WTF Do I Get My Roommate?! [Gift Guide]

I am one of those “actions speak louder than words” people so I love to give gifts. Though I hope it’s not true, I am, like, 90% sure people wouldn’t know I like them otherwise. Anyway, I am a listener, I listen. I take many things into consideration when gifting: personality + hobby + necessity = perfect gift. For example: Your relentlessly honest and cynical friend isn’t going to want a “Keep Calm and Carry On” stationary set because a) They’re super trendy.  b) Your friend is into science fiction novels. c) Who writes letters anymore? Clearly you would get this person a gifted subscription to Netflix or a DVD box set of an obscure science fiction series they have yet to experience like Dark Angel, Quantum Leap or the original V.

Roommates are even tougher because you may not be very close with them or you might not like them very much at all. When shopping for a roommate consider two things: personality + universal necessity. For example: Your roommate really likes pink. Everyone needs a toothbrush, right? Get her a pink, electric toothbrush. Boom! Here’s a holiday gift guide (at various price points)  for the roomie you sorta know, don’t know, or who is your BFF.

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