20 Reasons Why Being In Your 20s Is Awesome

Let’s face it. 20-somethings are getting a bad rap these days. We’re lazy, we’re confused, we’re addicted to the internet, we dress weird. Whatever, olds. I don’t think that’s true. Being a 20-something myself, I think this is a pretty awesome age to be. Yes, I’m confused about my life, but I bet our parents and grandparents were confused and frustrated with their lives too when they were in their 20s.

While being confused and feeling like your life will never work out is a big, sucky part about being a 20-something, there are also some pretty great things too. This is such a weird age where we are all transitioning into becoming actual adults (whatever that means). There are some definite benefits to this life stage, and I think maybe a lot of people criticizing 20-somethings are just jealous because we are awesome for all of the following reasons…

[Lead image via Pressmaster/Shutterstock]

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