When Black Celebs Become White [Photos]

This isn’t a joke post, though some of these celebs have become some funny looking people. To be honest, I am quite sick of this shiz. I hate when celebrities get famous and slowly but surely lighten their skin. They do this in a lot of ways, with actual bleaching products, wearing extremely light foundation or with Photoshop. Look, I am not going to debate about the politics of brown women wearing a weave or sporting your natural hair texture (that’s another conversation). It is worrisome to me when brown people begin to alter their appearance to look more Anglo. If you notice when people get nose jobs it isn’t to widen or round their noses it’s always to have traditionally Anglo noses. Is it because my nose is ugly? Folk that shift.

When people of color become blonder, whiter and narrow out their facial features to look more “beautiful” or more “glamorous” it sends the message that in order to look  beautiful and glamorous you have to abandon all those wonderful features that expose your “ethnicness.” How many famous black actresses or singers are dark skinned in proportion to lighter skinned? How many have afros? How many have wide noses? The pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood exists for everyone regardless of race and especially for women. Nevertheless, when there is such a lack of representation for minorities you’d think those who  make it through the golden gates  would actually want to appear as a minority. How many people recognize Michael Jackson as African American? Beauty is not defined by hair, noses and skin color – so why is it that those who are regarded as universally beautiful are marked by their specifically Anglo features? Did you know that studies have shown that when African American children (and girls of every color) watch TV it actually lowers their self-esteem, but when white males watch TV it actually raises their self-esteem? Think about how important it is to represent ethnicity and womanhood positively. 

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya’ girl @EmeraldGritty.



    1. Holy cow. I hate to say it, but that almost kinda slipped past me. I forgot how dark Beyonce was during Destiny's Child days. Sammy Sosa looks like a salamander monster now!

      I am not unfamiliar with the practice itself though, of whitening the skin. When I lived in the Philippines, products were being advertised online to bleach the skin, something I had never seen in the United States. All of the women that were in media or politics or any public arena were all fair skinned. I imagine if plastic surgery weren't pricey a lot more of their ethnic features would disappear. Very nice article!

    2. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

      This is crazy but I've noticed happen with a lot of these women. It's sad that we can't all accept the way we/others look.

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    4. Absies says:

      Beyoncé's black?????

    5. Alexy says:

      I'm not going to lie I hate not being able to see a lot of darker celebs, especially since my sister wants to be famous one day. I was upset when I started noticing how pale Rihanna got. I love her and she was never my skintone, but she was darker. There are still gorgeous dark skinned actresses like Anika Noni Rose & Gabrielle Union. They don't have as much work these days, but they are amazingly talented. As for singers, I love Auburn, but of course point proven, she isn't as famous. There was a time when I use to want to be lighter, but then I realized it wasn't worth it. Anyone can be pretty, in any skin. I just wish they promoted that more in the industries that influence beauty.

    6. Kassy says:

      It really doesn’t matter how dark or light their skin is. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

    7. Camille says:

      You don't really have a point with Rihanna or Tyra Banks. Photography lighting washes people out and they look just like they're "before" selves once you account for that (weave aside)

      1. lex says:

        look at their noses though…

      2. bernise says:

        I agree…And the super light hair brightens up the face too..Their skin is the same color on face,neck,chest and arms…Beyonce looked as if she had on a lot of bronzer because her blonde hair brightens her up too…

      3. Mellisa says:

        Thank you! A lot people don't understand that once you come from the Caribbean and is now living aboard your gonna get lighter because the sun isn't as hot in the States as it is in the Caribbean

    8. atomicbomb says:

      Ms. Emerald Pellot, this article is stupid (like most of the articles you have written). Let them do what they want with themselves!! If you have a problem with them changing their skin color, then you should also declare that NO other should alter themselves, including wearing makeup. Women of other races shouldn’t try to appear darker according to you, too. But they aren’t paying you so why bring up such a stupid issue? Did you every consider lighting may give some of these women a lighter appearance, too? Or change of the location in which they now reside? AND LARK VOORHIES HAS LUPUS WHICH CAUSES SKIN DISCOLORATION! And if anyone says that they are in the public eye…you don’t have to look at them.

      1. Marie says:

        Do you live in the US? I ask this not to sound condescending, but to have absolutely no idea of the racial tensions in beauty, especially when it comes to "ethnic" people, is surprising. Just look through history, and what "beauty" has always favored is a more anglo appearence. Lighter skin in old british and french colonies like India, Algeria, and many other parts of the world has usually been associated with a higher class. I mean, even now, the object of affection/desired females in movies and shows are 99% white, and usually blonde as well.
        Sorry. Rant. Over.

      2. RGo says:

        Maybe that's actually what people like? Is that a possibility or is the entire planet racist?

      3. Hey says:

        You are proving her point

    9. Comfortably, the article is in reality the greatest on this noteworthy topic.

    10. Penney says:

      If you notice when people get nose jobs it isn’t to widen or round their noses it’s always to have traditionally Anglo noses. Is it because my nose is ugly? Folk that shift.

      1. Seana says:

        I don't know when it changed, but Anglo used to mean persons of English descent…

    11. Guest says:

      TYRA BANKS needs to be removed from this list; LIL Kim looks horrific.

    12. Loy says:

      What is your next article gonna be? When white people become Black?

      1. Sara says:

        I hate to say it, but that list would be miles long!

    13. DivaDivine says:

      This is not a great representation of these artist, IMHO. There are certain shots where lighting and makeup come into play. Tyra, Rihanna and Lark are all their natural coloring in live events like awards shows or interviews.

    14. Bria<3 says:

      this article is far from stupid its just the truth that no one wants to admit to. In every song and in every video lighter skin is praised more why do you think alot of guys want redbones and lighter? I hate watching tv sometimes too because it does make me feel bad about myself, so i stopped watching certain shows like 106 and park and kind of went back to good shows like Living Single where every shade and shape was considered beautiful.

    15. River Rose says:

      Every single one of those people looked far more beautiful (and real) than the after effects.

    16. Natasha says:

      Studied "writing" at NYU? Wow! The structure and weak content development of this story tells me that maybe she took one "writing" class and left in the middle of that because this kind of elementary writing level doesn't reflect a top grade university.

    17. I thoroughly agree with you. I get beyond angry (and I am actually a pretty mellow person) when I see or hear comments about the beauty of something "unusual" for the culture. I am an orthodox Jew who converted to orthodoxy Judaism in my mid 20's. As a convert, I look non-Jewish (conversion doesn't change to looks) and I had people try to set me up who viewed my non-Jewish looks as a major plus on the social scene. I was annoyed then, but now I am raising two beautiful Jewish by birth girls and now I get angry. They have half of their genes are Jewish/half anglo. Are they less beautiful because they may have curlier, brown hair rather than mine? Are my boys considered less attractive because they may look "Jewish"? This obsession about beauty being defined as anything other than what you come from is disgusting. Beauty is beauty – it comes in many different forms.

      1. stephanie says:

        Wow I think that is so silly I personaly LOVE men that appear Jewish. I do look jewish cept I have the smallest nose ever and I hate it. I am so Jealous of a nice or good size nose. It think they look amazing and give the appearence of capability. I think that the Beauty of Culture is variety. I think that people are amazing the way they were meant to be.:) I am sure all of your children are wonderful!

      2. Seana says:

        What does a Jew look like? Jewish people reside all over the world and always have. They come in many varying shades ranging from the blackest of black, to yellow, to the whitest of white! You, like most people fall for the fallacies of what being a Jewish person is; especially in the U.S. While some people believe that Judaism is a culture or ethnic group, it is incorrect to view Judaism as a race. There is no such thing as being genetically Jewish, therefore, there is no such thing as the Jewish race. Saying that people have Jewish-blood is just like saying people have Irish-blood, French-blood, even African-blood, etc. Likewise, can I say that I have Catholic-blood or Irish-Catholic-blood that I have passed onto my son? No I can't because there's no such thing…plus it sounds ridiculous. Those hyphenated terms simply denote a person's nationality. Summing it up, if you are white and your boys' father is white, but you [all] practice Judaism, then you are all simply white people, who practice the faith of Judaism. Anyone can change/convert to another religion, but you can not change your race.

    18. Howie Feltersnatch says:

      I'm not racist, but I think they all look better a little lighter.

      1. Seana says:

        How so? You have something against dark skin? I'm sorry but simply suggesting that black people look better because they are or appear light is indeed racist.

      2. Regina James says:

        Well why are your relatives going to the tanning salon? LOL!

      3. lisa collins says:

        I agree with you. I live in a lily white town and am white myself w/ 2 biracial children. People still use the word "colored" and I tell them that considering they are the one's using bronzer and going to tanning salons I'd say they were the ones that were "colored".

      4. lisa collins says:

        To me anyone that has to begin a comment with "I'm not racist" is racist.

    19. SAra says:

      Would it be so bad for her to suggest that people NOTwear makeup? And half of those are not lighting or lupus…lets be real, however in their defense we all have our insecurities but it's not in our culture to embrace what God gave is. God forbid!

    20. Your next article should be about all the "horse hair" that everyone is putting in their hair. Unfortunately, as long as we keep pushing the notion that the more European you appear, the more accepting you will be to society. I feel so sad when I see articles like this. What is wrong with your natural hair and skin color, and what are we telling the generation coming up today.

      1. Leti says:

        How is wanting have straight, long hair trying to look more European? Majority of Asian and Native American people have beautiful long, straight hair too..

    21. LilKimsKenDoll says:

      Instead of sending out positive messages to black women. you continue to bash them,hate and degrade them because of their choices. and as for LIL' KIM she has had surgery but that is ONE bad photo of her when she looks beautiful in others. use your platform to uplift black women not make an example of them. epic fail for this post

    22. Tony says:

      Trina McGee isn't trying to look white. She looks spot-on Japanese. And TBH I always thought Nicky Manaj was Filipino or something. Lark, I think just has a make-up artist who doesn't understand foundation. Tyra Banks is an alien. Most of the others already half-white (Rhianna, Beyonce). I think the one who has the most issues is Lil' Kim. But as you can see from the photo this article is linked to, she doesn't look as butchered as the one on this page.

      1. Seana says:

        Neither Beyonce nor Rihanna are 1/2 white… ijs

      2. facepalm says:

        Rihanna's father is white.

      3. Regina James says:

        Ri and Bey are both just lighter skin black women because both of their parents are black! Have you seen Matthew Knowles! He is almost the color of my purse! Her mother is just one of those Louisiana black people and I had people in my family who look like them and they are not mixed! You ask me how I know because I have relatives from Louisiana and some of them are sort of fair skin. Some of them consider themselves creole or casian.

    23. JGWin2020 says:

      Come on Emerald, we have a black president, and we are living in a "post-racial America" why would you write such a controversial article….
      Nah, I can't even write this with a straight face. I agree with you 100%, It never hurts to be white in this country, and sadly that rings true for some black people in the entertainment industry. To ignore that would be naive. I'd even bet that had this article been written by a white person, people would likely praise them for their thoughtfulness and open-mindedness. You keep writing, ignore the negative comments, and make sure that black people know that black is beautiful.
      P.S. It shows a lot of strength on your part to write on an unpopular issue.

    24. Faracoon says:

      Multiculturalism is a code word for White genocide

    25. American3P says:

      Wow! Emerald you sound mad as hell.

    26. American3P says:

      To be fair. Michael Jackson had vitiligo so his skin has light patches. But why didn't he use dark make-up?

      1. Maishi says:

        It was probably a hassle after a while. There is a entertainment news reporter who uses makeup and I think he said that to get camera ready is about 1hour of work covering up everything.

      2. Mary E says:

        Please. Do u believe everything his publicist said? Really, he did not have vitiligo. He lightened his skin, had tons of plastic surgery, reportedly took estrogen shots along with various narcotics.

      3. Seana says:

        Proof please..? Unless you were his doctor, which, if you were, I'd have to question your ethics; your comments are nothing more than speculation and almost crosses the libel line.

      4. Cindy B says:

        In his autopsy, the doctor confirmed that he did have vitiligo. PLEASE get your facts straight before speaking.

      5. Guest says:

        Because you would have still seen the light patches through the makeup. Women tend to wear a slight lighter makeup to cover dark under eye patches and give their skin a natural glow. Darker makeup is obvious and will make the skin look caked on with makeup.

      6. skinny chocolate says:

        He did use dark makeup when his skin began changing. but when it got lighter, he had to use lighter makeup to blend with the rest of his skin. Watch videos of people with vitaligo, they will show you.

      7. Michael says:

        He tried that first, look at the destiny album. All of a sudden he was much darker, I wondered what was wrong. So I guess he decided to flip it. Personally I would not have, because I do feel we should avoid the colored contacts and other anglo traits, Thats just me. The issue is that he changed dramatically. There are all kinds of black people who look white, like Mariah. That's fine, they are in every family, but to publicly change his appearance to basically look like a white women, did cause a backlash. As a child, I wanted to be him, once that happened I just loved his music and struggled to understand him. All that being said, I am staring at a large MJ poster with various phases of his face. I am so sorry he left us so soon.

    27. Cole says:

      You are one sick person ( and I use that term loosley). Who are you a Hiter wanna b? Get a brain JERK!

    28. dara says:

      Take Mj off of here right this minute! My uncle had vitiligo he did not bleach himself or use photoshop! you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

      1. Bess Moore says:

        Really? Give me a break! What world do you live in? Tell me about his nose? Dumb!

    29. Ashley Handlin says:

      instead of bashing the celebrities (and michael? come on. he had a skin disorder, and he also probably had body dismorphic disorder hence all the plastic surgery), perhaps you should look into why they are lighter? its because of the photographers, the make up artists, the retouchers, and their own skin tone to start with. rihanna is a perfect example. she was always light skinned – in the photos of her above, the lighter one was because of the photography style – which is high key (think terry richardson) – high contrast, subject against a white background, lots of flash. by default, even the darkest of black girls would be coming out much lighter than their actual color. but thats the style of fashion photography right now – and girls of all ethnicities are in front of the camera. rihanna is wearing a blond wig? so what. she had red hair, she had short hair, she had long hair, she always has crazy hair. i doubt she went blonde just to look white.

      as a white person… i sometimes wonder if black people who hate on other blacks for "trying to look or act white" just hate themselves for their own lack of self confidence in being who they are. internalized racism, so to say.

      and trust me – im one of the first people to agree that someone or something is racist. the line from kanye – "racism is still alive / they just be concealing it" rings very true to me.

      1. "racism is still alive / they just be concealing it"

        I'm not concealing mine! Everyone who starts a sentence with "I'm not racist but.." should get their asses kicked.

    30. Anilorak says:

      I am a White auntie to an 8yo biracial Black-Latina niece, and I use every opportunity I can to praise her beautiful, kinky hair and her smooth tan complexion. I try to point out Black women in books or magazines, hoping against hope that she will embrace her unique beauty and not try to be something she's not. And in all honesty, I am indeed jealous of her fantastic features, and can't comprehend why any Black woman would want to look more like me! lol

      1. Seana says:

        Beautifully said. You're a great auntie!

      2. Regina James says:

        Overall, we don't! Only the insane black women want to look caucasian, I AM DORN PROUD OF MY FEATURES! Everyone should embrace the beauty God gave them no matter what color or race you are and also appreciate OTHER'S UNIQUE BEAUTY!

    31. Comfortably, the article is in reality the greatest on this noteworthy topic.

    32. Cee says:

      some of them look f#ked up!

    33. madkitty says:

      This is not actually an issue that only concerns black women. Apparently, in order to be considered beautiful, all women should have the same, light to medium brown skin color, regardless of their race. As a natural strawberry blonde with rather pale skin I am somehow expected to sport a golden tan year round to be attractive. You wouldn’t believe how many times I was told to get a tan or “get out more” because as a white woman having light skin is apparently ugly. This whole issue with skin color is seriously getting on my nerves. Why can’t people simply be the color they are without constantly being compared and expected to be lighter or darker?! It is ridiculous.

      1. Duude says:

        No, you're mistaken. Some people look better with a tan and others look better with white skin. Depends on your blemishes.

    34. Bess Moore says:

      Why? What happened to "black is beautiful "? I don't get it!

      1. J.Grant says:

        "BLack is beautiful" was actually a campaign cooked up on Madison Ave. It was not a spontaneous, from "the people" phenom. In the 1970's when it was pushed it was something of a joke and resulted in gigantic afro's (e.g. Sly and the Family Stone) but by the 1980's riding the NYC subways you would not see a single black female with an afro. They all had their hair treated, straightend and "relaxed", (i.e. Caucasianized).

      2. theblackpearlprogram says:

        That died a long time ago! Thank goodness for programs like http://www.theblackpearlprogram.com and Blackgirlsrock.com

    35. Duude says:

      While Tyra Banks did get a nose job, I don't see that her skin is any lighter.

    36. Sherike says:

      Can hardly blame black women for altering their looks when you consider how many black men cheat on them and refuse to marry them.

    37. trauma says:

      the thing is just cuz they skin got lighter dont mean they bleached my mom used to be darker than she is now and she's too scared to bleach her hair so i know she aint bleach her skin

    38. sosad says:

      The author is a fool. NOBODY is happy with their looks, etc. As to looking more 'anglo', gee guess who started the USA, people try to fit in to a society_IF_they wish to succeed in THAT society. As for those who call themselves 'Afro-americans', going 'back' to Africa, most will hear the term 'American-TAN' from the true Africans. Most American blacks are a quarter to a half or more white..DNA wise, you did know about BHO, right? What.. you thought Vanessa Williams had an blue eye transplant ?!? The Movie industry and the Fashion industry make their money with fantasy and fads, doing whatever sells. Singers by being ..well.. weird, Lady GaGa a prime example in prime beef!
      Get a grip. If you think all those 'FANTASIES' are reality, wow, you need a brain transplant.

    39. guest says:

      Maybe it has something to do with black men wanting white women. Look at all the recent movies, black men with white girlfrends and wives.

    40. […] ochi cat mai mari si luminosi(personal nu le inteleg atractivitatea), vopsit par etc; exemplu si exemplu], in masura in care ‘purele’ nu mai pot fi vreun sistem de referinta din moment ce nu se […]

    41. prince says:

      You know what’s so ironic, the amount of money and time white people spend to look like us! Yet you never hear how how that affects the psyche of white people, yet people will tell you the affects of slavery no longer exists or isn’t real. Do you think Obama would have made it this far had he been darkskin? And I’m not detracting from his abilities or qualifications, I’m just saying it made it easier for him to be accepted in certain circles. If you doubt that’s true, then tell me of your experiences as a darkskin man in america. I love my sistas in all shades!

      And to the people who think its ok, let’s see how you feel when your lilywhite son/daughter tells you they want to inject themselves with a serum that makes them look like Don Cornelius.

    42. mad black woman says:

      let's face it, the public eye accepts lighter skin a LOT faster that dark skin! I should know!

    43. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Jadedheart and commented:
      *smh… When did life become based solely on perceived outer beauty

    44. Guest says:

      This is ridiculous! I am a black woman who looks latina or white. Guess which people I get the most flack from about trying to be black! Get over it. What will you do when the world (its getting this way) is 90% mixed. Love yourself and accept people for who they are. It's about culture people not the color of your skin. I grew up in the african american culture but don't look the part to some. So, I'm I supposed to pretend to be something else? I'm I supposed to act ghetto fide at work so people know what culture I come from?
      Celebrities are on the job 24/7 its all about their image to the public. If you don't like it become a celebrity and be darker.

      1. Seana says:

        What does Latina look like? Because Latinas are black, white, or mestizo. However, I do agree with everything else that you've said…

    45. Journalism Died says:

      We all know MJ was sick. Lark Voorhees has an illness. Some of the others, are only lighter because of make-up, LIGHTING when photo was taken, or re-touching. Act a bit more like a journalist and write an article based on facts not suspicion.

      1. Journalism Died says:

        Su-s-pi-ci-on is a curse word? Maybe the site owners should stop practicing it.

      2. Good Grief! says:

        lol! I've seen it before. It's because it contains the letters…..
        ess – pee – eye – cee

        What derogatory word does that spell?
        Sure, it's a bad word…. but this is getting a bit ridiculous! *rolls eyes

      3. lucianacamino says:

        Michael Jackson had Vitiligo!

    46. Angel says:

      Emerald I hate this artice because there isn't any research made. Rihanna looks the same as she was, whilst many among the list suffered from illnesses. Kim, Nicki and co may fit in your unofficial list. I am black and thing we should let love flows because b/w we are all human.

    47. Sue Goatbe says:

      Is there also something wrong with white people who want to look tan, dye their hair and curl it?

    48. jayjay says:

      Little Kim is just a plastic surgery casualty who looks crazy…. don't think she is trying to look White. Same with But it does appear that she has self image issues that got the best of her… like Michael Jackson. Tyra Banks had a nose job… big deal. Her nose looks good and her skin color is the same light brown. Rihanna shouldn't be on this list at all. She is naturally fair skinned but occasionally takes a picture where she appears darker. Same for Beyonce. As for those other celebrities who do appear to have done something to lighten their skin, whether it's makeup or chemical, it's nothing new. On the flip side, lots of White people do everything they can to get darker and no one suggests they are trying to be Black. And there are also LOTS of Black people who are fair who get tans and or use makeup to bronze their skin… just because they feel they look better that way. I am one of them.

      1. J.Grant says:

        You're right. a white person getting a tan is hardly trying to pass for a negro. But a Black lightening his skin? I suggest there is more going on there.

      2. Seana says:

        Lil Kim definitely has image issues and ain't no sense in sugar-coating it and not calling it what it is; and I've heard many people say that whites who tan are trying to emulate the smooth, brown/bronze skin tone that many black and brown people enjoy…but in either case, neither blacks nor whites will admit to what they're doing…

    49. a6072541 says:

      I’ve said that least 6072541 times. SKC was here…

    50. leta says:

      i do agree but here is a question . its not just brown girls who have apperance problems. what about the super white girls who tan non stop who plump their lips beyond their limits an the newest craze getting butt implants why because all us women are crazy lol

      1. Sarah says:

        Amen to that!

      2. True. But this article isn't about them. Stop trying to deflect the conversation away from the issue: black people who feel they need to look white to feel better about themselves.

      3. Bailey says:

        The same thing could be said about white women too. That's the point that they were trying to make

    51. NOT a Limey says:

      Small note here. "Anglo" or "Anglo-Saxon" only refers to specifically English or sometimes German people, not all "white" people, and to use "anglo" as a catchall for those of us who lack pigment but are not of limey background is outright insulting to many of us.
      also I have to agree with a lot of the other commenters here, with the vast majority of these people you've picked for this list, you're reaching pretty far.

