Someone Thinks This Vegan Puke Is A Viable Turkey Replacement [Sugar Binge]

Jezebel provides a recipe for oven-baked vomit balls. Thankgiving isn’t a vegan holiday. Look, that’s OK. You can still have your weird lavish vegan dinner of shoes, tennis balls, and Post-It Notes or whatever it is you people eat. That’s totally cool. However, as long as you veggies keep trying to replicate TG dinner in your crazy vegan way you will continue to alienate us turkey lovers. Just make some veggie burgers and cous cous for Jebus’ sake.

A real vampire talks about drinking real blood. 

Rihanna has her 12th Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit. HOW IS SHE SO POPULAR? 

Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight fame) has a really dumb ketchup tattoo. Endearing or Redonkulous?



    1. Zyanya says:

      Was the mocking of the vegetarian version of a turkey necessary? NO. It wasn't.

      Want to know how to alienate vegetarians and vegans? By pulling this stuff. We don't force you to eat what we eat. And if we want to have tofurky you can chose not to eat it. Just like we chose not to eat your turkey. We aren't alienating you by eating tofurky. Stop being stupid.

      And now we are "you people" ? Do you want to run a blog where vegetarians and vegans are unwelcome? I don't understand what you were going for.

    2. Jalen says:

      Those vegans, always trying to alienate people by cooking a cruelty free dinner in their own homes to celebrate an american holiday.

    3. jessica says:

      wow some people are way too sensitive. ^

    4. Kate says:

      I don't understand the point of this. I'd rather eat fake turkey that tasted pretty bad than eat real turkey's which are treated awfully. I don't see why slamming or making fun of our choices is necessary- what exactly is the point? And why would you assume we eat 'shoes, tennis balls, and Post-It Notes'. Was that supposed to be funny? Because it wasn't. We eat extremely healthy because we have to- we can't just load up on chicken pumped with hormones, we have to be creative in the kitchen. The reasons that vegans or vegetarians don't eat meat is because we believe in something. At least we care- it doesn't matter if you believe in it, you should respect the fact that we sacrifice eating meat because we believe that the current treatment of animals is wrong
      This was stupid and pointless post

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