52. Mike says:

      Twin Peaks

    53. Adam Milks says:

      Veronica Mars the Movie could lead to a revamp as well as the new Buffy coming out. If the films are successful at the box office than someone may want to give them a series again! Are You Afraid of the dark aired 1991-1996 and revamped in 1999 for 2 seasons so that's done as for the others ..Not a Chance! Now a modern version of ALF could work for a network like ABC Family, Save By The Bell made over could work . You Can't Do That On Television could easily be successful again! Married with Children Again! With Christina Applegate (Kelly) married to a man who happens to be just like her father with David Faustino back as Uncle Bud and Katey Sagal as Grandma Peg recently divorced with cameo's from Ed O'Neill ( He's tied to Modern Family so couldn't be regular cast) MacGyver

    54. DARIA finished on a high note with IS IT COLLEGE YET? and the final scenes showed where the characters might be further down the track. If they were to have new episodes it's be one of two formats. The first would be another 90 minute special, showing what Daria, Jane and the rest were doing as of that year (so we can assume a real time gap between episodes). Maybe Daria and Jane are doing a TV talk show! The second format would be DARIA AS A PARENT. Not sure how that would go because we'd have to find out who the husband was. Maybe instead it'd be "Aunty Daria" who copes with and counsels Quinn's daughters (one of which takes after Daria). We've seen how that's likely to play out in existing episodes of Daria, when her two aunties almost come to blows with her mother.

      But the real issue would be getting either produced. would it be worth it?

    55. Anita says:

      The only one of the ten I agree with you about is Gilmore Girls. I would love to see all of the characters from that show back.

    56. Aussie gal says:

      Ringer. [Sarah Michelle Gellar] Because it ended on a Cliff Hanger and its been killing me ever since.
      Temptation Island. Trash at its best.
      Gilmore Girls [but would really rather see Alexis Bledel as Anastasia in 50 shades, so would happily forego a GG reunion for that!!!]
      Twin Peaks, other than Dexter, TP can really fill a hole left by suspenseful viewing.
      Packed to the Rafters.. I wasnt ready

    57. andy says:

      Kyle xy was a good series too. i was amazed when i heard series was stopped….

    58. forrest says:


    59. S. Jones says:

      Most of these shows could not continue because the 'kids' have grown up. A reunion get together maybe. Some shows shows that should NOT have been cancelled were the Hidden Palms, which was written by the same person that wrote Dawsons or Twin Peaks, The Playboy Club and PanAm. Those were all excellent shows that were cancelled way before they had a chance to garner a following.

    60. john says:

      i would love to see dead like me come back!!!

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