    52. Charley says:

      this isn’t entirely accurate, I am light skinned and of mixed nationality and like everyone else on the planet my skin tone varies with the seasons and also depending on how much sunlight I am getting. I go from super pale almost yellow to extremely dark skinned to the point where people ask ifmim from east Africa. especially Rihannah and Beyonce being so ligh skinned, I’m not sure if I would go so far as to say they are bleaching their skin.

    53. KD3 says:

      I think Lark Voorhies has lupus–which could explain why she's wearing so much makeup

      1. Leah says:

        same as michael jackson, as well as vitiligo, but nobody believes that about him!

    54. anna says:

      But this goes for white women as well. And white women don't own that look as Asian women have narrow features as well. I think that there's a generic look that people look for in all women. Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell fit that bill, even though Campbell is relatively dark skinend.

      1. It's not a "generic" look, hon. It's a Caucasian look. Asian women do not have narrow features at all. I don't know how many you've seen, but they have thick noses and lips approaching that of blacks. USA is a white culture dominated society and their women set the beauty standard. That standard is light skin, blonde hair, big boobs and a skinny body. The closer you look to that, the more beautiful people think you are. It has been that way forever.

    55. anna says:

      And where did the did "big lips" trend come from? Certainly not white women. Rihanna is lightskinned but doesn't have narrow feaures. Naomi Campbell is darkskinned but looks like she could be from anywhere.

      1. Seana says:

        Naomi Campbell is actually of Jamaican-Chinese descent and looks exotic and of course, stunning! But I'm not exactly sure what the point of your comment is..? Are you trying to say that Naomi has more narrower, "European" features over Rihanna?

    56. shawna says:

      The rihanna one and tyra banks are reaching tho

      1. Seana says:

        Look at the clear difference in Tyra's nose(s) between the two pics…that it's not always about skin color is what the author is expressing.

    57. Asmarlak says:

      How about white people who spray tan and darken themselves in many ways, we never critisize them.

    58. CriticXtreme says:

      You have to wonder if this is self hate, a defection or change to get paid? These folks have listened to pale face and forgot how black is beautiful. Traitors.

    59. buju says:

      that shit is not accurate rihannah and beyonce have nothing to do in this
      what about these young boyz who''s dress and act like black and the whites who spend hours in the sun to be brown,and even in movies whites who steal black people role like in step up movies all these belong to black and latinos since when whites people can breakdance or even move without falling in they're butt they can't dance all they used to do is jumping

      1. Kelly says:

        Wow, are you ever a racist! Racism isn't only whites against another race….other races can hate on whites and its just as bad….so yeah..you're a racist @sshole,

    60. Chotty says:

      Leave people alone…. thats not your job to judge others.. leave that to GOD!!!!! so what thats the way they like to look and if that makes them feel good about themselves, then let them do it…… you have the choice and if its not yours then so what if they bother you then dont look at them……who's to say if its right or wrong…. at least there not out killin people and molesting kids… find something else to talk about…. and grow up…… thats their choice.

    61. Sandy says:

      Umm. Yeah. I'm gonna have to say you're really pushing it with some of these. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Tyra? C'mon. You do realize that black people tan too, don't you? That and just different lighting can account for the variation in skin tone.

      1. Guest says:

        The point of posting Tyra's picture is about her nose-job and not her skin tone…which is obvious.

    62. Bailey says:

      Most of these pictures are cherry picked. Trina McGee looks the same, it was just the lighting and makeup that made her look so light. I hop that you, the author of this, realize that black people come in many different skin tones. Being on the lighter side and having light colored hair and blue eyes people always assume that I'm mixed, so I've tanned (naturally) and dyed, and caked on makeup so that I would look more like my peers who didn't want to accept me because they couldn't tell what I was. There is a problem in the black community and it needs to be addressed in a more tasteful way than you did it. The problem being that black people don't acknowledge the fact that there are many, MANY different shades of out people, and that we have to accept them as they are. I hope that you'll revise your article and write it in a more professional manner, rather than pointing fingers with really no proof.

      1. Guest says:

        I agree with you. But unfortunately, many black Americans still have that slave mentality and live their lives as if they're still on the plantation…and it's a damned shame…

      2. Sera says:

        Bailey, in your description of yourself, you remind me of the heroine of the novel Silver: Currents of Change. She is a black young woman who looks white, who had to fight to be accepted BY BLACK PEOPLE, as black. You're right, the problem is in the black community. We can be so judgmental of one another, and some want all to walk in LOCK STEP. We're INDIVIDUALS, and as such, we can be black, proud, and different. We don't have to walk in lock step, wearing our hair the same texture, style, and color. PALEEZE, black folk, let's solve real problems in our communities. This is not one of them. No hair coloring is going to change anyone's race or even their racial identity. Whites who tan don't become blacks, and blacks who lighten don't become white.

    63. bridget says:

      i think this author is just jealous that she doesn't look as sexy as beyonce and rhianna! seriously let people do their thing we blacks have mixed complexions some are lighter others are darker we are all beautiful so let people be and embrace all colour!

    64. lexapearce says:

      i do agree with you but in michael jackson's defence he had Vitiligo a rare skin condition and he broken his nose so he had to get that fixed a couples of time because he could breathe properly

    65. VAHuntress says:

      Keep in mind that people skin tone lighten with the sun in the summer; and darken during the winter months. Also foundation along with makeup changes the skin appearance/texture also.

      1. Guest says:

        Actually you've got that backwards sweetie. People get darker from the hot sun in the summer, e.g., tanning, and "lighten-up" during the winter…

    66. sherrell says:

      Rihanna is light skin u should c her baby pics and when she was a little girl, she looks the same in both pics above.

    67. Sandra says:

      Beyonce is light skin always has been and her skin has always differentiated with make up and lighting and time
      Nicki Minaj is light skin just like Beyonce, her skin has differentiated with make up & lighting and time….
      these women are not "black people", try again.
      And the Tyra Banks one looks stupid, the fact she looks the same & you made the comparison using a picture with "Flash Photography".

      PATHETIC !!!!!!

    68. eaglewon says:

      this is ridiculous, did you not have anything else to do than write this article? These pix look ok to me, just depends on lighting and makeup as to how they turn out.

    69. NO ONE should change themselves unless they want to. The media makes it so hard for females to see themselves clearly. Being a plus size person, seeing "plus size" somewhere and seeing Kate Winslet makes me a little nervous. The woman is thin, people! I guess my point is, I can see where you are coming from and though weight is important and should be under control and is more a negative than one's skin color, you should always feel comfortable with who you are. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, skinny, fat, tall, short… We've got to stop with all these obsessive attitudes you see on TV and in magazines before not one little girl can feel good about being naturally who they are…

    70. I think this is a shame that people feel so ashamed of their looks to the point where they would change their looks completely. Why can't you just love yourself for the way God made you? I'm half Jamaican/African American so I didn't really have many role models and celebrities on TV. So I'm tall, but a little curvacious in some parts of the body. I know I'm not the picture of what these people see as the typical beauty, but who cares what other people think. I know what I've been given and I'm working it. No matter what you were born with, no matter what race you are, no matter where you come from YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. The only tragic thing here is that people here forgot just how beautiful they were.

    71. Crazy Cat Lady says:

      Who cares if these people look white or black or Asian or whatever. It's what on the inside that counts: not a person's appearance. What's really disgusting is people who aren't true to themselves or their heritage. Why do people have to feel ashamed of themselves or their ethnic/cultural backgrounds? It's Hollyweird's unattainable ideal of "beauty" that requires all women to look like anorexic ten-year old boys with Chlamydia and bad spray tans. To hell with what Hollywood thinks women should look like. People are beautiful just the way they were born and that's that in my book. Furthermore, it's not one's race or culture that makes them beautiful; that's just a facet of who they are as an individual. People need to stop focusing on Celebrity and "status" and just love themselves for who they are. Parents should not let their children idolize celebrities, but should instead build up their children's confidence and make them proud of the wonderful people they are and will become.

    72. silly says:

      I'm black and 13 and bleaching your skin is no different than tanning. At the end of the day you are unatural changing your skins natural tone. With that I am 100% not against anyone changing there skin tone to make themselves look prettier. In Asia it's extremely common and it's actually considered bad to be tan. Plenty of black women born with caramel skin similar to Trina Mgee and lighter, so what if a black woman wants that kind of skin tone, would it still mean they are trying to be white? Just because a black person wants lighter skin doesn't mean they want to be white, when there are millions of black women born with naturally light skin, all they want to do is make there apearance better and changing there skin will help.

      Sayng black women want to be white because they want whiter skin is like saying, Asians want to be white because they get surgery to make there eye's bigger. Not everyone wants to be WHITE, i'm black and i'd take being Asian over white anyday, if black women wanted to be white they would be, if you;ve noticed except for MJ all the other women still kept a tone to where they still look black.
      When i'm older I plan to get somethings tweaked, one wil be skin I don't find pretty and want it lighter to make my complexion look better(i'm like milk chocolate but 2x darker), but still to the point of where I look black since I know as much as I change myself I will always be black no matter what. It just annoying how people think that when other ethnicity's try to change certain parts of themselves trying to be white.

      1. Debbie says:

        why dont you like your darker skin? Do you think your prettier if you had dark skin? Im a dark skin women and when i was your age i was i was a couple of shades lighter, but as i grew up and matured i learned to love the skin God gave me b/c its beautiful. Ive also seen some dark skin women who have bleached and they just end up looking grey and sicklyyy with dry skin… make sure if you do continue to bleach your skin that you at least look for some natural ways of doing it b/c the way people bleach there skin now is so full of chemicals that you end up ruining your skins natural glow and you later regret it!

      2. Mel says:

        You might not be trying to be white but ur obviously not happy with who u are if you dont like being darker than "milk chocolate". Clarly the media has u by the balls when you are labelling yourself as "2x darker than milk chocolate". Why not just label yourself as a black girl? black is black. I even think that the blackest black has beauty but see thats because I can see beauty in everything and dont waste my time trying to be everyone else, but hey no hate, cuz maybe the reason Im happy with my looks is cuz Im very unique being mixed with 5 different mixes. Thats why I think you should be proud of who you are bit dont lose yourself because hollywood can have more of an impact than u think. Like seriously even Marilyn Monroe has a nosejob and chin implant. even SHE says imperfection is beauty. So all you "beauty" chasers out there get ready for a broke life because beauty is truly from the inside. All the "beautiful" celebrities u see have all had plastic surgery. Google it, research, u kno…just dont become a follower…because theres too many of those and u will eventually lose yourself. I think its better to be yourself because there is alwas someone out there who will love you for who u are. Just be the best you. Be clean, healthy, and wear makeup that ENHANCES your looks rather than changes them. Be classy and not trashy. Screw the haters. Theres always gonna be someone above you and under you and who hates on you. To each is own and there will always be someone who thinks ur beautiful and someone who thinks ur not. It is what it is.

    73. Random says:

      I'd be far more interested in an article titled, "When Black Celebs Marry White."
      There's even a 7-minute video on YouTube titled, Why 70% of Black Hollywood Men Date White Women.

      That tired old phrase should've been, "I'm Black and I'm Proud… But I Sleep White When I Can"

    74. Taryn Price says:

      I think Tyra and Rihanna actually look the exact same skin tone as they did before, the change in lighter hair color just seems to make a difference.

    75. Hermy says:

      A retarded post with retarded comments.BRAVO.

    76. Glenda says:

      Just because a black, mexican or any ethnic group has a nose job does not mean they are trying to look white. White people ha
      ve been getting nose jobs sine the 1980,s when they all use to have those pointed witch noses they are just perfecting something about themselves.

    77. John says:

      Very stupid article, extremely pointless…. do u know how many white ladies are out there who tan or wear artificial black hair?? This article is just bloody senseless, extreme lazy journalism…. People do all kinds of things these days all in the name of fashion and these's got nothing to do with race or wanting to be black, green, white, pink, whatever… Does it mean whites who pierce or do tattoos are trying to be Africans, Egyptians or Asians since those things originated from those places…. It's just ridiculous that in this modern age when you expect people to have more open reasoning you still find shallow minded human beings who would racialize every little thing… Pitiful!!!

      1. kerry says:

        I agree with you i dont see whats the motive behind this article … yes theres so of them that clearly have issues with they skin but why dont she do a article about WHITE TANNING TOO MUCH … ??

    78. francesca harrison says:

      that the many things i hate about Hollywood and their brainwashing ideas on what beauty really is, which is
      fate . Hollywood is filled with a lot of unhappy people People need to get to grips ,once the curtains goes down
      and the light cuts off ,and the props are taken apart ,makeup comes off etc…these very same people that idolize,
      punch in their time cards.and go home like everyone else, you people need to stop the bullshit,and pay attention to
      your own lives ,and appreciated what GOD made you from ..love,not artificial love,but real love.

    79. francesca harrison says:

      i can't wait until Jesus come , Hollywood should be first place Jesus should destroy.look how many people lives
      was alter and destroyed forever especially Micheal Jackson ,how these people in Hollywood brainwashing
      innocent people ,into changing their appearance even the color of their skin. Our african ancestor frought
      and died trying ,so that we would not have to be ashame of who we are.

    80. Dean says:

      they look so much better white!! White skin is so good! Like for sun burning, blisters, chapping, chaffing, and so on……people are so stupid!! who would want to be white?

      1. Clea Townsend says:

        wow, critical. Dark patches, oily skin, ashy dry heels, elbows and knees. lmao ok! don't trash whites. us blacks have our issues too homes. Not to mention many blacks smell ratchet from the grease in our hair, since we don't wash it as frequently as whites.

      2. Roz says:

        See this is the problem, both sides promoting stereotypes. Both of you are spreading ignorance!!

    81. BlackandProud! says:

      Rihanna does not bleach, she is naturally brown just take a look at her pics when she was a teen and a little girl! she was always brown plus she is mixed so that explains. I really dont see a difference in her complexion. plus why do everyone thinks that when a black girl lightens her skin it means they wanna be "white"….not everyone wanna be white! some ppl are just conscious with their skin and maybe wanna make it lighter but they dnt look white like if u see that wen they bleach they still keep that black girl shade.

    82. Sera says:

      This is nonsense. Black women can wear their hair any color they want, including blond, and it doesn't mean they want to be white. It means they want to wear their hair any color they want. Same goes for skin color, although I don't think any of the women whose pics are shown (with that dreadful so-called "article") have done anything to lighten their skin. Some of us black women were born with lighter skin, and we are still proud black women. Isn't it all right for us to be proud of our skin color? Or should we be ashamed that we're not darker? Come on. We come in all colors and with all kinds and colors of natural hair. I have a cousin, a BLACK woman, who was born with blond hair. She's light brown, with green eyes and blond hair, and she is undeniably a black woman. It's time to get over this race thing. Read Beax Rivers' Silver: Currents of Change. It deals with this "issue."

      1. Deputy dogg says:

        Sure it does. Black and blond does not mix.

      2. arusi says:

        she was speaking about the change in the colour of their skins…not the colour of their hair..geez…read first

    83. Sera says:

      Beyonce has never been "dark." That is simply not true. I've seen baby pictures of her, and pictures of when she was growing up, up to age 10. Someone I know is close to her family, and has photos of her growing up. Her skin is light, and she has light eyes and light-colored hair. It's not blond, naturally, but is is lighter brown. Not all black people have black skin, and as a race, we need to embrace and love us in all our majesty. We are all beautiful, just as God made us, and light-skinned blacks are included in that. Stop hating. Start loving.

      1. @olegunny says:

        Damn Right Sera

      2. Roz says:

        The detrimental of your mentally is what hurts the black child, especially the dark skin black child. Have you ever seen the doll test??

      3. So I'm biracial and am naturally a lighter complexion. Should I darken my skin so someone darker does get hurt mentally? What the original poster was saying was we need to start loving everyone regardless of the color of their skin. We need to support black people and stop trying to divide everybody up!

      4. R. Parker says:

        Yes she was. I saw a movie she was in (Kingdom Come) and I even mentioned to my mother that she looked darker there than what she is now.

    84. Pastor Daniel H. Doe says:

      Maybe they think they know better than God. Maybe they think at creation, God made a little mistake creating them black instead of white, and they are out to correct God’s mistake in creation. It is the same stupid and foolish ideas that homosexuals are trying to paint. Look at Michael Jackson for example, looking like a monster. I believe that a normal child seeing Michael Jackson will go into convulsion thinking he had seen the devil or a ghost. That guy practically died before he actually died. The whites are jealous of our skin. I was joking with a Briton some years back and I remembered telling him that in creation, God took a long time creating a colored man. I told him that is why every colored man is different from the other. But the white, it was easy creating them and that is why they are all the same. I told this gentle man that the reason the white have long hair is so that God can hold them by their hair and dip them into the bucket of white paint and wait for them to drip and that was all, but when He came to creating a black man, he had more that a million shapes of brush and a billion shades of colors. Isn’t it amazing how a white man will spread himself under a burning sun just to look a little more like a colored person and yet the same black man is refusing to acknowledge the beautiful gift of God upon his skin? At the end they look like demons. A Common example of man’s foolishness is Michael jackson

    85. Pastor Daniel H. Doe says:

      I just finished browsing Michael Jackson's photos, and there is only one description of him, "He does not look like a human being, he looks like a monkey" Black men and black women, be proud of your skin, it is a beautiful gift from your creator to you. I say the same to white men and white women, "stop trying to tan your body thereby infecting it with cancer destroying that beautiful gift of God. I heard a joke from a well known man of God over the television of a woman who was in a near death experience. In that situation she asked God if she was going to die, God told her that she has some years more to live. In her excitement, before she left the hospital, she call some beauticians to work on her body so she could look good. After she has done all she could do, as she was crossing the road from the hospital when an ambulance knocked her down and she died. In heaven, she approached God angrily as to why must she die after all the promises, and when God will pay attention to her complains, he exclaimed, "Oh I did not recognize you!" Stop trying to correct God. God is never wrong and He never makes a mistake. HE IS GOD!

    86. Clea Townsend says:

      doesn't make any sense to me, why you would tell a black woman like myself it's not ok to narrow her nose. I DID IN FACT, have a large nose that made me uncomfortable, It was just a fact, it did not look good, whether i was born with it or not has nothing to do with me being "BLACK". It doesn't look good. What I believe many of us black women, men, are trying to achieve in altering something, whether it be lips or nose, is proportion. Just like if a white person, takes a large nose down. So, I think your perception of ppl bringing a size down, is wrong. Huge lips don't look good, huge noses don't look good, huge boobs don't look good, it's not proportionate. You are actually insulting many of us grown azz black folk with your judgments of why we do what we do. I also think black black skin fails to show definition of features. Like why you can't make the people out in a car coming toward you that has black people in it. If they are white, you can make features out better. Until they get right to you, you can see them. It's not a racist thing. but I am black and not extra dark, and I am grateful for that. In africa, none of them are LIGHT. it's the race mixing in the slave era that contributes to my lightness and many others, I love my skin, it's me and I love my new nose, good night!

      1. VRoll says:

        Please get some help because you are ashame of being african. You have been brainwashed. As there are no other women who look as good as my sister! It's just sad that we still have so many black folks with the house negro mindset. P.S. What is extra black? This statement shows just how jacked your mindset is.

      2. Roz says:

        Try to view the doll test that was that was pioneered by black psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. The results are the same in 2013!

      3. jasmine says:

        you are quite frankly an idiot.I am african; a dark skinned one at that,but my mother,younger sister are light skinned,as light as rihanna.There are MANY light skinned africans so do not make un-informed statements.

      4. Blackinatl says:

        Are you breathing any different with your new nose. God gave you that "ugly nose".So your saying to me that he didn't do a good, great job . Come on you were insulted because you felt threaten.,and fit so well in this topic.

      5. Dang…I liked your dumbass comment b4 reading it all…The Black ppl judgin' one another part moved me lol

    87. Deputy Dog says:

      Most of then were butt ugly before and just stupid looking afterward. A bunch of loosers with money.

    88. deputy dog says:

      Sammy Sosa and Lil Kim should get together and have kids and be chosen ugliest most pathetic family of the year.

      1. Blackinatl says:

        And a big azz yard sign saying, we got blessed with money and we got stupid.

    89. deput dog says:

      Whats that big round blob in the middle of Tyra Banks face in the before photo?

    90. Tam Rachelle says:

      A few of these pictures are a stretch, especially the Tyra one. She has caramel highlights, a touch of sun in is the dream to become a white woman? My children have light hair, but they are very much black. If they darken their hair, is that them trying to be blacker? I think you're doing too much.

      1. Kim says:

        I was thinking the Tyra one was a stretch too, but look at the work done on her nose.

      2. Nubian says:

        Yea but noses come in all shapes and sizes on all types of people. I've seen big noses on whites and Asians although they are traditionally seen as having smaller sharper noses. I don't think getting a nose job is a step towards or a way of saying "I want to be white" I think it says "I think my nose looks ugly and I want to fix it".

    91. To say that there are some Negroes who long to be Anglo-Saxon is nothing new and it has been within our community since Anglo-Saxon slave masters started raping their female slaves. We have been pre-programmed to accept the European ideal of what beauty is and we reinforced those ideals. Natural hair is called 'bad" whereas straight hair is called good. My father, even though he was dark skinned, had deep creole/cajun roots. He had many relatives that were considered "Passe Blanc". Many of the moved to other parts of Amerika and that's what they did, passed themselves off for being Anglo-Saxon. That was their way of getting around Jim Crow era laws. Personally, I feel that if you don't want to be "Black" then you shouldn't use us to further your careers. Go to the Anglo-Saxon that you love so much and let them facilitate your life style. On your way there, stop by that Prison in Nevada and chat up the Juice and go to that redneck diner that Eldrick Woods hangs around and get their opinions about what happens when the ethnic European no longer loves you

      1. Random says:

        Quincy Jones stated in an interview that "MJ didn't want to be Black", and he only went to that community when he was in trouble and needed support from them, which was often.

        He also mentioned that MJ didn't think very highly of the Black community and frequently spoke ill of its members. His mindset and behavior seem to be common in Hollywood.

        And as for OJ and Woods, America never "loved" either one of them. They were just another commodity to be exploited. And now that both of their careers have imploded due to their own actions, neither individual is as marketable as he once was.

        But what really makes me wonder is when I hear people trying to lay claim to celebs who have repeatedly demonstrated that they have little, if any, interest in being part of the Black community.

        Woods told Oprah that he considered himself to be a, "Caublasian." And, like OJ,
        he dated White; married European; and socialized Anglo.

        However after his dirty dozen beach bunnies turned on him, I suspect that TW quickly found himself socializing a whole lot less in certain circles. And I strongly doubt that many Black women felt any sympathy for him.

        If the Black community wants "one of their own" to live through, they should look elsewhere.

      2. Roz says:

        Well said.

