5 Celebrities Katy Perry Can “Fix” Once She’s Done With John Mayer

After Katy Perry was seen house-hunting for a place to move in with her current beau, John Mayer, we’ve got to wonder if this celebrity pairing is going to last. Looking back at Katy’s dating history, you might say she’s a “fixer” — AKA, she dates guys she finds flaws in and is only satisfied when she’s able to change them. But then, once she “fixes” them, she gets bored and moves on. And now that she’s dating John Mayer, whose classically douche-bag behavior has landed him in hot water in several previous relationships, which only contributes to the trend.

An interesting theory… so, if that really is the case, who will Katy move on to once she’s accomplished her task when it comes to John Mayer? Here are a few celebs who could be potential fixer-uppers.

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    1. Taylor Swift!! hahahahaha oh lord, please not!!!

    2. Brenda says:

      Actually his behaviour has not landed him in hot water. The women he's dated (they aren't all exes) have only nice things to say about him except for TayTay who has dated more men in 3 years than John dated women in 12. The womanizer thing is a media creation.

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