Will Actor Henry Cavill Bring Christian Grey’s Character to Life?

Now that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel has inspired a film adaptation, fans are trying to speculate which actors will take on the lead role of Christian Grey. After rumor spread that Henry Cavill might play Grey, he responded to the chatter.

Read on to learn more about Cavill’s consideration for the role at TooFab. What would you think of him as Christian Grey? Which actor do you think would best suit this role?



    1. Grace says:

      I heard in a magazine in New Zealand that Robert Patterson is taking on the role.

    2. missfitnic says:

      I sincerely hope it is Henry Cavill…for the sake of my fantasies! He would be ideal!

    3. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

      The new Superman as Christian Grey? Too weird!

    4. Bonnie says:

      That is weird and for me he doesn't look dark and mysterious enough to be Mr. Grey… but we'll see. My votes for someone fresh and blonde to play the part:)

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