      3. Sue says:

        Anglo saxon? It's comments and attitudes like yours that perpetuate racism in our country today. Also, it's America, not "Amerika." What you practice is just as much racism as what any white supremacist group would do. You should congratulate yourself for walking around with all that hatred wrapped up in one sad little person.

    92. UpsetInL.A. says:

      This piece is literally a load of crap. Just because a Black woman goes blonde, she wants to turn white? What's next? An article on how some Blacks "talk White"? The author of this piece (Emerald Pellot) definitely does not have a firm grip on reality. Doesn't a person have the right to have any color hair however they want? Why can't a woman make herself up however she pleases?

      A large number Blacks in the USA are mixed with white anyway. I suppose you believe they should just ignore that part of their heritage too.

      Emerald Pellot, why can't you just live and let live? What's it to you? Do you really think this is journalism?

      1. Aileen Payne says:

        I really dont think the point of this post is to say that these women(and man) are trying to look white because of their hair, the poster is trying to say they have, in some way, lightened their skin. Yes, in some of the pictures its hard to tell that they have lighter skin, but there is a difference in most of them, whether its skin color or plastic surgery, as stated in the post, to give them more "white person" looking features. I personally think all of these people looked better in the before pictures.

      2. arusi says:

        The author was NOT speaking about the colour of the people's hair…she was speaking about the colour of their skin and how thwy turned from dark to light…read a little before yo post ish.

        There is nothing wrong with a black woman who wants blonde hair, btw.

      3. Roz says:

        Its not about hair color, many blacks have natural blondish color or light brown hair color. To me it is the message that is sent to our children who already struggle with skin color. Have you ever seen the doll test?

    93. Ben Crowe says:

      Everyone changes color if they get out in the sun. I'm a white guy in the winter and mixed race in the summer, with a tan line that has to be seen to believe is even humanly possible. In order to get 8 examples of before and after pix, she obviously had to research celebrities at different times of the year lol.

      White people try to get as dark as they can, tanning beds, hours getting cancer by the pool. And when Anglos get nose jobs the results look more Afro than when Blacks try to look Anglo. Whoever heard of a Black person getting his/her nose modified into a giant caucasian hook?

    94. missanthrope says:

      Come on, folks. MJ had vitiligo, which will remove pigment from areas of your body. I'm sure he did not want to walk around looking like a cow or giraffe so he lighted all of his skin to match. As for the plastic surgery, who knows. As for Lark, it is rumored that she has Lupus, which can wreck your skin, and bloat your face. Beyonce's mother is light, so I don't rule out the possibility that under certain lighting, she can appear as light. That's all I have. As for Lil Kim, she just ruined her looks. Folks start to believe they can be perfect and don't know when to stop with the surgery. But the blonde hair and contacts sure do play into your self-hate theory.

    95. Tracy says:

      People should be allowed to look they way they want to look. What I find sad is the thought that a woman of color thinks she needs to look like a white woman. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and sure of herself for BEING herself. I am glad to see that we have some women who are being recognized for being beautiful and black. Michele Obama, Queen Latifah, Sade, Pam Grier, Iman, Lauren Hill, Kelly Rowland…as a white anglo-saxon woman let me just say that there are plenty of us around, what we need more of are confident, beautiful role models for our children. So that they can know that being different is ok and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

    96. Sacha says:

      white people spend billions of dollars every year tanning themselves to look darker. No one talk about the fact that its because they are not comfortable with their skin color.

    97. D Paul says:

      What about all of those women who lay on the beach to get a tan. Now, we want to make it a racial "crime" to lighten your skin. Who cares? Please leave your racist jealousy at home.

    98. Telka says:

      I do agree that alot of African American women do what they must in order to compete in the Hollywood world. And white women also tan to add color in their skin in Hollywood. I don't necessarily agree with all of the changes. But if I had their money there is no telling what my changes would be. I think they start off being comfortable with self, but the competition is so thick in Hollywood, most of the changes that they make, someone is telling them to do so in order to make their career thrive. In instances, like Lil Kim and Michael Jackson, they should have stopped while they were ahead, but a nose job or a tummy tuck won't hurt anybody

    99. Davedunn says:

      What is with this thing of calling so called white people "Anglo"? Anglo is short for anglophone, or if you prefer English speaking. Just as Franco is short for francophone which means French speaking. It is not an indication of race, but may sometimes refer to culture or ethnicity. It probably entered popular use in Spanish speaking Hispanic communities, to differentiate themselves from the wider English speaking culture. The confusion may happen because many, but not all Hispanic Americans are of Afro-Caribbean heritage. People of all races speak many languages, to identify one race with a certain language is specious. Having said that, I really miss Rihanna's way cuter, original nose

      1. Coco says:

        'Anglo' is short for Anglo-Saxon

    100. mangoustine says:

      just few days ago, i said to my husband, if that continue, obama's familly, will be the alone black on américan tv^^ my skin is withe so maybe i can't judge the make up for black skin, but when beyonce is more withe than me… it's seems bizzare for me^^
      sorry for my english, i'm a frenchie^^

    101. DMarieLord says:

      Unless u get plastic surgery; I don't undertstand what's the definition of trying to look white. That's ridiculous! Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & Rihanna are already light skin. Getting a blonde hair color or wig doesn't mean your trying to be white. If u check their style completely, all 3 go to all hair colors, changing up their style, staying relevant!

      1. Roz says:

        They maybe already be a lighter complexion but they are constantly allowing photos of themselves to make them appear lighter than they are! The type of thing is detrimental to the black child who already think that dark skin is ugly. I think they are feeding into this type of stereotype!

    102. pam says:

      That's scary…

    103. Lighting can also make someone look 'lighter'. These celebrities may not be having their skin lightened on purpose. Take Beyonce and Rihanna for example. On the 'Red Carpet' they always look the same color they always have, but in ads and magazine spreads they tend to look lighter. They didn't lighten their skin so it's unfair to blame them for something others have done. I would also like to mention Tyra looks the same to me.

      1. Nunya says:

        The only slightly different thing I see is that Tyra might have had a minor nose procedure. Beyonce and Rihanna are a bit lighter but not dramatically different. I think they look different in advertisements because the people paying them wants them to appeal to different people and request that they be lightened using lighting, make up, etc.

      2. Blackinatl says:

        And how do you know this?

      3. She knows this uhhhh probably because she's has eyes…Varying complexions in photos happen to Black ppl alot.

    104. whitey says:

      As far as I'm concerned this author is racist and race hating on her own people.

      1. bigdaddy1 says:

        its up to each person how they want to look, are you jeolous or just a racist?

    105. Heidi says:

      I met a great lady who cared for my special needs son after school a few years ago. She’s very dark skinned and I am white. We became great friends and she became my bridesmaid. She told me that there is racism within the black community and I was honestly astounded. Apparently the lighter skin you have the higher up you are. As a white girl, I find that so ridiculous. Adam and Eve were black…or at least science tells us our oldest ancestors were very dark skinned and came from Africa. That means we all come from very dark skin…how did things become so backassward…….

      1. Nunya says:

        Heidi, although I have heard that "the lighter skin you have, the higher up you are" theory before, I don't believe it. There is a "myth" that white people accept lighter-skinned black people, and studies have shown that ligher-skinned Blacks are more readily accepted in the workplace and society than dark-skinned ones.

    106. Nunya says:

      Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj's skin tone has been enhanced (or changed) with makeup and lighting, not cosmetic surgery.

    107. ThoughtYouShouldKnow says:

      The proper word for "ethnicness" is "ethnicity".

    108. Plain truth says:

      The so called "white people" do a lot of plastic surgerys to look good and get good sun tan to be beautiful. Though I have never seen a real white person in my life, have you?

    109. Truetalk says:

      Whites are very jealous of black people especially male blacks. The skin of almost all the black people are thicker more very comfortable to touch than whites, because the whites have very thin skin and everything. You can count the veins in their faces without an instrument.

      1. Evan says:

        Whenever someone makes a blanket statement such as all whites are jealous of black people, you can be sure that they are extremely stupid and ignorant.

    110. ciara says:

      This Write Is A Total FOOL!!! period. Lil Kim looks the same and baby she is as black as black. So in other words, this poor country lookin. bitin an apple through a picket fence lookin chick writes an articles dizz'in people for trying to llok white and the one person that makes any sense to the relationship to this article is MICHEAL JACKSON. So if a black women wants to dye her hair blonde she is trying to be white? What if a white girl dyes her hair black? THE bottow line is the woman who wrote this is a racist.

      1. jen says:

        "This Write Is A Total FOOL!!!". If you're going to comment of someones intelligence, check your post for grammar and spelling.

    111. Alina says:

      Rihanna might not have lightened her skin she lived in a country that was always hot and the change of weather may have lightened her skin my aunt left a hot country and she got really light

    112. EssenceJ says:

      Great article, good pictures to show actual proof in the pudding. I agree with every word in here and actually could add a few more. If only those wanting to be white could perfect how to obtain the "white privilege". Anyhow, I see there are lots of small minded people reading the article. Truth hurts, so they respond by letting their ignorance show.

      1. Blackinatl says:

        I most certainly agree with you there. It's either the truth hurts,or this is their way of saying I want some of that.LOL

    113. De Neice says:

      The author is a freakin moron. Ok, Micheal Jackson….that goes without saying. Ditto for the other Jackson weirdos who have totally rebuilt themselves. . But the others….pffftttt…..whatever. People's color depends on many factors. One of the most OBVIOUS factors….time spent in the sun. My nieces and nephews are biracial and in the summer they look more like their african american father. White people are darker in the summer. Most of the people in the pics are pretty much the same shade.

      Nicki and Lil Kim change their hair ALL the time. What do you think they were going for with the pink and purple? What race do you think they trying to transform into? Nicki got butt implants….how does that fit into the "black celebs become white"?

      It all comes down to what people are happy with when it comes to their bodies.

      1. Blackinatl says:

        ok lets face it for you that refuse to see the differences in the from what I was to what I am. It is because you do not want to see it. And that is BS about bi/racial is blacker in the summer than any other time of the year. No they a redder than any other time of the year. Have the same in my family. But it all boils down to these black clebs whose has bleach themselves don't know who they are. If you have this great gift from God to entertain,this is what got you there not your color.I figure like this they have so much money they get stupid.

      2. Chris Meyer says:

        i agree with ya on that man

    114. Better Than You says:

      Bill Simmons is a cheater!! And a liar. Oh, and he has HPV.

    115. very curled white says:

      what i wrote is just the matter of ''caucasian'' and ''african''hair..if you want to hear more ,i will write about skin and caucasian features 's obbssession, i ll tell you more about how hypocrite are blacks who blame whites because they are obsssesed with whites!i dont think today blacks are forced to accept white supremacy,it s just their obssession towards whites:).

      1. A.L says:

        You insane in your damn membrane.Blacks dont want to be white.Are you kray kray.Obsessed with whites my black behind.Black is beautiful.I m proud of my golden brown skin and kinky hair.White supremacy my boo boo.Whites are obsessed with trying to be black and controlling the minority races.Get your facts straight you hypocritical Sha nay nay imposter.

      2. James says:

        Sounds like Denial to me. You know you want to be white and love the milk of magnesia

    116. very curled white says:

      Why are do you practice censorship?:)..sorry for my english mistakes ,i am not an english speaker..and i am also not an ''anglo saxon''(blacks' greatest obssession) for that matter:D

    117. Blackinatl says:

      we are not speaking upon that has skin disorders here.

    118. Blackinalt says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. If I was a man, I would not deal with all this fake ZZZZZZ. When it is time to go to bed all the good stuff is either left on the floor or back in the drawers. Dam let me sleep on the floor or but my black azz in the drawer to. I felt like a laugh so I couldn't refuse this.

    119. Aset says:

      I agree with you my sister..I think it is a shame to see this being done in 2013. What message does this send out to our young children..male and especially female. As an educator it is very important to instill self pride in in children especially our children. This is the very thing I have instilled in my own children is to love themselves, their heritage and culture, which was handed down by my own parents. There is even a you-tube page where there is a sister who is light-skinned who is advertising a natural skin lightener for women of color.
      This is a d—- shame!! Mothers are the teachers of their children, but, if they have a mother who inwardly hates her beautiful dark, brown skin, she is sending a deadly message to her children. Can the Cycle be Unbroken!!
      As an Educator in our communities for ten plus years I have been trying to make a difference with our/all youth. It is a mission I truly love..so I wish you all Peace n Joy!! Check my videos on you tube..1inamilliongoddess!!

    120. LPO says:

      I've had a problem with blonde headed niggas for a long time. If BET get's any lighter or blonder, they'll have to change from BET to EBET (European Black Entertainment).

    121. @BIGHEVER says:

      I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you are white, because business go out of there way to hire whites over blacks all the time. They even have studies about it, while I believe some of your statement is true, that part is just wrong.

      1. Chris Meyer says:

        apparently big you dont live in georgia dude..aa people do get hired over whites here because there are more aa than caucasian here…im not racist but i do agree with ellie, the funny thing is is it seems only the aa people are making such a big issue about race while the rest of the world has grown up and moved on with better things…people need to just get their head out of their ass and move on from this racist crap, sorry bro but the facts are there…and if the black community is so worried about their black woman trying to look white then they need to flip on the media about how they are constantly showing white women happier with black men, its forcing some black women to want to look lighter ( which in my opinion is stupid cuz i know a lot of black women and they are some of the sexiest ladies out there ) due to media and public opinon, these are facts, all you have to do is turn on your t.v bro and bam!!! its in commercials, movies, photos, it sucks cuz i love black women ( and yes im white ) but when you are constantly forcing interracial relations and what not this kind of thing is bound to happen…scream at the media, not us czu we've moved on from this racial crap and got on with our lives

      2. Art Burnett says:

        If you believe that only aa people make a big issue about race, then you're very naive.

    122. Steve says:

      I think the author might be disturbed that the natural beauty of black women is being undermined by so much effort being made by black females to "whiten up." I would tend to agree with this. We should never be ashamed of who we are or what we look like. When culture pushes us in an unhealthy direction, we should endeavor to change culture, not ourselves.

    123. Mari Love says:

      Truth be old we should all focus on ourselves and not what the media has portrayed and persuaded us to believe. We have no idea why these celebrities have made changes to themselves and therefore we can not judge them for doing so. If you love yourself, love yourself, and let them love themselves the way they want to. Being of African decent is a gift and if you cherish that gift then its your treasure! Leave these folks alone and let them live their lives, they dont have to answer to us

    124. TheDreTony says:

      I am a dark-skinned person that agree to this article to a certain extent. Clearly, some of the people in the photo had something done/ going on with their skins; the no-name celebrities. However, Michael Jackson had a skin disease. So, it's unfair to have him in this article. There were no products out there, at the time of Michael Jackson's transformation, that allowed someones pigment to become/stay dark(er). In the beginning, Michael Jackson would use dark make-up to cover his fading pigment. Michael Jackson wanted a permanent change. So the only option, at the time, was to blend his unfaded pigment to be as light as the diseased pigment. Another unfair judgement, is Tyra, Nicki, Beyonce and Rihanna. They are naturally very light-skinned/mixed/creole/mullato. Lighting is the factor of their lighter skin complexion. Remember, I'm dark-skinned, a Don Cheadle dark. If I go to the bathroom right now, and take a candid pic of myself with my cell phone, I'll look much lighter in the photo due to lighting.

      What I do agree with in this article, that women who are dark or considered dark aren't represented very well. In America cinema, even in black cinema, certain women are a "representation" of what's beautiful in each ethnic group. Black women are mostly depicted by mulattos/bi-racial/light-skinned women. If they are darker-skinned, they're usually over weight, drug addicts, loud, or something really bad. White women are mostly depicted by barbies/blondes/blue eyed women. If they're a dark-haired white women, they are either witchy, snobby, very masculine or edgy. I can go on and on with different races, but the bottomline women have it harder than men.

      White people and black people have grown up together in America for centuries. It doesn't matter how much we try to be different from one another, we are all the same pretending to not be like each other. Black people perm their hair straight, white people perm their hair to be curly. Some black people are trying to fit in the white culture, while some white people are going to tanning salons/beaches to be darker. The wrong about this articles is the argument that implies all black people, or even all black celebrities are trying to look or be white. That's just like me writing an article about white people/celebrities trying to be/become black. I could distort the truth like these; white celebrities want to be black because they want to puff their lips to be bigger and sexier; white celebrities want to be black by getting butt implants and so forth. That simply isn't all true. We are only seeing a fraction of the fraction. We all want to have things that others have, that we don't possess. Some girls that don't have large or larger breast wants to do, or at least considered doing, something about it. Even some guys with small….wants to have a bigger one…hehehe. That's just the law of nature….scarcity.

      In conclusion, some people look damn good with big lips, and some look hideous. Some people look really good with blue eyes, and some look extremely scary. Some people look really hot with big butts, and some not so much. Some people look good slim, and some just don't. Some people want to be a girl and others want to be a guy. Again, I can go on and on. Sometimes, race shouldn't be a talking point, especially when it doesn't represent the masses. But it is entertaining to see what people would change about themselves.

    125. piki says:

      I'm from Europe and when I visited USA I was actually surprised to see that the black people I met had quite dark skin tones. From tv, movies and pictures of celebrities you'll get the idea that most afro-american people have quite light brownish skin tones.
      White people getting cancer from solariums and black people lightening their skins with bleachers… hurray, humanity!😀

      1. eaglewon says:

        you're a moron, I have no idea what you're talking about. Black folks come in all shades, shapes and sizes. Are you in grade school?

      2. TheDreTony says:

        Piki actually makes a good point.

        I'm assuming that you are not dark-skinned like I am. If you are black, you are considered black based on the Jim Crow Law. So you may not see what he's saying. Piki's not saying black people in the US are only one color. Piki was saying, from their point of view as a European from Europe, he/she had the impression that most of Americans weren't black (dark-skinned) but mixed with black or lighter than black. If you really pay attention to TV, there's not that many dark-skinned representations, even in black cinema. If there are, it's mostly the men, like Kevin Hart, Don Cheadle, and only a few others, unless you turn to the sports network. With women, there's definitely not as many dark-skinned women. If they are on TV, they don't last as long on TV to remember who they were.

        To further validate Piki's point, every since I moved to California from Georgia, most people think I'm from Africa or I'm an athlete because of my dark skin complexion. Why? In California, there's not that many black people as there are on the East coast to the southern states. Also, if they are from another country, based on TV, the foreigners (all ethnicities) think I'm Africa or an athlete as well. Why? Because like me aren't represented well on TV.

        If you still don't understand the point, think of something you watched on TV of another country. If you been to another country, you'll be as amazed as Piki when you see reality; the reality of things being completely different from your perception.

      3. piki says:

        TheDreTony: My point exactly. (And to eaglewon – I'm neither a moron nor in grade school.) People do come in all shades but not all shades are represented in movies or tv-shows. And that's why I was surprised – based on _my personal experiences_ the shades that are majority in entertainment industry don't represent the majority of the black people I saw and met. I try not trust in tv too much:) but I think this is still something to think about. (Again: opinion based on my experiences. I didn't meet every single black american.)

      4. piki says:

        every single one, that is:) too late to write in english!

    126. eaglewon says:

      Leave people alone, hey can do what ever they want with their bodies.

    127. Jane says:

      I think somebody who criticizes what other people choose to do with their skin, hair etc. has issues of their own. Worry about yourself and stop trying to tell someone else how they should feel about what god gave them. I don't like wide noses, you do. Great!! Who cares. That doesn't make anyone better or worse. Different strokes for different folks. Get over it!

    128. This article isnt very strong in its facts. The author should have more thoroughly examined the issues. Michael Jackson had a skin disorder that influenced the color of his skin. Im sure many think people who say that are making excuses for him, but it is a fact that was proven and supported by his autopsy results. At the time he appeared much lighter entirely, it wasnt because he bleached his skin to look more caucasian, but rather because he underwent a procedure to even his skin in order to combat his vitiligo.

      1. As for Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. Many of your statements are based on your perceptions alone. Its entirely unfair to assume these people have lightened their skin. Lil Kim… possibly (and only because she does appear to be quite lighter than before these days) but I still wouldnt assume it to be fact. Rihanna and Beyonce are lighter by genetics. It is very normal that they would appear darker or lighter than other times.

        We all appear to look different in color at different times. Reasons being flash photography, photoshop, seasons, etc. I look half a shade lighter when its winter because Im not exposed to much sun, when I take a flash photo of myself it seems I am lighter, when I have a license pic taken I look darker for whatever reason etc.

      2. I do relate and understand where youre coming from in terms of the media's behaviors with representing color and this worlds unfailing struggle with the perception of beauty. Unfortunately, light skinned African American women are portrayed as being more desirable (although I see it changing recently a little). Same goes for black women with more european features etc. That being said, thats no reason to attack people or wrongfully assume people bleach their skin. A more effective article would have been an article that explained to women everywhere why they shouldnt have to feel the need to do so; not to expand upon something you most likely dont know to be true.

        I am studying journalism and one of the first things they teach you is to check your sources and to thoroughly examine all aspects and research concerning the subject you write about. Though I dont intend to offend, this article is extremely shallow.

    129. @LopezMisses says:

      I think a lot of this is just makeup, I don't really think people are intending to "look white" or anything. It's just makeup, and lighting to me. Mind you that a lot of these photos are when people were first getting started in the industry, comparing the to today, where as they are a little more successful and have more money for better makeup and all that. I think that's where it comes from really.

      1. …not Sammy Sosa. He bleached.

    130. iigvucfic says:

      And i wonder why they did this to themselves………Thanks a lot Hollywood!!!

    131. Uh, no says:

      The whole "you guys" and "they" thing, find a better way to express what you need to say. A large number of AA's may still hold a grudge for past occurences they've never lived to experience but there are AA's like me who personally don't care and have long let go – don't categorize all of us together.

    132. Linda says:

      I'd like to know why you feel compelled to refer to people as ANGLOs? Here is a definition that could be helpful.

    133. Pandora says:

      So when white women tan, are they trying to be black?

      1. I don't think so, I think it is too have tan skin to look like they are rich. Rich enough to take vacations to hot climates, even in the winter.

      2. alwaysright says:

        Probably up to the 1940's women shielded themselves from the sun. Tan skin was an indicator of the lower class due to perhaps having to work out of doors.
        Then when the age of flying became an accommodation for the wealthy to exit cold weather into the warmer climate which the plane accessed them to. Which later brought the term "Jet Set". It was chic to have a tan.
        Now today that term really no longer exists cause every class can now travel.
        The short answer to your question Pandora is: No white people do not get tans trying to be black. It's now just a sign of looking "cool" and as bad as it supposedly is, I think it does appear to look REAL good.

