How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is attending tacky Christmas sweater parties! Everyone scrambles to find the ugliest sweater possible at thrift stores but if you don’t go early enough, you’ll end up with a less than stellar tacky sweater. Instead of getting discouraged, why not make your own tacky sweater?! Since it’s supposed to be tacky anyway, don’t worry if you’re not Martha Stewart or the best seamstress.

Here’s a how-to guide to making your best tacky sweater!

[Lead image via amelaxa/Shutterstock]



    1. Great tips here, thanks! =D

      Only thing I just wanted to let you know though is the slight typo you made on the last (ribbon) slide: I know parents dressed us in weird things as kids, but I still never had dresses with a 'boy' on the back, lol! That sure did give me a laugh though, so thanks lol! xD

      1. Tiffany-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says:


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