11 Worst Thanksgiving Dishes

Bacon makes most things better, but not everything, folks. Seriously too much meat or no meat at all usually equals a major Thanksgiving fail. We’re totally thankful to not be chowing down on these TG atrocities. The Native Americans did not bring us spam.



    1. Apz says:

      There's seriously nothing wrong with bacon wrapped turkey, don't knock it til you've tried it. And what is with all the vegetarian/vegan hate recently? First "you people" and now dissing Tofurkey. I'm not a vegetarian but Tofurkey is a great alternative for people who don't hate meat to not feel alienated during holiday meals.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I think some people have confused my dissing vegan/vegetarian foods with me dissing vegans and vegetarians. I used to be a vegetarian, I understand why people are vegans/vegetarians. But I think you can admit that some vegan/vegetarian foods, even if they are tasty, don't look very appetizing. I mean, most of the foods here are all meat and bacon, so it's not as if I am putting meat/meat eaters on a pedestal. Some foods aren't pleasing to the eye or at least not every eye.

    2. Apz says:

      *eat not hate. Long day.

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    4. thepienation says:

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      We’re not sure these tasty treats are all that bad!

    5. Anna says:

      I slid bacon under the skin of my turkey. NOBODY knew it was there and I got compliment after compliment on how delicious and juicy my turkey was. My father-in-law who has celebrated over 65 thanksgivings said it was the best turkey he every had.:) I didn't wrap it in bacon thought, I slid about a pound of it underneath the skin.

    6. Some of those aren't actually so bad. Even I have to admit that the bacon apple pie is a little too much of a good thing though.

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