    134. MeghanM says:

      I don't think these people are purposely doing that. It seems like a couple could have that skin condition, vitiligo, Michael Jackson had. I have a friend who has it and half her face and arms are brown while the other is pale/olive tone. She has more white parts than brown, and she goes to the doctor every other month. They're trying to get rid of the brown completely to make her one tone, because returning her pigment didn't work. It's an awful condition, and looks bad. With Beyonce, I've seen her in concert and I think she uses a bronzer to get that darker tone. She has a naturally light complexion

    135. Cassie O'Sullivan says:

      Thank you for pointing out the statistic about TV and self esteem. Let's celebrate all things natural and return to the more artful take on uniqueness. Where would we be as a culture without our differences? Thank you for offering another look at things and voicing your thoughts, everyone. Let's turn off our TVs and actually go out into the world and enjoy each other.

      The sun shines on all of us in the same way and I think we all may need sunblock now that global warming is becoming so apparent!

    136. Dawna-Llyn says:

      You do realize that white people try to look dark skinned much of the time too eh? I think its called 'tanning'. Straight haired people want curly hair, curly haired people want straight hair. Wanting what we don't have as opposed to being happy with the things we do have is pretty much a global epidemic and not exclusive to black people.

      1. DD Sims says:

        Tanning and hair straightening do not generally result in the appearance of a whole other racial identity. Not to mention, most of these celebrities have also had nose jobs with more European features. Any of these things taken independently would not raise eyebrows but skin lightening, blond weave, and nose job, all in the same person, spells self-hate to me.

    137. prettyluv says:

      What about WHITES-especially females and women of other ethnic groups trying to look black with darker skin, fuller lips, bigger asses, all which are fake. It seems to Me that these women careers are advanced. No one says anything about that. Prime example Kim K. Fake lips, fake complexion, fake boobs, fake ass. Her fame has catapulted into space. These ppl are in the limelight and are doing what ever they fill will make them more celebrated—CELEBRITIES

    138. noshavesupporter says:

      Why is Michael Jackson in this article when he clearly had vitiligo.

    139. That's not true at all this is a bull crap blog can't believe this

    140. TexasGal1979 says:

      Articles like this burn my butt. Not to mention people who act like it has any facts to it at all burn my butt. This article isnt sending any kind of messages out to little Black girls because it is DUMB!!!
      For one it is a known fact that MJ had a skin disease. His skin color wasn't the problem his plastic surgery gone wrong was. I know and have known people with his disease and it does in fact cause skin lightening and discoloration.
      Anyway most of them look EXACTLY the same except for changing their hair. I didn't realize that if I decide to dye my hair I'm trying to look white. Which is pretty much what this article is saying, since most of the ladies pictured choose blonde or sandy blonde hair. Which blonde and sandy blonde is not an exculsively White hair color. So there is the first bit of ignorance right there. Says the Black chick who had naturally sandy blonde hair growing up. It's a brownish color now, but lightens on it's on during these hot Texas summer's.
      Secondly you people mean to tell me that your color consistently stays the same???? Last I checked my changes throughout the year. I get darker during the summer, lighter during the winter, and somewhere in between the rest of the year again depending on the Texas heat and how much time I spend outside. Plus any light natural light (sun) or other (florecent, etc..) will lighten your skin. The only difference between most of those pictures is the light settings, which is a major DUH!!! Light will change your color.
      This is a perfect example of making controversory where there is none and yet people take the bite. SMH dumb.

      1. Texass says:

        did you even read the whole article? or just the first sentence? dumb texan.Enter text right here!

    141. Timothy Smith says:

      Try to make excuses for this if you like. If you hate your race leave it AND my money alone

    142. LadyA says:

      Lil Kim look scary. The older picture look better.

    143. Nessa says:

      wow… Sometimes I just wonder why one or two black people have to make us all look bad because they look too deeply into a simple observation. Freedom of expression is also one of the rights that our ancestors fought for us to have, so who are we to deny other people theirs? grow up people, it is just an article laced with opinions, just like everything else in the media.

    144. CHILLY says:


    145. lisa says:

      there's no big difference with rihanna

    146. Valencia612 says:

      Different lighting is clearly a factor in these photos. I am mixed and from the Midwest. In the summer or when I vacation somewhere warm I am several shades darker than I am in the winter. My foundation color has to change as my skin does. The nose jobs are extremely troubling to me. Lol Kim does not look right anymore and Lisa Turtle is obviously doing her own makeup and doing a terrible job! At the end of the day everyone should have the right to what they please to their own body and everyone has their own idea of beauty.

    147. PHICK- sista. . . BY READING THIS ARTICLE . . .humans certainly have HANG-UPS over their skin pigmentation or other people's skin pigmentation . . . as CATS- we learn to love, appreciate and play with one another in harmony !

      MEOW- sister, you are right-on. . . you know the other day. . . i was watching a history channel. . .. and on it -it was talking about the GENESIS of man. . . when i think about that program. . . i think about RENAMING this BLOG article !

      PHICK- go ahead. . . what would you rename it ?


    148. Rose says:

      It is completely dumb! I am white and sometimes get tan to make my skin darker. So u say I hate or ashamed of my race and try to be like colored people?!! some people with dark hair and skin make them lighter and some people with light hair and skin make them darker. No big deal! People wear high heels to show them taller, put makeup to show their skin better, do exercise and diet to have a fit body. It's good to look better until it doesn't harm your health.

      1. DD says:

        You say look "better". That would imply that with darker skin they looked worse than with lighter skin. That's a problem. That touches on self-identity, self-esteem, and self-love, all things that have been and continue to be systemically beaten out of minorities by society and the media because they are minorities. Like it or not, whites and minorities have a different experience in the world of beauty. Did you not read the part in the article that talked about the effect on self esteem that comes from television viewing for black people vs. white people? Did you think this information was pulled out of thin air. These studies have been going on for a very long time and the results have stayed the same. Remember that Asian researcher who also researched and declared that black women are considered the ugliest on the planet? These issues are much more than skin deep.

      2. fushfoosh says:

        I think about it like do what makes you feel happy and be a better, happier person if what you're doing doesn't cause harm to you or medical issues. You know What I mean.

      3. ZoZoSanti says:

        Colored people? You are more pink than white so why call yourself white?

      4. deb says:

        Saying 'colored people' makes you sound racist. Or at the least, incredibly out of touch.

    149. Sara says:

      Im a Jew, and FYI, we are a religion. We are also a race, but we can be any race. But that's not important because we are all one race. I won't change what I look like, but If I did want to I don't think it would make a difference to god. And it's the inside beauty that matters not the outside beauty.

    150. Ellen says:

      Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you can change what is universally considered beautiful. Large eyes, small nose and narrow chin.

      1. Jenna says:

        Doesn't mean you can't challenge what is universally considered beautiful either.

      2. BOOOM!!! says:

        Many ethincities have large features. Let's not forget that black women had full behinds well before Lopez. But when Jenny on the block started her rise to the top, white women who complained their asses were too big suddenly wanted the Lopez butt. hilarious since most white women had no behinds (nasatol-no ass at all). Now there are infomercials on how to make your asses larger.
        Blacks were called bubble lips now white women consider the poutty look a beauty mark. GET REAL

    151. UpsetInL.A. says:

      The One Drop Rule is at the root of all of this ignorance.

      Why are (black-white) mixed race people in the USA almost always considered black? Because almost everybody (white and black) still accepts the One Drop Rule whether they realize it or not.

      I'm so tired of hearing about our "first black President" when Barack Obama IS NOT BLACK!! He is half black and half white. Since when does black + white = black? Anybody that disagrees needs to get out their Crayons and do the test themselves. We need to get over this colonial ignorance.

      1. MatterOfFact says:

        If you were even the least bit educated in history you would know that know matter "how white" you were, you were still considered black. Therefore, President Barack Obama is in fact the first BLACK president.

      2. UpsetInL.A. says:

        MatterOfFact….If YOU were the least bit educated, you'd know the difference between "know and "no", and you'd know that half black and half white DO NOT make black. You need to take off those black sunglasses and start seeing the world as it really is.

      3. Amanda says:

        People consider him a Black man because he LOOKS like a black man. The same kinda guy that in NYC would be stopped and frisked on a regular basis or unfairly targeted by people who dislike black people. When African Americans look at him, they see themselves. Read his book. He has always identified himself as black because he was racially profiled growin up in Hawaii.

      4. UpsetinL.A. says:

        Amanda..iit's not really a matter of what he considers himself, nor what society sees when they look at him.
        Americans need to learn the meaning of "biracial", and in this case, biracial does not mean "black"….it means black AND white. I am biracial, and fervently proud of it.

      5. deb says:

        I agree…why does it only have to be black or white? When biracial people only identify with one of the races, it eliminates 1/2 of who they are, which doesn't sound right to me.

      6. B NYC says:

        The truth is in this country, being part Black is the same as being full Black. And being a "full black" African American is actually rare in this country.

      7. Historically, if you had any know black ancestry you were still treated as sub-human, even if you were part white. During slave times, your white father would also be your owner…a black person that is mixed or biracial still faces black problems, and is not seen as white. You could be mostly white and if it got out that you were part black, there were disastrous consequences…so if you have obvious black ancestry, you are lumped in with the rest of the black population, even if you don't identify with them. Which is why most do.

    152. M. Davis says:

      Do you know what it's like to be teased in school for having a big nose? Or picked on for being extremely dark-skinned? And let's be clear, most of the kids doing this type of teasing are African American, too. This type of bullying and mistreatment can having a lasting, negative effects on child and teen's self-esteem right up to adulthood. Now image someone who's endured this eventually becomes a celebrity. The self-esteem issues aren't just gonna grow legs and walk away. You mentioned MJ. Yes, let's take a look at him. Despite his superstar status and unprecedented success, anybody could tell he was still one messed up individual on the inside with some serious self-esteem issues. Now, do you really expect for someone who has self-esteem issues and has been picked on as a child because of their physical appearance to resist temptation to change their appearance when they have limitless money and access to greedy plastic surgeons?

      Plus I don't know of one single person that hasn't found something about their physical body/appearance that they wouldn't change if they could. It's just that these celebs have the means to do it (though some achieved more successful results than others). All I'm saying is, before you judge these celebs, try to see why they might have chosen this path. And stop living in a fantasy world where "beauty is not defined by hair, noses and skin color". That's just not reality! Sorry.

    153. Diana says:

      You sound racist in your speech. How dare you say someone doesn't like black people, you cannot cast judgment onto one race just because you've encountered a few idiots from that particular race. I know there's racist out there, I'm not saying that, I'm just saying not everyone is like that. I LOVE BLACK people. My best friend is a dark skinned black woman and I respect her so much, and love her like she's my sister. You have to give people a chance before you make assumptions on an entire race.

    154. Jen says:

      What's with all the religious fanaticism in here?

      1. pete G says:

        Well the last 3 words were right – (its just the other 410 … hmmm…

    155. Faye says:

      Wtf are you talking about? Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot. Way to pick up on a retarded trend that only a few black celebs do and blow it way out of proportion. Stop talking, please. Stop. You look like a complete and utter asshole.

    156. Ally says:

      Obviously lighting had something to do with over half of the photos here. You're an idiot for writing such a fucking idiotic article. Way to waste two minutes of my time. I feel dumber after reading this.

      1. BOOOM! says:

        That is the gist of the whole stoy dummy. Right on point my sister with this article. I'm sick of this bullish these artists and models who change their skin color are on too.

      2. KaKatwe says:

        You feel dumber? so you were already dumb prior to reading this?

      3. thandi says:

        lol Kakatwa

    157. sdfsdf says:

      their lowered self-esteem is good for a pimp like me

    158. Shelley says:

      How ignorant… First off, Anglo is a Hispanic term, not English. People of European descent have the features you think these women aspire to. Many people try to look different than nature intended, so why do you take offense when women of color do it?

      1. Mercedes S. says:

        How true. Plus, most actors and actresses who came to Hollywood in the "glamour period" (30s,40s,50s) hade their looks altered, whatever their racial background. Clark Gable had bad breath, caused by poorly fitted false teeth; Joan Crawford's whole mouth was altered because of painful, unnecessary surgery, and so on.

        Black actresses who were lighter skinned or had European features got the best jobs, then and now. Don't blame the performers, blame the society.

    159. zsazsa says:

      U forgat beyounce lol…her ass is getting tired to look at

    160. Taleah says:

      Beyonce did not bleach her skin that’s just lighting and makeup RiRi also did not bleach her skin she’s from the islands so she had a sun kiss glow now she’s in the states so she has a lighter complexion duh the only people that have is Sammy and that’s because Spanish people also don’t like to have dark skin tones and let me get to lil Kim she’s unhappy with her life and felt like she was ugly but let me tell you she still is ugly doesn’t matter your complexion ugly is ugly she talked a lot of stuff about nicki being fake when her whole body is faux micheal well that’s another subject and Tyra banks did not bleach her skin get your facts straight

      1. Guest says:

        It's not all bleaching (the article). RiRi had a nose job (at least it looks that way in the pic).

    161. Mee says:

      Tyra didnt lighten her skin but she defintely got a nose job

    162. cyndilouwho says:

      Lil kim messed her face up

    163. Beyonce Booty says:

      In each case, they all looked better with lighter skin. skin as dark as tar is not beautiful. skin as pale as a piece of paper is not beautiful either.

      1. Melanie Ernestina says:

        That's seriously the most ignorant peice of crap I have ever heard…..

    164. Jason says:

      The photo of Lark Voorhies is of HER MOTHER, not Lark. I can excuse a mistake but what a horrible example of journalism. Not the subject but the execution. When ever I've tried to tan I don't think,"Man I secretly yearn to be an African American. If these celebrities want to do whatever they want with their bodies let them!

      1. billie says:

        then y are u tanning if you do not want a dark skinned (black person) color

    165. LiliRoze says:

      This is the most ridiculous thing . . . In each photo, the hair color and outfit and lighting affect the TONE of the skin, that's all. Sammy Sosa used to spend every summer outside playing baseball, so it is completely understandable that he would be darker in some photos (people of color DO tan, you know!). And the Michael Jackson photo — seriously, his MEDICAL CONDITION that caused his skin to lighten is well-publicized, not to mention his obsession with plastic surgery.

      So you have a celeb with body dysmorphic disorder, one who plays sports outside, and the rest of them show different hair and clothing and lightning. So Tyra Banks had her nose done. Maybe she has a deviated septum. Sheesh! Some "breaking news story."

      1. KMann says:

        Michael J wanted to be white, associated himself with white people, both male and female, and preferred little white boys. the only thing black about him was some old photographs and his mooching family.

      2. Hmmmmmm says:

        Right on!

        Some can't handle the truth….. don't even want to know the truth……

      3. money says:

        I do not know about all the other celebs but Sammy Sosa admitted that he used a skin cream that lightened his skin. He even says he may endorse the cream in the future. I suspect many other celebs did also. In other countries such as India, countries in southeast Asia and Africa people admit to using skin lightening creams because it is socially acceptable ( even encouraged), But since skin lightening is not widely encouraged or accepted in the African American community in the USA, many celebs and regular people with money keep it a secret.

    166. Melanie Ernestina says:

      Why did you bother writing this article?? I'm very confused. Shame on you darling. Try again.

    167. Jenna says:

      First off, many Black Celebrities have done Bleach whitening including T. Turner and W. Houston among many others. The idea behid Blacks turning white is not ONLY the skin tone change but also the change into White facial Features, Hair, Eye Colour. If we're talking Genetics, the most prominent Gene wins, therefore, if you're mixed and you come out Black…YOU ARE Black! Michael Jackson Has done nothing different what Blacks do now. His extreme Pale skin after bleaching his skin Results also in Vitilgo Effects. Blacks who are commenting are just in DENIAL and hating the fact that they are obsessed into going white. Asians too change facial features like a White Person.

      The difference of a white going tanning doesn't mean they want to be black, since they don't go into extreme measure to COPY Black genetic attributes.

      1. thandi says:

        I had to laugh but yes you are right in you assessment that there is a lot of denial, especially about turning our skin tone to almost or darn near white. However, there is so much more to talk about in our community , like education, jobs etc – I find more and more that we are talking about hair textures and/or skin tones, instead of real issues.

        Mind you there are other artists who are successful who, I think, have never ever considered changing their skin tone. 50 cent, Jay Z, Kelly of former destinys child , Kanye West – the list is endless. Perhaps there should be an article about their refusal to bleach, if these are the pressing issues in the black community.

        Perhaps this article is a reflection f what is important to black people

    168. disgusted says:

      Emerald Pellot, by writing this, you have shown your rascism towards all people., white, black, brown, tan, yellow, ect. I cannot believe I wasted the two minutes it took to read you trash. I will avoid reading your article from now on.

      1. hmmmm? says:

        truth hurt much?

    169. lol says:

      article fail?

    170. Dark One says:

      This has to be a fake article. And I'm ashamed I wasted time reading it. Sure some of the celebs (I don't even know who some of these people are) look crazy, but white? That's stupid.

    171. KMann says:

      it should also be mentioned that it seems like when a black man rises to fame through acting, singing, or sports, it seems like they think they haven’t ‘arrived’ until they have a beautiful white woman on their arm – or at the alter. these are some of the best white women that money can buy. so maybe that’s why so many black women want to be white? and maybe for their entire lives they’ve seen these rich black men with a blonde hanging onto their arms so that they too have started to equate success with skin color and hair type. surely Michael Jackson equated skin color with success until he eventually turned himself into a bleached plastic freak who only slept with white boys. (as a white man, my favorite example of a black beauty is Gabriel Union who I believe hasn’t changed a thing – very pretty woman). I believe i’m onto something here.

      1. geeeeez! says:

        sorry to burst your bubble…… but yes, SHE HAS HAD A NOSE JOB!
        They ALL do eventually. Shameful really…………

    172. tina says:

      You did not just put Michael Jackson on this list! You ignorant bitch!

      1. Jan says:

        Pop a Valium… why are you so angry?

      2. Amy says:

        like really!!!!!

      3. bootypop37 says:

        You go girl.

      4. Tommy says:

        yea, that F*ing child molester bleached his skin. Sure he ha a skin condition or whatever that changed it, but he should actually be in the number 1 spot for most drastic change. No matter how much he changed his skin, its still black

      5. Bibby says:

        get ur facts right, he was proven innocent for the charges and he did have a skin condition. He went through a lot and no1 has the right to judge others. are u perfect….? dont judge others and let them be. Only the almighty Lord has the right to judge….

    173. Eustace says:

      You should take Beyonce, Rihanna and Tyra off of this list. They other are valid, even though Michel said he had a disease he still went out of his way to get more European features like his nose and hair. Contrary to popular belief these artist seldom have 100% control over pictures of them published by the magazines. The mags have the last say and many of them airbrush and do change colouring. The three I mentioned only appear lighter in magazine photos not in real life. The other have done something to appear lighter on purpose.

      1. stu says:

        Yes Tyra off. But BS on your B&R. & did u believe Mikey when he said those slumber parties were inocent times? PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease.

      2. CINDY says:


    174. Conbrio says:

      Michael Jackson didn't belong to this list, he had a skin disease called Vitilago.

      Most of the others just look like a make up and lighting issue.

      1. Cybrdg says:

        Yeah, yeah that's what it was. And skinny noseilago. And hairstraightilago. And…whateverelseilago. LOL

      2. Kit says:

        True. I'm fully black, and I've taken pictures completely in the light, that make me look biracial.

    175. NubianQueen says:

      I love this article for talking about things most people in the black community either is blind to because they don't care or don't want to talk about. In my opinion people associate dark skin and afros are with slavery, some people think dark skin and kinky hair is ugly. I've had a dark skin female tell me that dark skin babies are ugly and light skin babies are beautiful. Bleaching your skin in my opinion is disgusting and an insult to your race. Our ancestors should be turning over in their graves for the stupidity black people today are doing. Slave mentality is still going strong centuries later!

    176. PrettyinInk says:

      Well, how are they going to continue to cry about inequality now?

      1. Cybrdg says:

        Don't worry. They will

    177. kym says:

      Some are correct, but Beyonce, Tyra and Rhianna… nope. Still black. i'm always surprised at the celebs are very light skinned in person and appear much darker in photos, like Brandy

    178. Debbie Bee says:

      Often we hear people on entertainment shows calling Halle Berry beautiful or Beyonce but never a dark skinned African American. This affects all of us society is brainwashing all if us into thinking whites are beautiful, smart, innocent etc. We blacks are made to appear as the opposite. Even black men on TV I’ve noticed they have bald heads; can you name one black actor with hair? Janet Jackson used to be darker and had a wider nose, she took her cue from Michael. And the other Jackson siblings look slightly freakish. The writer if this article did the right thing, it may be painful to accept that people who used to look like us, now, prefer to be with whites, and be accepted by them. We Black’s are an after thought. Great article.

      1. Cybrdg says:

        It's got nothing to do with skin color. Have you ever seen an actual ethiopian? Generally as black as midnight and most are STUNNING. African Americans? Not so much. Try putting down the KFC and putting on clothes that actually FIT you and perhaps it'd be a start. Go REALLY nuts and wear a proper bra and girdle while you're at it. Skin color? Gimme' a break.

      2. Cybrdg says:

        Another dunce. Do any of you people know what Florida's greatest industry is? SUN TANS YOU MORONS! I actually LIVE in Florida and we all spend most of our spare time trying to DARKEN our skin! People come here from all over the planet to "work on their tans". Grow the hell up; the bunch of you. Climb down off your collective crosses and find something WORTH whining about.

      3. jaylu says:

        Great response….it makes you wonder what is really going on in the minds of people who have posted angry responses to this article, they either worship these celebrities too much or wish they looked more white themselves

      4. Play day says:


    179. Michelle Karman says:

      I agree with all of you who have the understanding to know where the author was going with this article. It is true that many well-known Blacks try to look White, obviously a ploy to be more acceptable to the White majority. I used to straighten my hair but no more! I am very light-skinned and have had brown-skinned Black women tell me that they wish they had my skin color! Why? Blacks have been told over the centuries that Black skin is ugly, Black features are ugly…except on White women, of course. It is unfortunate that Black people are so brain-washed. And yes, the Jacksons are some of the biggest White-wanna bes on the planet. Michael may have had vitiligo (and maybe not, since no doctor ever offered proof of this, not that I wanted it), but the truth of the matter is, he hated being Black, having brown skin and Black features, and he did not want Black children. That’s why he adopted White children.

    180. Lizzy says:

      Did you know that black skin ages slower? Do you know what a gift that is. Dark skinned black women in their 60s often have the skin of women twenty years younger. That's because the collagen in dark skin is thicker, thus eliminating the wrinkles that are a problem for white women. Our bones are denser too, thus less likely to get osteoporosis. Did you know are muscle remains stronger through the years? It's all scientifically true.

      So, the next time you want lighter skin, tune in to one of those housewife shows. Take a look at all the plastic surgery, the botox, all things not needed in the black race. Also think about the thick lips we have naturally. No need to have plastic surgery to get them. No need for injections or skin peels.

