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6 Easy Ways To Get Him Out Of Bed The Next Morning

Picture this with me. You’re out at a bar or party and you spot a cute guy sipping his beer in the corner. You adjust your “game-on” hat, and call your shot – Babe Ruth style. Pretty soon you’ve abandoned your drink and you and the bro are getting a little too frisky to remain in public. Since you’re all about sleeping in your own bed, in a clean room, and not in a frat house you offer up your place for the night. It’s on.

Then it’s the next morning, and you’ve got somewhere to be, and there’s a snoring guy in your bed. And you’re pissed. Look, it’s okay. We’ve all been there. Right? Well CollegeCandy is doing all you go-getters a solid. We’re giving you 6 easy ways to get that loser our of your bed the next morning.

[Lead image via Lisa S./Shutterstock]

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