      Tired of the white woman who got your man? Well, take a look at the middle-age white women with the young black man by their side. They're the same age. Know that as dark-skinned beauties, we have more time to get the man of our dreams because we're still hot and pushing 70. And also know that any man who would date a woman solely for her skin color is not worth the time of day. Because God created beauty in all skin colors and no one has the right to tel him that He is wrong.

    181. Lisa says:

      There is a noun for the word ethnic. It is ethnicity. It appears that the author's education was a waste. The author sounds ignorant. Perhaps this is her style?

    182. Cybrdg says:

      Ummmm. And what would you do with a life if you actually HAD one? Who GIVES a "shiz" [sic]?

    183. Lisa E. says:

      Maybe it's just a style people like, because it's totally different? You can't deny that most girls don't like what they were born with, black or white. There are always things to complain about…our skin tone, our hair color, our facial features, being too thick or too thin etc. And because we don't like it, we decide to change it. And what's better then the total opposite of what it was before?
      The only problem is that some people still see skin tones as before… It isn't anymore, skin tone is more about color and beauty then ever. It's about standing out.

    184. Marilyn Wounded Head says:

      At least you get to hollywood, Native Americans aren't represented. However, I seen Oprah's nose change, and she is in a prominent position to help this change. In the 60's the Native Americans experienced forced assimilation. Even cartoons put our race down, so we were either ignored completely from this society or made fun of.

    185. Fuck you says:

      Author is black. And Dumb. Classy.

    186. stephanie says:

      none of these photos show black stars turning white, its just lighting , and skin does change with age as well. You need to get a life

    187. sarah f says:

      oh please if i tell you i give you the money to change your nose your hair and your skin im sure you will do it.. i used to think black people hate them self and make them self feel like white people are better you just prove it girl, acting like you are proud of who you are im not buying it, if people want to look like an unicorn you just let them and stop being ridiculous

    188. Que says:

      This is mostly in defense of MJ: There is such a thing as skin-bleaching. That's common knowledge. However, I don't understand why people continue to dismiss the fact that Michael Jackson had vitiligo. It was proven on his autopsy report. The skin disorder is on Joseph's side of the family (Michael's aunt had it). Enlightening oneself to that fact does not dismiss the (somewhat) valid claims of the author concerning many celebrities in Hollywood. It isn't a far stretch also to believe that Michael suffered from Body Dismorphic Disorder. (I would challenge the author and others to read up on both vitiligo and BDD – as well as Michael's discoid lupus, which, surprise, is an autoimmune disease that accompanies skin disorders such as…you guessed it…vitiligo). The skin agents he used on his skin (benoquine and hydroquinone) are typical treatments for vitiligo suffers.

      And for educational purposes, Michael Jackson is not the first prominent African-American to suffer from universal vitiligo. Research Arthur Wright – November 1978 Ebony Magazine.

      No one is denying that Michael had several cosmetic surgeries. And even if they did stem from a racial standpoint (though I don't believe they did), how in the world can one dismiss the obviously traumatic effects of your father calling you ugly and ridiculing your nose? Sure, dismiss it as teasing. Yet, don't ignore the historical effects of race science and how they affected our brothers and sisters for centuries. This ain't just a Michael Jackson problem, folks.

      My issue comes when people suggest that white people have a monopoly on certain facial features. Whites are not the only ones who possess straight noses. It's pathetic that this is the marker of beauty by the mainstream (and unfortunately, black Americans) alike. Yet, that idea just didn't come out of nowhere. It's generational. It's saddening as much as it is sickening. Also, the last time I checked marrying outside your race doesn't change your ethnicity or ancestral background. Didn't all of us (as African-Americans) fight for the right for miscegenation? It's hard to understand how someone marrying outside their race becomes such an issue when people fought, died, and got arrested for the right to do so. My issue does not stem from black men loving white women. My issue comes from black men hating black women. There IS a supreme difference. And there's no evidence to support that MJ hated them. (And btw, Michael dated Stephanie Mills in the 70s and Shana Montagal before Lisa Marie in the 90s – both African-American women. And Stephanie has been quite vocal over the years about her dating Michael.). Sure, Michael's kids may be of another race. But last time I checked, he had the right to. And my blackness is not predicated on what he did or did not do with this choice of procreation.

      I get the overall jist of this article. I understand that blackness and beauty is an ever evolving issue – especially in these prejudiced and historically racist United States of America. I feel sorry for many of these people. But I don't hate them. I don't even know them or what they've been through to get to that point. And btw, "whiteness" is a social construct. Theoretically, one can't turn themselves "white."

      1. Jaye Lowe says:

        It's not necessarily an individual fulfilment of a dream, but rather something hollywood demands in order for blacks to be in the mix. Homosexuality is another requirement of many blacks for rap or tv or movies; especially men. And to your other point, there are blacks living in some nations who are natural blondes.

    189. Ana says:

      oh really? make a post about white girls that tan .. -.-'

    190. Someone says:

      Oh no you didn't! You did not just put Michael Jackson up there, girl!

    191. Pam says:

      This doesn't just affect one ethnicity….I'm a white girl and still feel the pressure to have blonde hair…small nose…but it does suck. If they just showed how beautiful the person was naturally…I have thought that before too though. Wondered why Nicky Minaj seemed so white. I wish I was that tan!

    192. KARMACAN says:


    193. Linn says:

      No they just look like black people who've had plastic surgery. About as ridiculous as white people with fake, dark tans and over-filled lips. Just be who you are, not a bunch of altered fools.

      1. Play day says:

        Blacks wanna be white and the whites wanna be black!! It's a damn circus!!!!! Nobody's happy!

    194. Angelia says:

      Sammy Sosa and Lark Voohries….o.m.gigi….very alarming.

    195. MsMinaa says:

      Rihanna, Tyra Banks and Beyonce should not be on this list! It's sooooooo obvious that Bey used a bronzer in the "before" picture and there is honestly no difference in Rihanna's before and after and it's clear that Tyra had surgery but no bleaching …

      1. Play day says:

        Can you seriously say that she didn't lighten her face and body? Are you blind??

      2. Nat says:

        I agree, they look exactly the same skintone.

    196. Elizabeth says:

      My understanding is that Lark Voohries suffers from a combination of bipolar disorder, vitaligo, and lupus. Meds taken for lupus and bipolar disorder will often often permanently change the contours of your face and body, make it puffy, weight gain etc. The lightening of her skin could be from her trying to combat the blotchiness of her skin tone from the vitaligo. That and bad make up in an attempt to mask the effects.

      As for Micheal Jackson, lord knows he had issues. Some of which, like the VITALIGO and Body Dismorphic disorder were beyond his control. Catty much?

    197. Ae1150 says:

      Sammy Sosa looks pretty terrible but I think a lot of his skin tone change has to do with the fact that he retired from a sport that is played outside. Including spring training and the season when your job requires you to be outside 8 months out of the year, you will naturally be more tan than normal. Now he is retired and probably spends a lot less time outside.

    198. Jo Mama says:

      Shattered my fanatasies, Trina McGee. I loved that hair. Sickest shit ever. The pressures from Shawn finally got to her. Lol!

    199. Play day says:

      Oh my! Little Kim looks CCCRRRAAAZZYYY!!!!

    200. chuckiechan says:

      Somehow, this whole article seems very racist. Basically, you are saying that "blackness" determines the content on one's character.

      Isn't this the racism that was so injurious in the past?

      1. Read a book man. Read a book.

    201. myla seidel says:

      Aside from Michael Jacksons afro, i think they looked in the before photos

    202. deb says:

      Hollywood is or should be kept separate from the 'real' world. To those people, looking a certain way is part of their job, basically. But in the real world, we should be more concerned with real issues & teaching our children that the people in the entertainment industry are not their role models. The trouble is when society tries to follow them.

      1. yepyerright says:

        entertainment is a visual medium. if you are extremely pale or dark you phptpgraph differently. taylor swifts brows and lashed are white blonde, she has to wear dark eyes/bright lip makeup for contrast so her features show up. but a very dark skinned person would look strange if using that same technique (contrast) they would have to wear light mascara and lipcolor to create contrast and show up their features. makeup/hair suitable for entertainers being photographed is an art and totally different from everyday makeup. so yes hollywood is separate and different. it is art.

    203. Angelika says:

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    205. Black Cherry says:

      Black is Beautiful!!!!!!! We are people of color, that is the way God made us…………..People of different shades…….And when mixed (black & white), different shade, hair texture, and different things change. Just be thankful for who we are as God has created us, each person with his or her own creation from God…..

    206. Angelina says:

      James Brown sang "Say It Loud – I'm Black and I'm Proud", but when Nicki Minaj (for example) bleaches her skin it doesn't look like she is proud of being herself. If I were black I would've found it disrespectful.

    207. don says:

      Its a well known fact, even black children, when presented with a doll of a black person or a white person, will pick the white doll most of the time.
      I think black people are just jealous, their women are unanimously rejected by their own males in favor of white women.
      The real issue concerning beauty, is what reflects from within. Big mouthed, loud, trashy, violent women with the hands in someones face, talking smack, sounding ignorant, is the norm for your race. Learn to act respectful to OTHER people before you demand to receive any, and maybe you'll be treated better.

    208. Anon. says:

      I think they all look much better in their before photos. Fame makes people do all manners of things, unfortunately that is part of the business that they chose for themselves. They want to be 'accepted' by their peers or to 'stand out' more or 'one up somebody' else, it is sad. I say, "Be proud of who you are, God didn't make a mistake."

    209. VICollegeKidd says:

      LOL this is silly to me! half of the pictured celebs have on BAD MAKE UP!!
      BLONDE is just a hair color! Lil' Kim has an issue and so does Micheal Jackson. did it ever occur to you that some of these people are of MIXED RACE? LOL oh and FYI sammy sosa is Hispanic, its a cultural thing they do (sadly) and Rihanna is from Barbados, and island where there is sun ALL THE TIME, the minute someone from the Caribbean relocates to the states and experience the weather OUR SKIN COLOR LIGHTENS SMH! my mom was naturally light skinned and over the years her skin darkend, her body to toned becuase where she worked, so the fact that my mom is now trying to restore her natural skincolor makes her ashamed of her blackness? FUCK OUTTA HERE!

      1. Denise says:

        You couldn't be more wrong about Caribbean's , I'm Caribbean and I have not lost my color or features just because I relocated. I've been here over 50 years and I'm still dark olive skinned, with my round nose, dark aurburn hair and proud of it .Puerto Ricans and Dominicans come in different colors but we are not like chameleons we don't change colors depending on our environment.

      2. Valeria says:

        LOL! Denise that is funny…I agree we are not Chameleons! I am Dominican and Puerto Rican, but I look like any other black American except that I just happen to have long curly/wavy black hair and speak spanish. (I get asked if my hair is a weave all of the time because for some reason ALL dark skinned black females are supposed to have short kinky hair or something) and how I learned spanish so well (lol).

        I have never gotten lighter over the years, if anything, darker, and my although my nose is not very wide, it's still not an "anglo"nose and I love being in the carribean sun and love my chocolate brown tone very much…even if no one else does. The funny thing is, everytime I'm out and about, it's White men who come up and ask me for my number. To each his own.

      3. Tai says:

        Exactly…80% of the people here are biracial. I didn't see any difference in Tyra Banks' pictures. I also believe it was unfair to include Rihanna. This girl also dies her hair Apple red…No person (black or white) has hair that color. I don't think it has to do with trying to be white, but trying to stand out.

      4. Eyes Rolling! says:

        Tyra had a nose job. You can definitely see it! She even admits she had one. But they all usually say it was due to breathing problems.. yeah, right.


    210. Joe says:

      Surely none of this matters as it’s purely commercial anyway. I’ve never looked-up with admiration at any of these people (referring to celebrities in general) as they haven’t really contributed anything towards society like for example Edison, Tesla or Steve Jobs. These singers you mentioned or any other for that matter don’t even register in my mind so why should I worry what they look like I.e. they’ll never influence my personality unlike the rest of the masses. Unfortunately it says a lot when articles like this are being written. What a waste of time considering the huge issues we facing in today’s society. Wake up my friends. I’m sincerely starting to lose hope in you.

      1. carpe that diem says:

        You have to keep in mind that many people do subscribe to celebrity culture and see artists, actors and the like as more important than entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs. Whether you like it or not, celebrities are the role models for many people, including a large number of teenage girls. When celebrities of colour choose to whiten their skin so that they appear more European, they are sending the message that no, it is not okay to be a minority. They are saying that the only way to look beautiful is to be white. It's a message that re-enforces discrimination, and encourages people of colour to feel inferior solely because of their physical appearance.

        Don't act superior. Telling people to 'wake up' isn't going to solve anything. Yes, I agree with you that it's kind of ridiculous how much our culture invests into celebrities. However, the fact remains that many celebrities are role models, and that by bleaching their skin, celebrities who should be inspiration to minorities are actually saying that the only way to be successful in the world is to be white.

        Just because you aren't personally influenced by celebrities doesn't mean that other people aren't. Don't dismiss an issue as trivial just because you can't empathise with others.

    211. Jack Love says:

      You are so utterly 100% right about this, Emerald. Few things really look more disturbing, freakish, moronic, sick, deceitful and manipulative than an African-American with blonde hair. I can't think of anything more expressive of desperation, self-loathing and racial dysphoria. I can't even stand to LOOK at Nicki Menaj, she's so horrible….

      1. itsahumanthing says:

        there are people in the s. pacific who have african features and brown skin and blonde hair…naturally! i saw a girl who had bleached her hair and brows but she wore it short & natural, littl/no make up…she looked classy and it made her features pop and she looked african american and nothing else. that said tho, entertainers/celebs have to negotiate a whole bizarre surreal culture in their work….hard to stay sane…jackson's father used to hate on his nose and call him ugly…hard to say why somewone go overboard on surgery but white people aplenty do it too so it's not necessarily trying to look like another race. too much surgery is a psych issue that goes deeper than race?

    212. Tikachu says:

      How about we let people do what they want with their bodies without making it a judgment on their skin color? :3 cha.

    213. This is a valid argument, but you phrase your argument so poorly. Why can't we set the discussion about Hollywood, and the pressures to fit in/sell out, into parameters that open a debate, and not just a blathering rant that will alienate any white person that reads your article?

      1) Should HUMANS alter their looks to meet what they assume are societies artistic levels of acceptance?

      Now that is a question, phrased in a way a lot of readers can think about without feeling like they are being attacked. Boob jobs, Nose jobs, hair coloring, tattoos, blah blah blah.. I can not remember the last time I saw an article about how "White people are getting sun tans trying to be more African to become popular!" But guess what? White people get sun tans to try to be more beautiful and accepted by the mainstream world. So how come a white person getting a sun tan or trying to look like a person of color, or talking like a ghetto survivor, or wearing his hat sideways, or hanging his pants around his knees, or doing the moonwalk, or borrowing from black culture in any way is fine, but a black person getting a nose job to have an "anglo" nose is the worst thing in the world? It seems to me people are always trying to be different, and constantly searching for something other than what they have. Why all the hatred regarding race and stuff? The fundamental situation you are referring to crosses race lines, and has to do with ANYONE who tries to be "POPULAR!" in the first place.

      You have some really silly statements here BTW, like "If you notice when people get nose jobs it isn’t to widen or round their noses" Give me a break, if you thought getting your nose broadened widened or rounded was such a great idea, how come you haven't run out and had your nose rounded or broadened? You are arguing for the sake of selling press, or just speaking out your ass. Hollywood is a nightmare, write about that, but no one ever asked Denzel Washington to get plastic surgery, and everyone loves him just the way he is.

      It's also sacrilegious to speak ill of the dead, Michael Jackson was honored by more black civil rights activists as he lay in his coffin than any other black American besides Martin Luther King Jr. He is thought of as black by the entire world, and loved so very much for it. No black American has done more than Martin Luther King Jr, Mohamed Ali, and Michael Jackson to further the love and respect of the African American people. Good bless them for it, those beautiful black brothers who made this world a better place for you and for me.

      1. wendy says:

        you read my though,,most people are not happy the way they are regardless or color or race,,but those who can change do and the one who are afraid of changes don't…get it? they write out of frustration..

    214. V.Golden says:

      Regardless of all the bleaching,tying,dying,etc.one day,the human race be all the same color. Think about it.

      1. afddfas says:

        I though libturds where all for diversity

    215. Libra says:

      I look at it as a slap in the face to GOD. HE made us the way we are & we should proud of it. It's like saying GOD made a mistake & we know GOD don't make mistakes,,,we do.

    216. GODHELPUS says:

      do what u want this was just stupid write about us blacks going to jail leaving school not this DUMB SHIT

    217. Kimisu says:

      Ok Rhianna an Tyra are already light skinned but damn the others that's a shame adore the skin your in for you will face you creator again one day

    218. nikaislove says:

      szoo truue!

    219. jennifer says:

      is that beyonce in the 4th picture? her first picture looks like she's used a sort of skin bronzing, so maybe she didn't really lighten her skin.

    220. Jenny says:

      Michael Jackson did not have no damn vitiligo! Michael just wanted to be white, fact! These people are pathetic.

      1. Michael says:

        He did have vitiligo, but changed unfortunately none the less. He did not have to do that.

      2. Cindy B says:

        The coroner confirmed he had vitiligo. Why don't you check your facts?

    221. Rachael says:

      what did Lil Kim do to herself? Dang.

      1. Miguelito says:

        That's Li'l Kim ?!! I thought it was a friggin' Kabuki mask ! Her and Nicky Minaj – Now, that's 'ugly' on a terrifying level…

    222. Kate says:

      Sorry, but looking at pictures between then and now, you cannot deny that Beyonce or Tyra Banks have had European noses grafted onto their faces.

      This article is not just about skin colour, but ethnic features in general. I can't help but feel a little sad for those African American icons who have been persuaded to alter their appearance to look "more mainstream". I don't understand why people aren't allowed to just be themselves.

      Fair enough, relaxed hair is easier to manage or you're unhappy with a facial feature. Keep losing weight until you lose your natural curves? How far does one go? Most of these people have done all of the above and it seems too coincidental that they happen to tick the boxes of approval for mainstream beauty.

      Beauty comes in many forms. No one should be "conforming" to a single standard.

      1. Sarah says:

        I don't think any of those celebs are trying to be white they all look black in the after photos except michael Jackson and who cares if Rihanna Tyra and Beyonce got a nose job? White celebs get nose jobs too but heaven forbid a black person gets on? We live in a racists society.

    223. Amber says:

      Am I the only one to differ that Sammy aint black he dominican?!? If ya don’t know now ya know.

      1. sup says:

        Sure he's dominician. There's a thing called Afro Latino or black latinos. Afro/black latinos are in majority of Latin America. South America/Central America/caribbean and even Mexico has some population. But alas the latin america are doing the 'anglo' thing too.

      2. JenX says:

        dominicans are black!! READ

    224. Anna says:

      Most of these hardly changed.

      Rihanna's first picture was from when she JUST came over from the islands, where she was in the sun 24/7, now she's a party animal and probably mostly lives during the night and no longer on a tropical islands so she would look paler.

      On top of that there is the cheekbone highlighter on all of them. It makes them look paler but ultimately its purpose is to make people look less tired and make their cheekbones look more pronounced. Kim Kardashian does it non-stop, the "triangle" between her eyes, nose and cheekbones is done with a light concealer and lighter foundation to make her look like she has no such thing as underline circles or baggies and it makes her bone structure look more pronounced.

      MJ was sick one way or another – I honestly believe he had vitiligo, and when patches of his skin started looking unnatural he was vain and bleached all of his skin to make it stop. I have seen vitiligo (as well as many eastern asian women who used bleaching creams and started getting white patches) and it is NOT pretty – someone in the public eye would want to counter that; even with bleach.

    225. Y. Mitchell says:

      Michael Jackson did have vitiligo.. There is no procedure that will lighten the skin to that degree.. Please do research on the disease. I dunno what's up with the pic of Sammy Sosa..

      1. Amy says:

        it appears he has the same disease as Michael Jackson……………lol

    226. vernell hampton says:

      damn shame….

    227. Nojhk says:

      It's called make-up, dumb ass.

    228. Char says:

      The author of this article is spot on and to all the people saying she’s “ignorant..racist..etc” are either NOT wanting to hear the truth or have been living on another planet!! Just because you may have never experienced what it’s like to be put down and made to feel ugly & less than because of your “ethnic” features, does’nt mean you should dismiss this as bullshit & not truth..that’s unfair & VERY inaccurate!! I know about this on a very personal level so i am a living testament that it’s VERY real in the black communities. We as african americans living in this country have been told scince slavery that our unique features & dark skin is UGLY..that poisonous venom was beaten into our ancestors & our people continued to spread the poison on down from generation to the next!! I was teased without MERCY about my wide nose all throughout school..only from the BLACK kids!! To this day i still have a serious complex about it..all that teasing long years ago scarred me & RUINED my self esteem!! I’ve hadmany people of all races tell me i’m beautiful but it’s VERY hard for me to accept those compliments because i HATE my nose! Many of our young beautiful daughters are going through the same things..WAKE UP!!!

    229. Sumati says:

      From the picture of the author looks like she's lightened her skin tone with an an effect off instagram too

    230. I feel like for Beyonce's pic she may have been tan in one and her normal color in the other. I'm black and I'm an actress, I have no want or plan to change any of my features. However, I have pictures where I'm lighter and darker. In the Summer I tan but when winter comes I'm lighter. I can't help that. I'm naturally a tan/olive skin black person, so its obvious when I get and lose a tan unlike people who are either super pale or super dark. I even have to bring different foundations to set depending on the time of year. In summer I use one color and in winter I use another because my tan is gone, I have no control over that. So I would hate it if some one accused me of lightening my skin just because the seasons changed…

    231. Amanda says:

      I'm glad somebody decided to point this *hit out. I have been strolling through comments and too many of you are still making excuses for this epidemic of self-hate going on with these women. it's really sad. If I have to put a bunch of make-up on, wear ridiculous weaves and get body altering surgeries or have to stay on extreme diets I don't want ANY kind of fame. You can have it.

    232. ImNoDhimmi says:

      Hey…………..you forgot Me-Chelle Obama.

    233. Kiea says:

      If you are a lighter skinned black women like myself, you tend to tan a little in the summer. So some of these pictures mean nothing. Beyonce, Rihanna and Tyra it depends on if they have been some place warm or used bronzer when the photo was taken.

    234. Miser Doops says:

      Whoever wrote this article is an ignoramus and needs to learn to speak English.

    235. Aggie says:

      I agree very much with the writer.My family and I discuss this all the time. Is it a coincident that most if not all black celebrities are light skinned? And there are those who start off darker and lightens gradually with time..Wake up guys and let say it like it is.!!!

    236. Achelay says:

      on the first picture it different people foxy brown on the left and Lil kim on the right so of course they dont have the same colour!!!!!!!

      1. Beckyboo says:

        U stupid as hell…. That s NOT foxy brown dumb ass… That's ill Kim with the blue hair… Know Ur history, fix your facts!

    237. Achelay says:

      and for most of them it's because of the make up or because even if we are black we tend to tan too!!!!!

    238. randy says:

      extras for the walking dead

    239. Joe says:

      It could be that these women know of the (secret) mandate that black men are given when still young, once they are seen to be on a super star track in any discipline: "You must marry a white woman, my son." These women are hoping to attract a successful black man the only way they can: By appearing to be white, themselves, or at least, less black. No joke intended, here. No racism intended, either.

    240. Reta Taylor says:

      I'm a white woman with a black boyfriend, and my best friend/sister is a gorgeous black woman of 64. She constantly complains of her "wrinkles" and I tell her she better replace her mirror because there isn't a wrinkle to be had on her natural and exotic face. I'm a poet and have been inspired several times to write poetry with her as my muse. We've discussed this very subject many times and both of us argree fully with this author who makes true and credible points. Hacking the very features that make you different looking from every other person on the earth OFF, and/or altering yourself as to be unrecognisable from who you are does NOT beauty make. Living to your utmost with a glow from within DOES. Right, LA Hughes (sister)?!?

    241. j s l says:

      um. nicki minaj is just as indian as she is black. so saying she's a black person turned white is ignorant.

    242. Francesca says:

      I am white and I dye and style my hair and like to be tanned. Does that mean I am ashamed of my ethnicity? No. I get that some of these women may be, but to generalise and say that every single one them is ashamed to be black because they dye their hair/dress a certain way/do their makeup a certain way is counterproductive to what seems to be your goal of having women embrace who they are. If a black woman wants to paint blue lines down her cheeks, wear a kimono and dye her hair blonde it doesn't mean she is trying to hide the fact that she is black, it means that that is how she wants to look and as women I think we should embrace that. The most detrimental thing would be to say that in order to be black she must have dark skin and hair and that if she is not then she isn't proud of who she is.

    243. demaris says:

      Orange eye shadow would lower my self-esteem no matter what color I was.

    244. simon says:

      Lil' Kim looks like Little Kim from the Nail shop.

      1. hey now says:

        many, many black people lighten as they age – seriously. there are ppl in my fam who were one color in their younger years and another as they age. blacks in america are such a blend, so ….
        also deep chemical peels lighten also. blame the way we judge ppl. if you get on better after lightning then shame on us. if it didn't make money ppl wouldn't do it.

    245. Jane says:

      I think it’s funny that black people want to be white or should I say lighter & white people want to be darker by getting spray on tans! Then you have people that are biracial who are raised by their white parent or grandparents & claim to be black! For instance our President, whose mother was white & when she died his white grandparents raised him. Everyone says he’s the 1st” Black President” when he is actually our 1st “Biracial President”.Then their is Hali Berry, Alicia Keys, who are biracial but say they are black when their mothers are white. Makes me wonder how their mothers feel??

      1. Jasmine says:

        First of all, I'd love to see a tanned white person's reaction if someone were to mistake them for "actual black." I've a feeling it would be much less positive than if a minority individual was mistaken for white. Second, that "claiming to be black" thing is nothing new. It's called the One-Drop Rule. People don't want to think that Halle Berry or Alicia Keys are white. That would make "white" a little less "exclusive," know what I mean? And I'm sure that social pressure has influenced their self-images. Finally, their mothers are probably fine. Interracial parents generally don't try to influence their child's racial identity unless they harbor insecurities of their own.

    246. This is the hate that hate produced.

    247. I want to be light,bright and damn near white too!

    248. Lola says:

      The girls were all pretty light skinned mixed race girls anyway, maybe their skin just lightened when they stopped tanning ( yes black people do get darker in the sun). As for the make-up, I can't explain why people want to ruin their looks, but MJ is a good example, a perfectly beautiful black boy who turned himself into a parody of his sisters' looks.

      1. Yes, Lola, Black peoples skin do change according to sun exposure. I live in the Caribbean. I am mixed and both my parents are mixed. My mother is fair-skinned. I am brown and I've noticed that since i am spending less time outside in the blazing sun, my skin has lightened and some people are saying that I'm beginning to look like my mother. In my younger days, I walked a long distance to school in the hot sun, and later, my sales occupation entailed being on the road everyday. I was browner then. I have a cousin who is actually very light-skinned, but started getting dark because of her field job. I've also noticed that living or working in an air-conditioned environment or spending time in a colder country lightens my skin color. However, just like whites tan, if I spend extended periods in the hot sun, my color quickly reverts to darker. While I can't dispute that some people may use the help of bleaching creams, I can tell you that photos of me in good lighting or outdoor sunlight show me up as lighter brown, without using photoshop, hence the reason why some of the celebrities may appear to have lighter skin.

    249. zahra says:

      im multiracial and i have been all different colours from extremely pale to yellow to brown. all because of skin care routines, sun exposure and genetic manifestations. i have never bleached my skin and never will. i can't speak for lil kim, but i dont believe that rihanna has bleached her skin.

    250. Smarte says:

      That is just plain wrong! In all those pictures they looked so much better originally then as the fake people they became. It's funny how many white folks tan to get darker. I'm white and my best friend is black. I would kick his ass if he started doing stupid things like that. I spent the last 3 years in the dirty south and southern black girls are so natural and beautiful, why would anyone want to change that? I would also like to point out MJ had a skin disease, he doesn't belong on the list (although he may have inadvertently helped start this trend).

    251. Rhonda says:

      Having Micheal in there was wrong, he didn't alter his skin color, he had a rare skin condition that lightened his skin like that. Have some respect for the departed.

    252. Ebonics Fail says:

      This writer seems unintelligent. Better go back to school.

    253. kitcat says:

      It must be very strange for these people when they have a child – of course the child hasn't had surgery or bleaching to "fix" their afro features and is a reminder of what used to be. Halle Berry and her daughter are a good example of this.

    254. lexi says:

      black peoples skin lightens without sun whether white people know it or not. and for tyra…she shouldn't be on here,her skin is the same,and black people can lighten their hair or get highlights without white people thinking we're trying to be white!

      1. MsVV says:

        The author of the story is African American lol. and tyra's nose in the second picture is drastically smaller. j/s

      2. bibby says:

        that is so true, am a light skin african but my skin does get lighter and more fairer in winter and then in summer am a bit darker….

      3. Undergraduate says:

        Lexi, us white folk don't even think, for a nano second, about you-all black folks lightening up. So, lighten up. By the way, Emerald is, well sort of, black.

    255. yello? says:

      I really don't think Rihanna or Tyra should be on this list. The difference in their skin tone in those photos is negligible. It could be anything from using different make-up to the lighting that the photographer is using.

    256. Jenny says:

      uuuummmm Sammy Sosa is HISPANIC, not black ? OH! And this is stupid. For all we know, these stars might have spent a lot of their free time in the sun and believe it or not, some of them TAN so it could just be their tan fading over time, their makeup, the lighting in the photographs or the touch ups done on the pictures.

      1. Valeria says:

        Sammy Sosa is Black Latino…just like me. We are from the same country. White people and everyone else consider us black until hey hear us speak, they usually don't know the difference between Black American/African and Dominicans. Sammy also admitted to having his skinned lightened. Facts, not speculation.

      2. Tate says:

        Dicelo more que tu lo sabe y estos parguayos mal informados no.

      3. Tate says:

        Uuuuum! Sammy Sosa is a black man. He may be Hispanic but he is BLACK as this font. Just because he is not "African-American" doesn't mean he is not. You can't deny he is black (neither can he, by the way).

    257. Anon says:

      tyra is there due to her nose job

    258. Anon says:

      damn lil kim… money can't buy class man

    259. Anonymous says:

      Tyra is the same colour. Don't cause problems where there isn't any.

    260. Guest says:

      OMG..they all look horrible, plastic and fake, and if it is make-up they all need a new make up artist. They look so so much older and scary. They think they look good!

    261. black women are so sexy and I don't care if they turn a lighter shade… Rihanna is so hot!

    262. *smooches* says:

      It's amazing to me that the comments on this article were more entertaining than the article itself. Also, who cares?! Black, White, Yellow,, Brown…at the rate we are reproducing and mixing races we will all be some new yellowy/brown color in the future so Enjoy your Black, Rock your White, Mellow your Yellow & Bad A-S-S your Brown while you can.

    263. Most of the women's will look pretty due to their over make up.

    264. Summer says:

      Shut the fuck up…. smh stop hatn

    265. The truth says:

      It is ridiculous. Rihanna, Tyra, and Beyonce did not lighten their skin, different pics make them look lighter or darker. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are a shame to the black race. They don't even look human any more. For the most part, most black women like being black women. Studies show that blacks and hispanics are more happy with the way they look than white women… they just feel others are not happy with the way they look. The problem is with the black people. More whites appreciate the way black women look, then black celebrity women appreciate it. American Blacks are the original Hebrew Israelites, and are cursed. The curse has lifted, but with all the bad things such as slavery, rape, degradation of blacks, segregation, always being put last, not having the same opportunities as every other race, living in ghettos, having to work twice as hard to get anywhere…. Black people do not know who they are. There is more self-hatred with blacks then any other race x5.

      1. Brooke says:

        So true

      2. guest says:

        I'm sorry were you not given a text book in school, to learn from and do something with your life, or did you chose to piss it away. I'm black and I went to school and received a text book, and at the same time I didn't apply myself so I'm not well off, but at the same time I know I did that to myself. Wake up take responsibility for your own actions. Don't wanna live in the ghetto then apply yourself cuz your the only one who can change that. or do you prefer the government tit.
        Secondly this is some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my whole 30 years of life. Women of all races dye their hair or wear contacts, that doesn't mean they don't love their race and the color of their skin, that means they like their hair that color or eyes that color. Not to mention blacks that were actually born with lighter skin, eyes or hair because it does happen. I'm so sick of the were not given a fair chance argument, lifes not fair sometimes you have to work hard for what you want, and when you get it you appreciate more, there's nothing wrong with that.

      3. Monique850 says:

        I so agree ,it`s a shame they feel like that about themselves.

    266. Christine says:

      Sammy Sosa may be in the category of Latino but he is of African blood. "Hispanic, Black, Latino" now we're just getting into semantics but the point of the article is skin bleaching. He DOES look lighter but like many of the comments, it could be the lighting from the photo. As a photographer, you can make someone look lighter and darker in a photograph. I blame some of the magazine publishers who WANT to lighten someone up. They have control over the photos. However, Lil Kim and Lark Voorhies (who was beeeeautiful) have really done permanent damage that transcend just skin lightning. It's terrible…they were both beautiful women.

    267. @SandiNBray says:

      It's always a racial thing. Always. It's true, people tan. If I tan am I ashamed of being white? Am I trying to look Hispanic or mixed? No. What about the white women who get their lips bigger? Are they trying to be African American? If an Asian woman gets breast implants or fix their eyelids is she ashamed of being Asian? We ALL have something we would like to change. We ALL view beauty differently. Write an article about that. Maybe try to view things in a positive way. We all like certain features of EVERY race. Some people like lighter skin like white people. Some people like bigger lips & rear ends like black people. (FYI Nicki Minaj got butt implants to look MORE African American) Some people like smaller noses. Bigger eyes. It's not always a white/black thing. Unfortunately there will always be people who make it that.

      1. Paul says:

        OMG.. darn you for not seeing everything in a racial light! Don't you realize that being reasonable and logical will cause the chronic complainers to melt?

      2. Thank you. The truth is always refreshing to read.

      3. Dana says:

        Well said!

    268. PWB says:

      Their body, their choice. None of your business.

    269. Paul says:

      Michael Jackson had vitiligo. It's an autoimmune condition that attacks the pigment producing cells in the skin. It causes albino white patches at random places on the face and the rest of the body. Do you know how disfiguring that looks on a dark-skinned person? Quit the judging.

      1. So befrore MJ died he spread vitiligo to other blacks in hollywood? Its not judgement,its a realization of TRUTH. Open your eyes & wake up..ARISE!

      2. Dana says:

        That's not the point he was making. He's saying that Michael Jackson didn't purposely lighten his skin to look white. He had an autoimmune disease that results in lost of dark pigment in certain areas of the body. When a dark person has this disfiguring condition, the only way to mask it is by wearing tons of make up and/or lightening the rest of your skin to make these areas stand out less. Ask your dermatologist if you don't believe this.

        As for the other celebrities, this article is ridiculous….those differences could easily result from just being in the sun more or less often. We really need to stop judging Black women whenever they do something with their appearance, especially since no one holds white women to these strict rules. Sitting in the sun for hours in order to get a tan is far more dangerous to your health than any of the hair chemicals or dyes that women use to straighten to straighten your hair or change the color.

    270. Karen says:

      I have a bi-racial nephew and niece (They are 5 and 3) and they are the most beautiful babies in the world… I wouldn't change a thing about them, love them with all my heart:-)

    271. BrookevV says:

      Gosh, the people on here are so stupid and biased. I mean how stupid can you get like really?? We all know that celebs like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have lightened their skin and possibly altered their features in order to be more appealing to society as a whole which equates beauty with white skin and slender noses !! If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't be trying to change a thing!! Come on, it's not rocket science people !! SMH

    272. Chill78 says:

      So what the big deal? Dark skinned people wanna lightened their skin as to white wanna have theirs tanned!! Some white people even walk around looking like orange already how come nobody's making a fuss about that! Some like short hair, others like their hair red, or green, or black….and it was never a race issue!

    273. groundhog22 says:

      I dunno, MJ shouldn't really count in this because he had a disease that turned his skin lighter.

    274. @BrianJLG says:

      Excuse me, are you saying white people don't have an ethnicity? White IS an ethnic group. Wake up.

    275. Guest says:

      "Anglo" is British, dummy. Do you really think Michael Jackson wanted to look like Mick Jagger?

      1. Jaimee says:

        And the 13 colonies that were the basis for the United States were from Britain. So, yes, "Anglo" is correct.

      2. Steve says:

        The Britons and the Angles were different people once.

    276. jojo says:

      With the exception of Rhianna, they all looked uglier, not whiter in the second "after" shot.

      1. Angiepoo says:

        I disagree with you. WIthout exception, they ALL look uglier in the "after" shot, Don't know who is worst but I'll toss up between lil kim and nikki minaj

    277. Look closer says:

      They all have reptile eyes in the 2nd shot…

    278. a j says:

      I have to say that I see fault with this article. I don't know anyone who equates light skin = white skin = beauty. I am a bit light, not light bright damn near white, but I get darker in the spring/summer because I live in the south. I don't use skin lighter, nor did I ever notice it until I started wearing a watch and saw the difference. I had one white exboyfriend who hadn't seen me for years freak out because he didn't know I got darker in the summer. Did you think that some of these folks, such as Tyra gets dark in the summer months like a lot of black folks and she is light the rest of the year. BTW, some Italians get dark too.

    279. Undergraduate says:

      Looks like sista soulja Emerald Pellott is trying to boost her street creds and blackness (yo, y'all look a tad white there sista) by dissin formerly black girls. Hey, sis, how bout white news girls who do their best to get darker? Check out before and after pics of the girl named for a prison –Soledad OBrien– and Adrienne Malvaux. Guess what, Sapphire, they apparently think it's good for their careers to darken up. But if yo be lookin' fo de racis, check out de neares mirror.

    280. Zee says:

      Hair dying and lenses are just another way of accessorising, so long as people recognise your ethnicity, its fine. But I don't know about skin bleaching, that just sounds carcinogenic…

    281. Christina says:

      I think you dropped the ball by adding Tyra- she's still brown.

    282. who cares says:

      As I am a Caucasian person I take offense to the term “Anglo” as not all Caucasian people are of “Anglo” descent ,which if you Google is more or less German, so if you’re going to write about something as stupid as this at least do some research on a word before you use it. And I say if they have the money, do with it as they want to not what others would want them too. Have a nice day and next time please pick a better subject for your next piece. Thank you.

      1. tbee says:

        Caucasian pertains to people from the Caucus region. So you're from there?

    283. Jen says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. EVERY single black person I see gets their hair straighten. If the regular people do it why would celebrities change that? Plus, haven't you heard that food can change your skin tone, these people eat healthy because they have the money to do so, no fatty stuff and LOTS of natural crap. Plus better skin lotions to protect them from the sun (btw the sun makes us darker). Ok MJ is because he wanted to be white and he used medicines and a bunch of stuff, only because he hated his Father not his race. Also, all of the girls you showed where just a little bit lighter, LIGHTS and make up, will make anyone lighter in pictures. Make up its used for the flash also, so it wont show in pics. I use to be darker, but since I havent been to the beach in quite some time, I am lighter than I should be. Next time post about actual (100%) black people that turn white, not people that are actually mix.

    284. Maria Gomez says:

      I actually agree. I was thinking about the same when I saw Nicky Minaj tour-promo photos, she looks completely white. Why? Aren't you trying to promote the pride of being your self? And then yesterday I came across pictures of Price before he got all famous (google Prince Rogers Nelson), and was shocked to see that he was black, I didn't even know that, because of how white he looked!!
      This is an evil circle, as long as black celebrities don't look black, the promote that black is not beautiful enough, you need to be lighter to be beautiful. Not a healthy self-image, is it..

      1. E-man says:

        MJ looked just fine in his Off The Wall and Thriller albums ; and even when he was with his brothers as the Jackson's and J-5. You see where all those surgery got him ; dead at 50 years old. Addicted to Rx drugs !

        A touch or two when you get older is OK; but extreme plastic surgery when you are young ….not advisable !
        I recently saw a pic of jazz great George Benson, it is quite obvious that he had a "nose job" . If you look at his previous album cover , really nothing wrong with his appearance at all. Benson looked handsome and sharp for his age. His new look doesn't look natural.

        I recall on earlier albums by Prince

        Mercy !

      2. E-man says:

        Nicky Minaj looks so fake .
        She was just fine the way she was.
        She had the look of a Cuban, Dominican, or Carribean girl.
        I am sure she is making alot of money; but Now , she looks like a cartoon character .

        Black people and people of color in the Entertainment business
        need to stop "hating" there skin color and Afro centric features !
        It sends the wrong message to other races that we have no pride in ourselves or our appearance !

    285. Becky says:

      Michael Jackson had vitiligo (a skin pigment condition)…not his fault…be fair.

      1. Jacqueline says:

        Yes, very true Michael Jackson had universal vitiligo and he had absolutely no choice or control over his skin losing it's pigment from the inherited condition.

      2. N. Brown says:

        That right Becky. This is a fact, but folks keep trying to say otherwise that he bleached his skin. People who write should research the FACTS before they decide to write stories about someone that is false!! So sick of hearing this about Michael Jackson!!

      3. ron says:

        Did Vitiligo cause him to straighten his nose too? Get real!

      4. john says:

        except he changed his nose and hair. oh, and he also was a pedophile. and he and deep voice

    286. Bob says:

      Many of us (white folks) use self-tanning creams to darken our skin. Interesting, isn't it? Are any of us ever truly happy/proud to look like the way God made us? Seems we all try to change our image, gain weight, lose weight, change hair color, add hair, take off hair, change our skin shade/tone. Why? Personally, my skin is lily white, being a red-haired individual. I prefer my skin be darker–I look better. I feel better. Yet it seems now I want more hair on my body. I want to lose a few pounds, too. I want to look younger. The media often shows us what we should look like. Guess many of us forget who we are, what we are, and try to re-create ourselves to look "like" someone famous??? The media/PR, etc. surely makes millions of bucks off of cosmetics; dermotologists and plastic surgeons are raking it in. We are all so fickle and so geared to "blend in." Interesting.

    287. E-man says:

      There is a serious void in being a proud of one's Afro Centric features.
      Music legend Michael Jackson was na extreme case in point. He started doing it and couldn't stop .

      Alot of those surgeries can lead to Rx drug abuse and damaging your skin and pigmentation as you get older.
      Lil' Kim looks absolutely terrible after her surgery ; if that was an improvement to her she needs glasses.

      If these changes are what people do when they become rich & famous . I would rather remain who I am . God made us exactly the way he wanted us too look.

      Changing your skin color, bleaching one's skin speaks to a form of self esteem and image problems about your appearance.
      Word !

      1. N. Brown says:

        Read my comments to the other blogger who posted like you about Michael J. He DID NOT BLEACH HIS SKIN. He had a pigment disorder disease known as vitiligo which causes a person to loose the dark pigment in their skin. Patches of lighter skin in various parts of the body develop over time and causes a spotted complexion. Michael J. used creams to even out his skin so he would not go around looking like a leopard with spots!! Got it?!!

    288. I agree to an extent. When I saw Beyonce's picture I wasn't surprised. We can all at least agree that she has a serious light skin dark skin issue. (see Ring The Alarm vid, Revlon ad, etc) but the Rihanna one not so much. I think it was more so of lighting. I would love to see more celebs celebrate more ethnic features

      1. Keepingitreal says:

        In the Rihanna picture, I believe it is showing she may have had a nose job. Look closely.

    289. swisslight says:

      Michael Jackson had vitiligo (a skin pigment condition), not his fault!!!!! Please not comment about a person if ya not really know about his life and disease.

      1. Not quite..There's a decent wiki page on the issue here:

        Michael Jackson's health and appearance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson%27s_

        IMO, a shame really. He was quite a good looking kid, but purposely morphed himself into one of the creatures in "Thriller".

      2. john says:

        yeah ,that explains the nose. (sarcasm)

    290. ririlove says:

      rihanna and tyra banks are still the same

      1. purple says:

        gotta check that nose on tyra again. …definite nose job

    291. cha-cha says:

      To everyone saying that Michael Jackson did not bleach his skin, you are wrong… My father has (and I do to, but it is not as developed yet) vitaligo, and it does not gradually and beautifully lighten your skin in one go! It gives you blotches of pale skin all over which grow over time.
      He may have had his skin bleached for that very reason, and I would understand since it is unsightly. But do not say that the condition is what did that to his skin, because that's just not true.

      1. Teri says:

        Actually, didn't he say that was why he bleached his skin? I thought he admitted he bleached it, but that he did it because he had vitaligo? I could be wrong, but I think I read that somewhere..

      2. Bess Moore says:

        Sure! And he didn't have ten nose jobs and chin implants either! Or his chjek bones done! Give me a break! So proud of being black? His children aren't even his! Dumb!!! They are as white as white can be! Get over it! Dead is dead!!

    292. truthbetold2014 says:

      First off, MJ HAS vitiligo. And this is not up for debate because even Oprah said it was true. When she interviewed him she said during the break he rolled up his sleeve and she said his arm was discolored very badly. And his complexion is the same as people with the disease, so yes it is true. Who gives a crap about what they do to their skin or features. It is their bodies, and they have a right to do what the want to it. That is the problem with America. People always sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong. Worry about yourself and not others and what they do. Pretty funny people say nothing when whites lay out all day and get brown. People say nothing about it. Look at Bo Derrick back in the day when she had braids and very dark tan that made her brown. No one said anything. Just let people do what they want. It is none of your stinkin business. Nuff said. The END!

    293. WTF? says:

      You are so ignorant. Michael Jackson had a skin condition that caused his skin to whiten in blotches over time. He used makeup over the years and then skin lightening treatments to even out his tone. The condition got to the point that it was easier just to completely lighten certain parts of his body (face, hands) as there were more white color than brown Vitiligo also affects the pigment in hair and lips which probably explains why he either died his hair when he was young or started wearing wigs/weaves. He also had dark color tattooed under his eyebrows as they lost pigment as well. Michael never dyed his hair blonde, wore blue eye contacts or anything else to appear "white". He always publicly stated that he was african american and proud of it. In my opinion, he never acted "white" either. Just because the man could complete a sentence without sounding like he just rolled out of a ghetto doesn't mean he wasn't being black. I'm not going to touch on the nose surgery because I think that solely had to do with his desire to look completely different from his father, but that's just my opinion. I dont think that had anything to do with wanting to be white either. I've never even seen white people with natural noses that look like that….. but back to what I was saying. Before you write stupid shit like that, take a minute to do some research and put some logical thought into your words. Nuff said… by the way, I'm BLACK.

    294. Knobgobbler says:

      This is completely stupid. Over half were just lighting changes. This author needs a good kick to the back of the head.

    295. Mckay says:

      Most of these are MAKE-UP and difference in lighting.

      1. Hiiii says:

        that's what the article is saying why can't they just were make up that is their natral skin color

    296. Ret says:

      I am an African American female who has lived with Vitiligo for more than 50 years. I never bleached my skin when the white spots dotted my entire body. Over time my face hands, legs and arms have turned completely white. Some of my natural brown complexion remains on my knees and the back of my arms. There is more info onus American Vitiligo Research Foundation's web site at AVRF.org. It is difficult enough living with this condition without the added stigma of ostracism from your own ethnic group. Br kind to each other…even when you may disagree.

      1. Ruckus says:

        If your "Group" ostracizes you because you " turned white", it sounds like they are racist to me. I doesn't say much good for your "Group"! Shame on them

    297. Jessica says:

      This is such a stupid article.
      Lark Voorhies is wearing make up, pale make up, at that, because she developed a skin condition.


    298. Nada says:

      I love when caramel colored ladies have blonde hair. It brings out their skin tone and makes their brown eyes pop. I don't think that's an issue of 'wanting to be white', more like 'how color works'.

    299. scriptTease says:

      I don't know why people think Beyonce is lightening her skin. Beyonce tans, her natural color is very pale.

      1. No it isn't. Look at her childhood pictures.

      2. Silky says:

        In Beyonce childhood pictures she is very light. You can tell the darker pictures is a tan and make-up and anyways which ever way you put it she is a light skinned sister.

    300. scriptTease says:

      Just a thought…. I know a lot of black folks, as well as white folks, but I digress. Ain't it Amazing what few black celebrities we do have, the ones who have been accused of lightening their skin, they always have the "rare" disease, Vitiligo. I mean what are the damn odds of that.

    301. Proud Bajan says:

      ah by the way … Rihanna is the same colour she was when she left barbados and if she is any lighter its because she is not in the caribbean sun everyday of her life and is just missing the tan we get from it. Besides that her father is White you retard …. so being a mixed chic you would have to expect that she would be lighter. You should be banned from writing anything ever again in life!

      1. JusSayin says:

        Rhianna's skin hasn't changed. That nose, however…

    302. rosalind says:

      Are youmall crazy, white and light women have been tanning in the hot sun taking the risk of getting skin cancer and using expensive tanning beds for years

      1. Danie says:

        White people don't tan to look black haha, it's to give off a "we can afford to always be on vacation" look. If anything else it's to look more Brazilian/exotic.

      2. Silky says:

        Black people do look exotic. Also most brazilian people are also of African decent. For some strange reason it seems as though many people think black people can only be african american. African American is an ethnicity that falls under being black and there are plenty of other ethnicity's that fall under the color Black. Only here in the united states do they seperate black from white instead of us all just being american. In other countries no matter if your blue black or snow white you are what ever country your in.

    303. bluchromed2002 says:

      it is a blow to african americans to see celebrities changing themselves (via bleaching, makeup, or plastic surgery).
      i work in the cosmectics and the demand for bleaching and skin changing is still extremely high in africa and asia.

      1. me1 says:

        Where about in Africa or Asia? In my country bleaching is so 1940, we are VERY proud of our black skin.

    304. Tami says:

      It's such a shame because most of them looked MUCH better black.

      1. Lynn says:

        I agree with Tami. Most of them were more beautiful before the changes. Beyonce with her golden skin was stunning, okay, she still is stunning. Michael Jackson was a beautiful little boy and would have been a handsome man had he left well enough alone. Okay I'm white, so now I will be called Racist because I think that blacks should stay black, especially when they are beautiful and have nothing wrong.

      2. SHE STILL IS BLACK GDI! Just she really went to far with cosmetic surgery!! And most Blacks don't mess with what good gave us like that: ect Michael Jackson

    305. Gaila says:

      It's obvious that Lil Kim's "transformation" has done nothing for her. You haven't seen much of her since. And she really was a beautiful Black Sista!

    306. Sheila says:

      Where is Michele Obama. She couldn't be more Anglo.

      1. SmartGuy says:

        Sheila, you're LAME for saying that about Mrs. Obama. How do you figure she is Anglo? That has to be one of the stupidest things I've heard in long time! I be you're one of those people that says some people "speak white". Truly lame, truly ignorant..

      2. Imagine says:

        I did read that somewhere in her ancestry, there are whites. However, do we really care? Mrs. Obama is gorgeous!

    307. what says:

      lil kim hasnt turned white, shes turned chinese. she had way too many surgeries and now looks like a freak.

    308. BETTY says:


    309. Felipe says:

      the best part is when they pretend they arent racists themselves but put only black ppl in their videos…

    310. Lark has a disease called lupus, she did not lighten her skin, she is sick.

      1. Charis says:

        Lupus can effect skin but it doesn't necessarily lighten skin. Therefore, she has probably lightened her skin, it could be because she has lupus but I know people with the disease that didn't lighten their skin

    311. ConnieS says:

      Really, I think we have the same thing when a Jewish person, an Arab, an Italian, or one of many other ethnicities with longer or wider noses than the Hollywood "norm" has a nose job. How about when someone of an ethnic group not know for "junk in the trunk" gets butt implants? If someone wants to change their looks, let them. There are plenty of people out there who have been successful without it….Whoopie, Barbra Streisand and many others who have stayed natural but it is a PERSONAL choice.

    312. lsp1157 says:

      This is like the old school chant back in the day. If you white you're all right, If you brown stick around, if you're black get back. I am reminded of this when I see Celebs doing this. Even in this day and time when we should be moving forward in our way of thinking, but we know that is the way of our society and the world. The black race has so many beautiful shades of color. Unfortunately, some of those shades are still not accepted. With all that said, one still has the right to change the way they look how they want to. For me, I love my color and I really can't imagine being of another race. I am not saying they don't love who they are, or proud. I'm speaking for me. I'm a baby boomer and I have seen many names attached to our race. Whatever, the name is given to our race next I will still be glad to be me. Proud of my people who have contributed many good things to our society and the world. With that said, God bless to all.

    313. Sarah says:

      Really such a shame to do bleach and blonde ourself! By doing so, you would be telling the world that being white is superior!
      Look at Whoopie Goldberg! She's all natural, she does plaster her face with tons of pancake, and she's so beautiful!

    314. Monique850 says:

      Why would Lil Kim do this to herself like that? I mean what`s the real purpose of bleaching your skin and all that surgery for . When you was not born white? wow really it`s crazy to me .I would not do it if I had all the money in this world no way not me .

      1. Because her sponsor Donnatella wanted her to look just like her. And when you're broke it's easy to be pimped.

      2. Sensualityeyes says:

        These blk ppl are insanly mental Monique, and so are the blk men with their self hatefu mental slavery a**es.
        they hate their own blk woman who's a reflection of them….. because they let white Hollywood, Television and White hair commercials brainwashed their weak brain a**es. they don't even acknowledge blb woman on the street. and just walk buy like they don't see nothing, until they notice a blk woman with a white guy…. then all of a sudden they wanna put on and be disrespectful, and recognize a blk woman b-cuz their jealousy is showing. so full of sh** i can't stand them, and wouldn't give them the time or day. they treat blk woman like sh** and put P.R. woman, white woman, and other non blk woman on a pedestal… and think they have something special and better looking because they hate themselves this much. they need a new brain and to watch all those 70's blk show's and movies to get a clue. they're all fk'd up in the brain as a ppl and as blk men. a disgrace and too pitiful.

    315. DiSCO says:

      I'm white, and white folks pay big money for tanning, lip-plumping, and permanents. (The broader "traditionally Black" nose may not be the current vogue, but fuller lips and saucy, shiny curls sure are admired, as well a figure with a bit of "junk in the trunk."} The grass is always greener, et cetera et cetera.

    316. Rita says:

      Great article. Although, Tyra, Bey and Rhianna are fair skinned individuals. I don't see any difference in their skintones in the photos provided. Keep in mind that celebrities vacation and photo shoots provide different lighting. Beyonce clearly has a tan in the before pic. She is also of creole descent, which can encompass French, Spanish, Latin and African American. Now Nicki and Kim….I have no explanation for their before and after photos!?!?
      I recently watched an Episode of GossipGame. This idiot JasFly says " I'm not dark skinned, I'm brown skinned." Lmao, I was speechless. We're using the brown bag method in 2013? GTFOHWTBS

    317. Sue says:

      The all look better in the "before" shots. Lark Vorhees just looks hideous now.

    318. kennedy says:

      the only people who lightened their skin in this piss poor excuse of an article were sammy sosa and MJ (who claims he had a skin disease). most of the others are light skinned, and few actually just had on a lighter shade of foundation. take a seat _

      1. helen says:

        This article isn't only about skin bleaching but also about other ways to appear lighten like make up and photoshop, clearly, they all used one of these tricks.

    319. Centurian says:

      Sammy Sosa looks weird in the after photo. Michael Jackson looked better befre. They say he had vitaligo which is a white blotching of the skin. I have that on my right hip and I am white. Most look like they use a lighter shade of makeup though. Don't understand why Michael Jackson screwed up his nose though. It looked fine just the way it was.

    320. guest says:

      For all of the denials about skin bleaching, why is it a 5 billion dollar business if it is not going on? I know no one will answer this because you are all delusional and in denial about what is so obvious. You can make up all of the bull, but any fair minded person would admit that there is a desire to look Caucasian. Come on people, the truth is the truth!

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    323. kkkk says:

      get famous and we will see what you do!!!

    324. Sensualityeyes says:

      Little Kim is a crazy heffa hating what she looked like before from watching too many white shows… movies and getting brainwashed from hangin around too many Caucasion's. you don't let your go there no matter what you see, and no matter how many spanish, or white's you be around…. when your suppose to always stay true to you and love what you are, and what you were born with. there's a reason why god made every race differently.

      Lil Kim: she look horrible and like some kinda of puppet. she don't even look real but like plastic in that photo.

      1. znny says:

        How do you know? You are not Lil Kim nor should you judge what she does. You should get a life. You assume she hates what she looks like. Maybe she is being true to herself with the look she has now. You wouldn't know!
        I know a Korean lady who did plastic surgery on her eyes. It is her preference and her business. It doesn't mean OMG she hates who she is. Or that she's brain washed by this culture etc. Nope she just likes to use plastic surgery to enhance her face and why not? She represents herself not all Koreans. She knows what is best for HERSELF being an adult and all.

    325. Kelly says:

      Well, I'm a WHITE white girl and spend way too much time in the sun or tanning beds to become darker. I mean come on. Not many of us are competely satisfied with the way we look. If you want to make some changes that's no one's business but your own.

    326. "So, and simply reminding you that all "anglos" are looking to be as tanned as as possible, i guess, makes your whole castle come down. I cant believe it when i see that journalist on a payroll seriously use terms like "you know that studies proof" LOL what are you talking about in particular, what study? – This is all just pubertary and your own anger, what you come up here with….. total dis from me here so far, duderino. btw. Nicky minaj is simply a pathetic auto-tuned human asshole, whatever color she might come up with…. but what are beyonce and rihanna have to do with all this?"

    327. Dority3 says:

      Do we have nothing better to do than judge other people. That’s wrong with the world now…always worried about what someone else is doing. Aint none of these celebrites is worried about you or anyone else hating but I bet yal keep putting money in their pockets.

    328. Shellz says:

      The author of this article is keeping the race issue going & not in a good way. In my opinion, this story is just ridicules. It’s true, they all had work done, that’s obvious but it doesn’t mean that they are trying to be White. That just sounds so stupid!!

      1. znny says:

        Yup. It is just as ignorant as the real sterotype that keeps black people down…which is equating academic success and sensible habits to 'acting white'. I have been told this personally by black people in my high school. If everyone minded their own business and stopped worrying about what other people think or how things appear we wouldn't have as many problems as we do.

      2. Ann says:

        There is nothing stupid about this article; rather you are exposing your miseducation and not understanding what is going on around you. Wake up.

      3. Jackie says:

        What else do you believe they are trying to be. I believe it is a reasonable fair story. I live in Jamaica and you should see the amount of person bleaching men and women. It is not just a Hollywood thing.

      4. Mizzy says:

        Shellz was not discrediting the article itself, but rather the fact that the author continues to think race is the major factor in the decisions that all black individuals make. Look at it this way: persons from other races are free to do as much as they like with their body. They can perform any surgery they desire, change their hair colour to any they wish and what? Nothing. But God forbid a person of colour decide to make any minor change on their appearance and all of a sudden it is equated to trying to be white. That's the problem. Some people have not moved beyond race mentally, therefore they assume that the rest of the wold is with them. I'm not implying that race is never an issue, but it is certainly not the desire of every black person that makes a bodily change that they will be closer to European.

    329. Guest says:

      Michael Jackson's vitiligo was officially documented in his autopsy report people!! Let's have more intelligent discourse, please!

      1. Justice4MJ says:

        Thank you for saying that. It seems alot of people forget what vitiligo means.

    330. znny says:

      I don't think it is about race. I am black and I dye my hair blond because I like the color. Long ago I read about a princess who had golden hair. Also,I am artistic. Sometimes i braid my hair and I express the ethnic side but it depends on mood. I am not obligated to tradition. I always do my hair and face it is a glamour thing. It is also an American pop culture thing. It is fun. Another reason I do it is it makes me look very youthful and covers the gray at the same time. I've had grey hair since I was 20. Also, it has to do with personal choice. You aught to be mindful that others have a right to express themselves…and this has nothing to do with you personally or some ethnicity agenda. It has to do with them and their right to exercise their choice.

      1. Jackie says:

        You are correct not every time someone colour their hair, or put on extension on their hair, they are trying to be white. Sometimes we just want to change our appearance, and it gives our face a fresh and youthful look. However I am totally against bleaching, this is saying I am not happy with the complexion God gave me.

      2. plinx says:

        I don't like extensions because I think a black woman's hair is just beautiful the way it is naturally. I think just short is awesome. Color never really mattered to me. I think its self hatred to get all the plastic surgery done (black or white). And skin lightening does not make any sense. White people are tanning all the time to look black. Its not real people driving them to do that. Its the hollywood king makers pushing this stuff onto them.

      3. Jada says:

        they have bleached their skin colour to become lighter…your talking off topic :`#

    331. Guest Man says:

      You sound like a whiny 10-year-old girl with your fake profanity. Either curse or develop a way to articulate without it.

    332. Wow, that's Lil Kim? I had no idea!

    333. blah says:

      Did Tyra get a nose job???

    334. KNiecey says:

      Rhianna does not look that much different. Her looks have matured and lighting and make-up had their part in that pic. Matter of fact, even if Tyra had a nose job, that doesn't turn her White…Beyonce either…AND, Lil Kim skipped White and went straight to some Euroasian mess!!

    335. plinx says:

      They all look much better black. Hollywood really screws them up.

    336. theotherspartan says:

      With the exception of Michael Jackson, most of these are more like "When Black Celebs Become Asian."

    337. KLC says:

      While the hair is definitely changed on purpose, some blacks don't get lighter by their own hand. It doesn't happen to all, but some black skin does start to lighten over time on its own. Now if you're a deep Caribbean black and suddenly look as white as a Geisha, it's obvious the lightening didn't happen naturally. But if the person says they didn't lighten their skin and its only gotten a few shades lighter over time, it's a good chance they're telling the truth…

    338. justcoollikedat says:

      As a portrait photographer, who happens to be black, I know that how you light up a shot and edit pictures afterwards can effect their skin color. Not to go into the details of how this can happen but I see a lot of the problem is not bleaching their skin but photo editing.

      1. justcoollikedat says:

        ok, Micheal Jackson is a different story

    339. Guest says:

      How did Michael Jackson get his skin so light? Do they bleach it with dangerous products?

    340. @4everAnnie says:

      I think one of the problems is that a lot of photographers measure light with their camera and don't even think about the right brightness of the skin. A decent light meter would help out, or just close down a couple of stops. And if you really mess up while shooting the picture, there's a nice little program called Photoshop you can use to adjust exposure.

    341. Joey says:

      "White males self esteem increases" Yep, when they go to Asia or Latin American countries they feel that every second of every day. ESPECIALLY in China or taiwan

    342. Jessie says:

      Although you are right on most of these, I’d like to point out that there’s one important thing you’ve missed: sun exposure. I don’t know any black people who use sunscreen so there’s a significant difference in their summer versus winter skin. Take Rihanna for instance, I doubt she spends as much time outside as she did before she got famous – paparazzi pandemonia, etc. Now consider the fact that her father is white and that when she released her first album, she lived in the caribbean(Hot Sun throughout). I don’t find Rihanna’s transformation the slightest bit sttange. I’ve personally had similar experiences. However, the same argument can not be applied to everyone on this list.

      1. Kelly Knight says:

        Jessie……..Rihanna's dad is not white, he is African and Irish. Yes light skinned people's skin is lighter in the winter months and darker in the summer months. You make since with that one! People do need to take that into consideration.

    343. katy says:

      yes. your nose is ugly.
      white/anglo is the universal GOLD standard of beauty.

    344. Imagine says:

      Then, you have white people going to the tanning salons and using self-tanners, and getting perms. They also make underwear with pads in them to make it look like they have a booty. White people at my school also wear dreads and corn rows. I don't know what it all means.

    345. @exotiq88 says:

      I don't understand why everything has to be about and revolve around race! Women like to change up their look, regardless of what race they are. With regard to mixed people like Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. …What do you expect with them? They're mixed!!! …Duh! …I'm mixed and I can tell you I don't bleach my skin! I'm naturally light–pale–Olive skin tone…if I go out into the sun, I get a tan, just like anyone who is light…if I stay indoors, I'm pale again! There's no mystery to that. Why do people concern themselves with what other people choose to do with their own damn lives anyway?! …It's their life!!! …Let them live it and you just worry about your own! …Spending too much time focusing on crap like this is what creates 'low self-esteem'! These people aren't thinking about you! Their too busy living their own life!

    346. Kaelynn says:

      Most of them looked better in the "before" photos anyway. Keep in mind, also, that skin pigmentation can fade with age, though it's not consistent, nor is it universal.

    347. KenFromTexas says:

      As a white male, I disagree with the idea that watching tv increases my self esteem, or could possibly do so for anyone. When I watch tv, especially excessively, I feel like a dumb fool for wasting my time. I certainly don't feel better about myself.
      What makes any person feel better about themselves is accomplishing something worthwhile. For example, earning a paycheck, getting a new job, fixing, building or creating something – studying for and passing an exam, getting good grades, etc. POSITIVE ACTIONS are the best way to increase self esteem, not vegging in front of the tv. (It's called the 'boob tube' for a reason) Also, knowing how much God loves us is another self-esteem builder. BTW, Emerald, you don't need to include the replacement expletives to make a point.

    348. Guest says:

      This is ridiculous. Peoples pigment changes as they get older so comparing the child picture to an adult picture is unreasonable. Plus the other pictures all look like they may have just had a tan during the picture. There is nothing drastic in these pictures besides the obvious one.

    349. Michael Jackson actually looks 'white'. He doesn't look like a white person, he looks like he has Albinism. No pigmentation.

    350. annie says:

      tyra and rihanna look exactly the same lol

    351. Heidi says:

      Truth is though…the sun here in Barbados is HOT, and so you automatically get a tan. When Rihanna left Barbados to go to the US she was still tanned, but now her skin looks lighter because that is her true colour. I seriously doubt she is trying to lighten her complexion. Whenever I go overseas I come back looking pale, until I get another large dose of Bajan sun. If it is that she is bleaching her skin, what would be the sense in her lying down on a boat trying to get a tan??? Y'all really need to come to the Caribbean and she how fast you bake.:)

      1. Miko says:

        thank you…someone with common sense

    352. Miko says:

      this is one of the DUMMEST ARTICLES…REALLY THO, turned white, com on now,…maybe lil Kim yes, but even she is not that light she just messed her face up with plastice surgery… and Michael but really Rihanna, just because someone doesnt have a tan all of a sudden, they are bleaching their skin…Tyra, i dont even know why they put her on here because she is the same color as her younger pic, that is their natural color including Beyonce, they are naturally fair skinned just like myself when i dont get a tan, i become pale. Also if you were smart and knew anything about photography, 9x;s out of 10 its the makeup and the lighting. Alot of times they appear lighter in their pics but when they are caught by popzzz they are much darker and probably got a tan. Yall really need to stop with the dumb azz comments and this dumb azz article to the author. You are just making yourself look dumb as hell

      1. Anon says:

        Tyra got a nose job,, she has a more African American nose in the younger picture.

    353. kre says:

      Typical article, by a jealous person.

    354. Yaya says:

      A tabloid story designed solely to get page hits. Weak. Little substance.

    355. buy african mango plus says:

      Howdy, i believe i always saw anyone visited my own web site thus i got here to return the need? . I’m just trying to to locate challenges to increase my personal site! I assume the acceptable try using a few of the principles!

    356. Tee says:

      Omg, *itch plz! You neednto tighten up and find better things to write on. People change color due to climate and age. I guess I'm bleaching my skin too if you compared my photos to my younger days…I was outdoor ALL day and was black as hell. No that I'm not so much as an adult I'm 3 shades lighter until summer when I go out on the boat. So plz sit down with that crap about skin bleaching and ppl changing hair color. Hell, the ends of my hair is blonde so I guess that makes me want to be white as well. 'Eff out of here w that BS. It's not about being whatever. I guess pale people getting tans makes them want to be black? SMH.

    357. Steve says:

      Excellent article. People should be happy with the way they look, it's healthy. When I see people that aren't happy with their look, it makes me uneasy. Same holds with sexaulity. If someone doesn't like who they are, why should I like who they are. It makes me uncomfortable. I'd rather not be around these people. Michael Jackson makes me cringe. I never met him, and glad I didn't. I would be uncomfortable if he were near me. When he was a teenager and looked black, I probably would have enjoyed meeting him and shaking his hand. It is sad that so many people do not like themselves and try to change themselves, or try to marry a different race so their children will look "better". Sad, sad, sad. I think Michael hated the way he looked so much that he didn't even father his children. Not sure, I may be wrong. This could possibly be classified as a mental sickness, and Michael had an extreme case. Lot's of other people are right there with him, although not as extreme.

    358. rosita says:

      Deal with it, it's not your face and if you don't like it don't look at it. People have been altering their looks to be more beautiful for centuries, even black women.

    359. Justice4MJ says:

      WOW! The thing that really strikes me is that everyone wants to point and label Michael Jackson as a "black person hater." SMMFH….In lack of better words, I'd say this article is a piece of shit.
      First of all, you have nothing else better to do than to sit behind a computer, and crticize people you don't know nothing about. Before you want to address "black haters" who manipulate their own appearence to be white, you need to do your research.
      Second of all, why does every tabloid site, blog, etc. that does MJ bashing always use the same "after" pic of him? The same pic that's VERY OBVIOUS to bad lighting of a Michael Jackson that's pale and looks to have a serious addiction to plastic surgery? Say I'm off my rocker, I don't care-Michael doesn't look all that different to me. Now, I'm not knocking the fact that Michael did in fact have some work done on his nose and had a dimple placed in his chin. But, come on! Can anyone see that this picture is due to the camera light? Yes, it's very obvious that Michael's skin had become lighter throughout years-especially between "Thriller" and "Bad" era. But once again, do your got-damned research, and you will see he had a serious skin condition called vitiligo! Even in some of his pictures during the "HIStory" era, you will see he had blotches on his skin from this disease. Also, you need to consider that Michael suffered a terrible accident back in 1984. Remember the Pepsi commercial? That left him with second and third degree burns on his head! So, you know there was some plastic surgery needed for that.
      I'm sick of all the MJ bashing. Period. Whether one believes he's dead or alive, or you hate him or not. Please let the man REST! Don't you think he suffered enough while he was here?
      Moving on….
      What you need to do is get your foot out your mouth, and do your homework before you want to come "correct" with a particular person you know nothing about!
      For example, if I want to dye my hair blond, that doesn't mean I want to be white, or hate my kinky hair for that matter. It just means I like variety in my hair. Or, for a day if I want to wear blue contacts, that doesn't mean I hate my brown eyes. I just want to see what I would look like with them.

      1. Jackie.w says:

        I believe the article was funny and right on point, about Blacks wanting to alter their facial features to look White.

    360. none of our business what people may do to their body. I only know that Michael Jackson had some kind of disorder that made him white or he just bleached his skin. who cares? It was his body! RIP MJ.

    361. janet2312 says:

      Blacks who turn white, including MJ are VICTIMS of a society where blacks have had to fight to get recognition for everything. When you point a finger at someone, four are pointing at you.

    362. roro says:

      A few of these are people who are light skinned without a tan or in harsh light especially Beyonce…Rihanna and Tyra…Michael Jackson's vitiligo was obvious in older pictures with his skin looking uneven…it's even said that is why he wore the glove is to cover the hand that was pretty bad.

    363. Scarface Makaveli! says:

      MALCOLM X: Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? You know. Before you come asking Mr. Muhammad does he teach hate, you should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you.

    364. O PLEASE…KMT

      1. DarkSkinnedGirl!!!!1 says:

        You are wrong skin does not lighten because they change they diet or take better care of themselves the acne would leave or they would lose weight not become the same color as a white person or anything like that. I'm DARK Chocolate and love it.

    365. Jonathan Fox says:

      All of these celebrities looked good before the turned a whiter color. They should have left well enough alone.

    366. Jay says:

      The reason why Michael Jackson had a nose job was because back in the 70ss when he was in the movie "The Wiz", he broke his nose while doing the film. Thought I should add. He shouldn't be on this list

    367. Lajoy says:


    368. Lajoy says:

      My mother has light skin and she's beautiful. I happened to be born with dark skin. I used to complain and tell my mother that I wish I had light skin. She always complemented me and my dark skin. She called me her little dressing doll. She told me not to ever bleach my skin because it's uniquely beautiful and some men like dark skin and would prefer it over light. If I didn't have a role model like my mother I would have made the mistake of messing my looks up. Those women above were beautiful with dark skin. I've always thought Lark was beautiful back in the 80ties. God created a variety of skin tones. If everybody had light skin it would be a dull cookie cutter world.

    369. ariel says:

      yeah…. saw Rhianna at a jazz concert in St. Lucia about 5 years ago when she was just starting. Could not tell the difference between her and the white dancers. She probably tans herself to look darker.

    370. cece says:

      My only problem is when people mess their face up with surgery. Lil kim looks like a total freak. Its quite scarey. When I say “messed up”. I mean I know when she looks in the mirro. You know she has to cry. I would. As far a bleaching their skin that’s their business. I’m a carmel brown complexion and I love my complexion. I never wanted to be lighter and I don’t care if the white girl goes tanning. I think she knows that brown or black skin is very beautiful and she wants it. Can we as black woman blame her?

    371. I think people never contented with what they have, dark skinned people wants o achieve white fairer skin. while white skinned people are so drooling to get tanned.

    372. Shannon Oji says:

      It's self hate that's all that is, and they are thought to believe that being lighter is beautiful and the only way. everybody knows that's not true. Last time I checked black was the original color. From the mother land to this day!!! I personally pity the fools because now they look like monsters. What the hell I look like changing my complextion and I'm dark skin to a lighter color. I'm the original black and love it!!!

    373. I think it's stupid. We always want what we don't have. Black people wanting to be lighter. White people wanting to be darker. I'm sorry. But, I think people should leave well enough alone. Love what God gave you. These celebs look like freaks now. Michael Jackson was good looking in the 80's. But, then he became weird looking. Black people have a nice creamy chocolate looking skin tone. They should be proud of that. And, some white people (my middle daughter is one of them) have a nice porcelain skin tone. Live and love it.

      1. WindyCityGal says:

        Why is Tyra Banks, Rihanna, or even…Beyonce, on this list? Don't hate on ALL these black women now. Tyra was born with those green eyes (just like my sister)!! Rihanna is wearing a blonde wig for her shows and photoshoots and that's just what pop stars do. As a black woman, I don't hold anything against a black woman who wants to wear wigs, or blond wigs, that does NOT mean she's trying to be white! Puh-leeez!!! The one's who have gotten nose jobs (and actual surgery on their faces) are the ones who need to be on this damn list like TAMAR BRAXTON. I wear makeup and know how to apply it well, ok? Concealer applied to acne bumps and scars…if you mix certain colors like peach and light peach together, then wear it in showbiz lights and cameras, it will make you look lighter!!! The person who wrote this article and the people who are agreeing with this article in its ENTIRETY, don't know anything about makeup concealer (for African Americans) and those powerful lights for tv cameras and photoshoots.

      2. sigh says:

        Please stop with the green eyes & your sister! Nobody cares, seriously. It was never about her eyes. It's also not about wearing blonde wigs. These people actually bleached their skin. Stop dancing around the topic by bringing up silly things like your sisters eye color & blonde wigs. You sound like you'd be first in line to bleach your skin white if you had the money. Another thing, Tyra did get a nose job so what are you even saying? All of them may not have gotten plastic surgery, but they still actually made them selves lighter, some of them are white. It's not make-up & even if it was, then they are applying make-up to make themselves white. It doesn't matter either way you slice it, so stop.

    374. Shelly says:

      There is so much more important facts in our lives we need to take care of, than worries about skin tone, Fact is whatever complexion we have there is someone who will love us just as we are, but not until we first love our-self as we are, and when we change our skin tone we are hoping for love from people who it doesn't matter what complexion we have they will NEVER truly love us, because Love is not within them, you can not give what you do not own!!! so its a complete waste of time, when one should be spending time learning to love and accept what we have already, and I am not hating but LKim looks UGLY! Compare to her cute Authentic self she started with! But I am sure someone will pretend to love her in her new skin:)

    375. Michelle says:

      Give me a break! MJ was the only person on this list that naturally started to loose the pigment in his black skin so he had it all bleaches over time and turned white as snow. The others are covered with makeup and the lighting makes them look a little different. None of them are white but MJ.

      1. WindyCityGal says:

        Skin bleach (even using it for many years) CAN'T scientifically cause your skin to turn BRIGHT WHITE PALE WHITE like Michael Jackson's did. It can't. I believe he had vitiligo. HOWEVER, he did have issues with his nose, being teased as a kid, and abuse by his father Joe. So he DID have issues but his skin is a seperate issue. You can't scientifically turn your body white…there has to be a medical condition like vitiligo that does that.

    376. Duce says:

      Rihanna and Tyra banks are light skinned…sooo… thats wrong.

      1. OverThis says:

        EXACTLY, my sister look like Tyra..born with green eyes and all and we all have the same black parents! She takes after my mother the most. I'm so tired of these women being called 'wannabe white' just because they've changed their hair color because that's what it comes down to with Rihanna, Beyonce, and Tyra….all they did was change their hair when they 'blew up' in the biz. I do makeup. Concealer used to conceal acne scars and bumps can make your foundation lighter. Couple that with, showbiz lights and cameras…African American skin will look light with all that concealer and foundation. These black women who write these kinds of articles are just JEALOUS or not liking what THEY look like in the damn mirror.

      2. Anon says:

        They still bleached their skin though… I agree that the title shouldn't they "turned white" but they have in fact bleached their skin to be lighter.

    377. come on now says:

      lol! most of these people lokk exactly the same. there are many celebrities but this list is not convincing. different camera angles, different seasons.. anything can contribute to looking a shade or 2 lighter. I am a brown skin african amaerican but in the summer months I turn a toasty dark gorgeous brown. with the exeption of kim, michael and the baseball player dude, this list is bogus and im mad i clicked on this link.

    378. Rufie says:

      Michael Jackson had Vitiligo, an autoimmune condition which I've got. The melolin in your skin gradually disappears and leaves your skin pure white and you can't go out in the sun anymore!!! Same as Albinos. Mine due to underactive thyroid causing immune problems. Im white and going whiter!!! xxx

      1. It did'nt change his nose to the point it fell off, or all the rest of it, though. The man wanted to be white.

    379. mids says:

      Rihanna and Tyra shouldn't be on this list at all

    380. Mia says:

      I think Tyra looks the same actually ..

      1. girl says:

        Really? You look at her nose in the both of the pictures & think that they look the same? I don't mean to be harsh, but you should probably get some glasses because there are clear differences between her nose in both the pictures.

      2. Jonah says:

        they are mainly speaking about skin bleaching and lightening.

    381. asdfghjkl; says:

      just so you know, light can lighten your skin, standing under bright lights or contrasting photos can make you lighter. as for michael jackson he had a skin condition so he got lighter by force.

    382. WindyCityGal says:

      Why is Tyra Banks, Rihanna, or even…Beyonce, on this list? Don't hate on ALL these women now. Tyra was born with those green eyes (just like my sister)!! Rihanna is wearing a blonde wig for her shows and photoshoots and that's just what pop stars do. The one's who have gotten nose jobs are the ones who need to be on this damn list like TAMAR BRAXTON. I wear makeup and know how to apply it well, ok? Concealer applied to acne bumps and scars…if you mix certain colors like peach and light peach together, then wear it in showbiz lights and cameras, it will make you look lighter!!! The person who wrote this article and the people who are agreeing with this article in its ENTIRETY, don't know anything about makeup concealer (for African Americans) and those powerful lights for tv cameras and photoshoots.

    383. Jay2tfrti says:

      HOrses for courses! Who care's white people (of which I happen to be one) sometimes aren't happy with their skin tone or looks either. Sun baking (of which I STUPIDLY use to do) OR spray tans, cosmetic surgery, hair colouring etc. I don't think that is consciously rejecting their 'whiteness' in any way and you can apply the same to black people.
      So what if there are some black people who lighten the tone of their skin or have surgery, it may not necessarily because they want to be 'white', perhaps they just want to look a bit different to what they are. It's not rejecting their 'blackness' because they choose to alter their looks somehow.
      Frankly, it probably isn't anybody's business but their own.

      1. sawitcoming says:

        Sorry, the situations are not equal. White people weren't brought to America in chains nor did they have it drummed into their heads for centuries that they were ugly and inferior to blacks. Yes, anybody can be unhappy with their looks, but trying to change your entire ethnicity so you look like a white person is something else altogether. The reasons white people want a thinner nose or tanned skin are not related to racist, internalized self-hatred of their race. It has more to do with class.

    384. That's creepy. That Sosa man looks more downs syndrome than white.

      I think black people look better when they don't hide their racial features.
      The same goes for all races.
      You are more beautiful and unique, if you don't hide your racial features.
      Black people look far better, when they have the features they started with.
      The same goes for all races.

      There is a disturbing uniformity that some foolish stars try to live up to, whatever their race.
      Most white people don't have those noses they get done, either. No one actually looks like the ideal they project.

      Some of it could be trying for something you hav'nt got.
      But some of it is clearly a disturbing and wrong. When it comes to surgery that removes your racial features, then it's wrong.
      Skin lightening and darkening, is also wrong.

    385. Delilah says:

      Errr no. Michael had a skin condition where he had black and white skin so he wanted to just be one colour, he didn't want patchy skin…

      1. justdanella says:

        what about the nose job? and the eye surgery?

      2. Ricardo P. says:

        What that has to do with wanting to be white? If you do a nose surgery does it mean you want to be whiter?

      3. Ree says:

        OH, please. Adopting white kids with a butt ugly fat white woman might be a clue.

      4. Zoe says:

        As far as I can see, Tyra, Beyonce and Rihanna did nothing to their skin. Especially Tyra, he complexion is exactly the same. Beyonce and Rihanna are in 2 different shades of light!!! And I have no regard for any of these women because they are not putting food on my table, just saying that the producer's analysis is incorrect.

    386. Vicky Bryan says:

      This is dumb because Michael and Lark both have skin issues and most of the other celebrities mentioned are mixed race…so they are not black or white.

    387. Curly Dahl says:

      Don't forget Neo!

    388. Aria says:

      Angela from Boy Meets World looks like an Asian woman with blond hair now. What has she done?

    389. Theo mendez says:

      Tyra hasnt bleached her skin!!!!! Thats bullshit lol

    390. Erin Connole says:

      I am an elementary teacher in a multicultural neighborhood in Providence,RI. I have had so many young girls who are from different countries in Africa and they are truly the representation of a "Nubian princess"! Unfortunately, I do realize that they do not realize how beautiful they are. Yes, they are dark skinned, but those beautiful almond shaped eyes, perfect lips…….it is so easy to see why King Soloman fell for the Queen of Sheba! I am totally whitey-white, but Black/African woman have got to start to understand how beautiful Black/African women are when they are being true to themselves! You are not white! Stop trying to copy white women and take hold of your culture and put it forward! Black/African women are beautiful!!!!!! It seems to me that Erika Badu is a songstress who is also aware of her culture and puts it out there! Her voice is as beautiful as she is! And she is not straightening or dying her hair! I have reread my comment, and I do not like the way "yes, they are dark skinned" sounds. I do not want it to sound like I am pointing out a flaw. I am just noting what I have heard my students discussing and I am trying so hard to instill in them that the paper bag test should be kicked to the curb! Black/African women do not have to look white to be beautiful. African women are FN beautiful and when they get to the US, they should realize that!

    391. peter says:

      I love a multi cultural society and love it for its differences. I’m a white Australian male and cannot stand looking at one kind of woman (white women)that plastic society tells us is the essence of what a woman is and portrayed to be the norm. I love the African girls that come here to Australia and much prefer dark skinned women. The one thing I can’t stand is this trend, especially a ‘Hollywood thing’ for dark girls to bleach or whiten their skin. I say to my girlfriend to be proud of her African heritage and not conform to what society thinks is right and wear minimal makeup, she is beautiful without it. I like my women REAL not fake. It’s a damn shame that body image and looks is what’s wrecking woman’s views on beauty and if you notice it’s a white man’s world that love their woman super skinny, big fake tits and plastic faces, what kind of reality is that? My opinion on woman’s beauty is placed back in the days before plastic surgery, when woman were real and curvy, not skinny stick figures we see in the magazines

    392. Denver says:

      This was created by a White person because Black people understand that lighting affects the way skin color appears in photos – just like it did with Beyonce's, Rihanna's, and a few others' photos. I am Black and have photos where my skin appears lighter than it really is. Give me a break with the ignorance!

      1. River says:

        I'm black & I kept thinking the same thing as I flipped through some of those as well…

    393. toni says:

      emerald pellot is a dumbass wannabe writer!

    394. Nat says:

      I don't get why Rhianna, Tyra and Beyoncé are even on this list. They are proud black women who stand up for our race. As for Michael Jackson we now know for sure, based on the autopsy reports, that he had a skin disease. There are a few people in this article who clearly have issues but that just speaks to their own psychological issues not some trend that we as black people should be concerned about. We have way bigger fish to fry.

    395. Sammy Sosa isn't even black… This article is stupid,and I'm pretty sure whoever wrote it brightened the pictures. What a douchebag…

    396. Deondre' says:

      I don't think any of those are black. They aren't even white. They look like nasty plastic media trash just like the dumb biotch who wrote the article. "Hey dumbass, making up fake words and putting them in quotation marks doesn't make them real words. It just makes you look like a college dropout." Nice try.

    397. Yummy says:

      Why do some black people have such an obsession with skin and hair? Honestly, who cares if many celebrities bleach their skin or hair? Im not them and i dont want to be either. My selfesteem isn't low enough to think that's the only way to be beautiful and most of the nation doesnt care. All of the celebrities mentioned were known and got their fame from being black before whatever changes they made, the author doesn't mention that part.

    398. Monalisajack says:

      I always heard how white people really want to be black…how the tables have turned,

      1. Cj Macintosh says:

        Lier lier pants on fire !

    399. nee nee says:

      could someone explain Lil Kim, cause I just don't know

    400. brooke. says:


      1. @april999912 says:

        Sooooooooooo Trueeeeeee! Michael had vitiligo..

    401. MICHAEL GEM says:


      1. Cj Macintosh says:

        No , a little sun is good for you !

    402. rayz says:

      Anglo? Just another racist rant.

    403. Eula Mae says:

      Eula mae says:
      I like what Michael Gems stated:
      My opinion why do white people go to the extreme to tan? Why do they get breast enlargements?They pay a lot of Money for extra lips and butt. They wear weaves or extensions and color their hair.
      So why do you write an article about what black people do and whites do the reverse? when white people change their looks has well?
      So what.Are you paying for what they do to themselves?
      There money they can do what they want.
      Just amount of blacks doing the same has whites.
      For God sakes look at Joan rivers {gross}
      Talk about one race make sure you look and talk about all?

    404. Seika says:

      oh ma gawd, a black person dyed their hair blonde! The asian girls all dye their hair blonde! Everyone wants to be white! NOT. Thats like saying "holy sh1t! You're wearing a blue long sleeved top, stop trying to be superman!" or "You're eating with CHOPSTICKS? you Asian wannabe!!!" People just LOVE to create a reason for something, or a label to stick on people. I want to buy them all post-it-notes for christmas, so they can write and stick labels to everybody, then, I will write them a label for themselves. D1ckhead.

      So, some of them look scary now. Some people look completely different.
      Is it your face? No!
      You can't expect somebody to be the same forever. It's sad, you're used to them being darker, or thinner, or differently dressed, but you can't expect people to stay the same just for your benefit.
      You have to accept them and their change. Even if its a terrible change.

    405. could someone explain Lil Kim, cause I just don't know

    406. I think Tyra looks the same actually ..

      1. Halaluani says:

        I have to agree here.

      2. Cj Macintosh says:

        Just like all the black men that are going with the bald look and black wemen with white wemen hair these days ,I read on the Internet to look less black , I think it is a shame to do this you should be proud your HERITAGE as I am of mine .

    407. Tazz says:

      Well people are never happy with what they have. But its true some blacks are not happy and want to fit the standard of beauty that the media portrays and then we have some whites who do the same thing . We as people understand that this started from slavery the good hair bad hair they light skin dark skin. So when you decide to make fun of someone because they are so dark and how black they are think of the effect this has on them that may make them want to bleach their skin. When you decide to make fun of how someone wears there hair either natural or short and you make fun of them saying look how short or nappy their hair is think of that. And when you see girl wear wearing weave you bring her down as well?? We as black people need to stop hating on each other and learn how to love on another because we are beautiful people. Lets embrace are beauty complement each other because we are putting each other down while others are doing the same to us but only because they envy us. We have beautiful bodies, nice lips , eyes and beautiful features. Nice strong skin and we age so well plus we have beautiful hair that we can do so much with. So before we go and talk about celebrities like Lil Kim, Beyonce & etc and clam they want to be white lets face the fact that the media and we as people are as guilty because we speak negative about these people before they did things like this to themselves and after. So lets get it together lets stop hating and and learn how to be confident in our self and complement each other. If we do this maybe people of today and are little beautiful black children of the future will know there beauty and what they are worth!!!

    408. Eddie says:

      All of these people were beautiful before their work and ugly after, as was Joan Rivers. Trying to defy age, race, etc. is to deny our God given beauty.

      Full disclosure: I'm a purist. I think women are most beautiful in their natural hair color, and with wrinkles rather than botox or surgery.

      I'd rather be with a 50 year old woman with wrinkles than a 35 year old with plastic surgery. (I'm 45). I don't care if your boobs are big or small, but unless you needed reconstruction, leave them real, so you can feel the magic.

      Bottom line, BE REAL!!

    409. Max says:

      Me! …I've been called uncle tom by most black women n some brothers for hanging out with white guys n gals …sorry ..but if 99.999% of techno savvy people i come across are white or asian ..lord help me …I'm a geek does not mean I'm white …but i get treated like one by blacks and suspected of been black by blackophobic whites …duh to the color of my skin n all who will never lose their outlook

    410. Meana says:

      A few of these photos are of bi-racial people who are naturally that colour and it shows up more in some photos because of the lighting, or photoshop, as you said. Some bleached but some did not.

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